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Website. stars01.schoolcity.com/merced/jsp/logon.jsp. Welcome to School City. School City Customer Support. Login Information. UserID: Email User Name (Example: jdoe for John Doe) Temporary Password: Password. Teacher Dashboard. Teacher Dashboard: Roster and Assessment.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Website stars01.schoolcity.com/merced/jsp/logon.jsp

  2. Welcome to School City

  3. School City Customer Support Login Information UserID: Email User Name (Example: jdoe for John Doe) Temporary Password: Password DMM

  4. Teacher Dashboard DMM

  5. Teacher Dashboard: Roster and Assessment DMM

  6. Top Navigation Bar DMM

  7. Reports Menu Navigation Bar DMM

  8. Dashboard: Basic Classroom Charts DMM

  9. Drill Down to See Detailed Reports THE HAND DMM

  10. Filter Results by Performance Level DMM

  11. Use Check Marks to Filter Also DMM

  12. Common Report Options Chart: Many charts have additional charting options CSV: Export your report in the CSV format Excel: Export your report to Excel PDF: Use the PDF function to print DMM

  13. Sort Columns Using the Double Arrows DMM

  14. Search for a Student DMM

  15. Student’s Names are Linked to Individual Student Reports DMM

  16. Student Report:Expand Views to See Detail DMM

  17. Reports Menu Navigation Bar:My Strand Report DMM

  18. Strand/Standard Performance DMM

  19. Local Assessments by Standard DMM

  20. State Assessments by Standard DMM

  21. CST Specific Chart View Class Average State average for the Minimally Proficient Student State average for the Minimally Advanced Student DMM

  22. Student Response Report DMM

  23. Student Response Report DMM

  24. Student Response Report by Item DMM

  25. View Assessments Click on the Assessment Tab Following Slides are Optional to be Covered in Presentation

  26. New Assessment Screen

  27. Assessment to be Administered

  28. Assessment Administered

  29. Assessment Completed

  30. Create & Align a New Assessment Click on green cross, “Create New”

  31. If you have a teacher created assessment, then click on “Are you creating an answer key only assessment.”

  32. Enter Test Name Select a Subject Click on “Custom Benchmark”

  33. Enter the Number of Questions on the Test Leave the selection on State, we do not have District Standards

  34. You can type in a description of the question Select the standard grade level for each question Select the standard

  35. Choose Question Type: MC = Multiple Choice T/F = True or False CR = Short Answer Type of Answer: U = Uniform (ABCD) A = Alternative (EFJH) Type in the correct answer

  36. This is where you can choose the performance bands. If you want to customize your own, click on “Add” If not, then click on “Populate Default” For this presentation, click on “Populate Default”

  37. Populate Default Here, you can adjust the performance level, description, range of number correct “From and To” and Color.

  38. You can select the flags that you want to appear on the answer sheet. For example, if a student is absent, you can bubble this in the answer sheet. You can select to count this absent student in the test.

  39. Print Answer Sheets Click on the “Scanning” Icon

  40. Click on Pre slug & print If you need blank answer sheets, click on “Print blank sheets” and enter the number of blank sheets

  41. Scan Answer Sheets Click on the “Scan answer sheets” Icon Select the Test, Subject, and Grade. Make sure the answer sheets are on the scanner and click on “Begin Scoring”

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