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Digital Picture Frames PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Picture Frames

Digital Picture Frames

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Digital Picture Frames

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  1. Digital Picture Frames Technology Presentation LIT 501- Claire Putala Jodi Hemingway

  2. What is a Digital Picture Frame? • It is a picture frame that has an LCD screen that allows you to view and display your digital pictures from your digital camera using a SD Card or another type of image storage from your camera. You can also play videos and music from the MP3 player option. • You can create a slideshow with your pictures or just simply view one picture at a time. • No camera, computer, or Internet connection is required. (Internet connection is optional.)

  3. Playback favorite pictures, songs, and videos. Crystal clear LCD screen. Internal memory – can copy pictures from the computer or your storage device. Uses many memory cards to allow for a variety of storage devices – SD (most common), MMC, xD, MS, CF 1, CF 2, MS Pro, Micro Drive, and USB Drive. Remote control. Some have MP3 player components. Can place on a nightstand, table, or hang it on your wall. Decorative frame looks nice and eloquent in your house. Speakers. Power Source – plug in and battery. Features and Functions…

  4. A Closer Look…

  5. A Closer Look Continued…

  6. What is Inside the Picture Frame? Photo courtesy Ceiva “This circuit card contains all of the components that drive the digital picture frame.” (Karim Nice, 2008)

  7. CPU – central processing unit Memory – ROM memory to store the operating system and flash memory is where the pictures, settings, and some of the operating system live Modem – allows you to connect to the internet and download photos Display– liquid crystal display (LCD) and picture resolution Controls – adjust brightness and power off and on Operating System – similar to PDAs, electrical-testing devices, and set-top boxes (similar to small devices and cell phones – like laptops, but smaller) What is Inside the Picture Frame Continued… • It is a simple computer that only has to perform one simple task. This information is from a Ceiva Digital Picture Frame – only difference from other frames is its capability of connecting to the internet via a modem.

  8. How to Use my Digital Picture Frame… • Step 1: Take photos or videos with your digital camera. • Step 2: Remove your flash memory card (or storage device) from your camera to place in the digital picture frame and remember to have an extra one to keep in your camera. • Step 3: Place your flash memory card in the back of your digital picture frame while it is powered off. Then turn the power on to share your favorite photos, videos, and music with everyone as a slideshow or as individual images.

  9. Wal-Mart: Kodak EasyShare 8” $129.97 Pandigital 7” w/MP3 Player $88.84 Digital Spectrum 5.6” $49.84 Coby 1.5” Digital Photo Keychain $24.84 Target: Polaroid 7” $79.99 Royal 5.6” $123.49 CTA Heart-shaped Necklace $34.99 Best Buy: Kodak EasyShare 7” $99.99 Westinghouse 14” $299.99 Digital Blue – Disney Show Pix Digital Photo Album (Princess) $39.99 Brand, Size, Type, and Price…

  10. Pros: Variety of sizes, types, and features. Brighten up any room or office with photos and videos of family and friends. Show as many pictures as you want. Change your pictures daily. Kodak EasyShare offers changing faceplates for frames. Great gift idea. Cons: Costly. If images are not digitally stored you have to scan them onto the computer to place on a storage device to be used in the photo frame. Battery operated need replacement batteries often. Continually have to be plugged in to view images, unlike a regular picture frame that does not require electricity. Pros and Cons…

  11. Future of Digital Picture Frames… • Added feature of printing pictures to a local printer or through a system that allows you to choose the pictures to be printed to a printing service and sent to you in the mail. • Ability to play recorded sounds with each picture.

  12. Classroom Connection… • Hands-on for students to participate in the process of picture taking and displaying • Photo Center • Open House • Classroom Visitors • Display classroom adventures • Plays, Reader’s Theater, Holidays, and Special Events • Projects and Classroom Work • Show and Tell/Sharing Time

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