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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh- Follicare Hair Solution

Follicare Hair Solution is one of the most popular and best hair transplant clinics in India that is delivering the best treatment for all types of hair problems. We understand the need and requirements of our patients thus offer the best hair transplant surgery for baldness problems at sensible prices. Now, get your personality back with our amazing hair solution and treatments. Our doctors are well-qualified and experienced so that they will suggest you best treatment for your hair related problems.

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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh- Follicare Hair Solution

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  1. WELCOME TO FOLLICARE HAIR SOLUTION +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  2. INTRODUCTION TO HAIRTRANSPLANTSURGERY Hair Transplant is surgical process for those who is facing baldness problem. In this process grafts(hair roots) are taken from donar area and thenimplantedintotheaffectedarea.HairTransplantispermanent solution for hair loss and baldnessproblem. +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  3. TYPES OF HAIRTRANSPLANTSURGERY FUT (FollicularUnit Transplant) FUE (Follicularunit extraction) +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  4. FUTVSFUE FUT (FollicularUnit Transplant) FUE (Follicularunit extraction) +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  5. DIFFERENCEBETWEEN FUT &FUE FUT FUE -->>LatestTechnique -->>NoStiches -->>NoScar -->>NoPain -->>Expensive -->>NoBleeding -->>OldTechnique -->>StichesRequired -->>LinearScar -->>Pain &Discomfort -->>Cheap -->>Bleeding +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  6. ADVANTAGES OF FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT Fast HealingProcess Post-treatment care issimple Ideal For TightScalp NaturalHair Local anesthesia isused You don’t losesensitivity It is minimallyinvasive No Scars in TransplantedArea +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  7. RESULTSAFTER HAIRTRANSPLANT SURGERY +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  8. PRECAUTIONSAFTER HAIRTRANSPLANTSURGERY TakeProper Medicines AlwaysCoverHeadWithACloth WhileGoingOutside DoNotPutPressureOnTheArea While Sleeping Don't SmokeAndDrink ForFewDays Avoid OutdoorSportsActivitiesFora Month +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  9. LEVEL OF BALDNESS 2 ndStage 3 rdStage 1stStage +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  10. SEE OUR RESULTS +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  11. CONTACT DETAILS +91-82851-78300,82851-14342 follicarehairsolution@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/follicarehairsolution https://www.instagram.com/follicarehairsolution/ +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

  12. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING +91-82851-78300, +91-82851-14342

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