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  1. Website 1. Username and Password: See your ITRT or Media Specialist 2. Click Login Created by: Carol Schreiber, ITRT, Richmond Public Schools

  2. Search Search methods: 1. Enter what you are searching for and click “Search”! Ex: Parthenon, Fractions, Matter Or… 2. Click “Curriculum Standards Search” 3. Click the drop down arrow and then select “Standards of Learning” After, you will have to choose your subject, grade, and year.

  3. How to Narrow your Choices

  4. Viewing Videos After you search, you will see several video choices. If you scroll over top each one, it will provide a preview and a description to each movie.

  5. Viewing Videos After finding the video you like, just click on it and you will see the screen below. Hit the play button to begin viewing the video.

  6. Adding to your “My Content” folder You can save videos you like online. Check the box next to the entire movie Or… Check the box next the segment of your choice When your finished checking the movie or segment of your choice, hit “ADD” next to “My Content” This will save them to a folder stored in your Discovery Education log in.

  7. Downloading video This icon stands for “download” (save) video You must RIGHT CLICK on that icon to save the movie. When you RIGHT CLICK you will see this menu, choose “Save Target As…

  8. Downloading First window: Download begins Second window: Destination—decide where to save file

  9. Saving video Choose where to save by clicking this drop down arrow Desktop-will save to your desktop E:/--will save to your flash drive D:/--will save to a CD Sometimes there is a awkward name here, so rename if that’s the case.

  10. Saving video Now you wait…… You can minimize this screen, just don’t close it

  11. Blackline Masters Don’t forget these they are great worksheets that go with the videos! • When looking at several videos you will see it here, as you scroll over top each one. • Upon opening the video, they will be in Related Materials.