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Blackberry Curve 2 User Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Blackberry Curve 2 User Training

Blackberry Curve 2 User Training

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Blackberry Curve 2 User Training

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  1. Take Life with you! Blackberry Curve 2 User Training

  2. Agenda • BlackBerry Curve 2 Smartphone Features • Hardware Overview • Using Your BlackBerrySmartphone • Contacts, Phone, Email Messages, Calendar, Spell Check, Convenience Key, Personalizing Your Device, Shortcut, Media, Browser and Tethering • Most importantly: answer your questions!

  3. Speed, Power, Elegance • 3G Speed • Experience better performance while browsing, streaming and downloading attachments and music or tethering a laptop. • Stand-Alone GPS and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) • VZ Navigator capable (A-GPS) and autonomous GPS support for BlackBerry Maps, Google Maps, etc. • Wireless Network • WiFi built In

  4. Navigation: Key Buttons & The Track pad Easy-to-Use User Interface Track pad: • Allows you to move both vertically and horizontally • Allows you to select icons or menu options by pushing the track pad in Menu key: • Allows you to access a menu on any screen being viewed Escape key: • Allows you to return to the previously viewed screen

  5. Navigation: Home Screen & Options Icon Home Screen Options-Tour Options- Curve & 8830

  6. Adding Contacts Adding Contacts to the Address Book: • Push the Menu key • Scroll and select the Contacts icon • Push the Menu key and select New Address • Enter the contact information into the appropriate fields • Select Save

  7. Placing a Phone Call 3 Different Ways of Placing a Phone Call: • Press the Send Key and Dial • From the Home Screen, Begin Typing the Contacts Name or # • To dial a number that contains letters (“BlackBerry Vanity Dialing”) • Press and hold the Alt key (i.e. 1-800-FLOWERS) • To access the Speakerphone • Press the Currency $/Speakerphone Key • Press the Convenience Key (Left Side of your Device) to Launch Voice-Activated Dialing • You will hear the prompt “say a command” • Reply with “call <name or #>” • *Note: Your contacts name or number must be pre-programmed into the Smartphone for this option to work. • The Smartphone will reply with “calling <name or #> • Confirm this is the correct contact and they will be called

  8. Sending an Email Message Send an Email Message: • From your Main Menu select the Messages icon • Click the track ball and select Compose Email • In the To field, perform one of the following actions: • Type an email address • Type a contact name • Type part of a contact name. Select a contact • Type a message and select Send

  9. Sending an SMS Text Message Send an SMS Text Message: • From your Main Menu select the SMS & MMS icon • Click the track ball and select Compose SMS Text • In the To field, perform one of the following actions: • Type a mobile number • Type a contact name • Type part of a contact name. Select a contact • Type a message and select Send

  10. Hide Sent Messages Hide Sent Messages (SMS or Email): • From the Home screen • click on Messages • Press Menu Key • Scroll to and select options • Scroll to and select General Options • Change Hide Sent Messages to Yes • Press Menu Key • Scroll to and select Save

  11. Adding a Calendar Appointment To Add a Calendar Appointment: • On the Home screen, click Calendar Icon • Click the Trackball to Add a New Appointment • Type in the Appointment Information • Click the Trackball and Select Save

  12. Spell Check • “Check Spelling” menu item in Emails, Messages, & Memos • Allows you to check the spelling of your document • Options to control what is spell checked • You can set spell check to check all emails prior to being sent

  13. Change Convenience Key Changing the Default Convenience Keys: • Press the Menu key • Scroll and select the OptionsIcon • Select Screen/Keyboard • Scroll down to Right/Left Side Convenience Key Options • Push on the trackball to scroll between applications and push to select the one you would like • Press the Escape Key and click Save

  14. Shortcuts To Switch Applications: • Hold the AltKey and press the EscapeKey • Continue to hold the AltKey and highlight an application • Release the Alt Key • OR PRESS the Menu key

  15. Playing Media • Select the MediaIcon • Select the type of media to be played • Music, Videos, Ring Tones, or Pictures • Select how you would like the media to play (i.e. shuffle) • Media Player will launch • Adjust the volume, by using the keys on volume keys on the side • To return to the now playing screen from any application click the Menu key and select now playing

  16. Personalized Features • Change Your Home Screen Background • Press Menu key, Select Media Icon • Select Pictures, Select ‘Preloaded Pictures’ • On the image, Press Menu key • Select ‘Set asHome Screen Image’ • Create Folders (tidy-up your home screen) • Press Menu key, Select Add Folder • Place Applications within the folder: • Scroll over the Application, press Menu key • Scroll over to your folder, press down on the Trackball with

  17. Personalized Features • Add Applications • Go to Application Center folder • Choose from Apps listed there (Vcast, Visual Voicemail, FaceBook, etc.) • One option is BlackBerry App World • Press BlackBerry App World icon to pull up BB App World Site • Choose from thousands of free and low-cost applications to boost your productivity, get information, or to keep you entertained with

  18. Additional Customization Device Customization • Hide Setup Wizard From the Home screen> click on Setup Wizard Icon>Select Menu Key>Hide • Change time, date and time zone From the Home screen >click on Options Icon>Scroll to and select Date/Time>Change Time Zone to Eastern Time>Press Menu key>Scroll to and select Save • Location On (for VZNav) From the Home screen >click on Options Icon>Scroll to and select Advanced Options > Scroll to and select GPS>Change GPS Services to Locations On >Press Menu Key>Scroll to and select Save

  19. Browsing The Internet View a web page • From the Home screen, click your BlackBerry Browser or Internet Browser • Click the Menu key and select Go To... • Enter a URL and click the track ball Create a bookmark • On any web page, click the menu button and select Add Bookmark • Click Add

  20. GPS with VZ Navigator • $9.99/month (global feature is $19.99/month) • Determine your geographic location • Spoken turn-by-turn directions • Safer than printed maps and other GPS services • Efficient Access To and Communication of Location Info, Directions, Local Points of Interest • Savings • Savings vs. 411 Calls • Saves Time With Traffic Alerts • Saves Money With Gas Finder • No Up-Front Cost For Separate GPS Unit

  21. GPS with BlackBerry Maps • Free pre-loaded map & GPS application • Stand-alone GPS: requires line of sight to sky • Determine your geographic location • Get directions from one location to another • Savings • No up-front cost for separate GPS unit • No monthly recurring fees • No daily fees