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Study Questions

Study Questions. 1-56. 1. What do you do at an uncontrolled intersection? 2. How far must you be to park at a -fire hydrant -crosswalk -stop sign -corner 3. When do you use your high beams? 4. What do you do when a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing on?

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Study Questions

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  1. Study Questions 1-56

  2. 1. What do you do at an uncontrolled intersection? 2. How far must you be to park at a -fire hydrant -crosswalk -stop sign -corner 3. When do you use your high beams? 4. What do you do when a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing on? 5. What should you do to safely share the road with large buses or trucks?

  3. 6. What is the accident prevention formula? 7. What are the steps for passing? 8. When some is passing you, what should you do? 9. What is the order of the traffic lights and what do they mean? 10. What should you do when approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights?

  4. 11. When can you turn right on red? 12. You must stay to the right except when _________? 13. How far in advance must you signal for a turn? 14. What are penalties for violating a GDL laws? 15. Name the shapes and colors of signs. Warning: Regulatory: Guidance:

  5. 16. What must you have with you when you drive with a student permit? 17. What are the colors and meanings of the pavement markings? 18. How can you have points taken off your license? 19. How many points can you get taken off your license after 12 months of no penalties and/or suspensions? 20. What is the no zone principle? 21. What should you do if you have a tire blowout? 22. What is highway hypnosis and how can you avoid it?

  6. 23. What is hydroplaning and what should you do? 24. What should you do if signaling emergency vehicle is on the road with you? 25. When do you need your lights on? 26. When you move into the state how long do you have to inspect your car? 27. What should you do in a skid? 28. Every car in NJ must be insured for…?

  7. 29. You normally pass on the left, when can you legally pass on the right? 30. You must report legal name and address change to the MVC within what time period? 31. When can a holder of a provisional license drive unsupervised? 32. What requirements must be met before receiving your GDL special learners permit? 33. How many people can be in the car with a driver who is a GDL special learners permit or provisional driver license holder? 34. Who must wear a seat belt when the driver is under the GDL?

  8. 35. When you go for your road test what should you bring with you? 36. What is the meaning of driving under the influence of intoxicating beverage? 37. The most common thing people who are arrested for drunk driving have been drinking what? 38. What are the penalties for altering a license? 39. What is the acceleration lane? Deceleration lane?

  9. 40. Time restrictions: can’t drive! GDL special learners permit: Examination permit 21 or older: Probationary license: 41. What should one do if they drive through a deep puddle? 42. If you miss your exit on a highway what should you do? 43. When one’s license is returned to them after suspension, they will be on probation for: 44. When can one legally use studded snow tires in NJ? 45. If one’s wheels drift onto the dirt shoulder of the road, what should you do to return safely onto the road?

  10. 46. When parking downhill and the curb is on the right, which way should one turn the wheels? 47. What are the requirements for a supervising driver of a permit holder? 48. When driving in the city one should look how far in advance? (time) 49. When stopped at a school to either drop children off or pick up, how fast can you pass them? 50. When driving around a curve, the vehicle will tend to : 51. What percentage longer does it take a truck to stop in adverse weather conditions?

  11. 52. Color and shape of Yield sign Railroad sign Stop sign 53. When can you drive on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal? 54. What is the implied consent law? • ____ oz of liquor= ___ oz of beer = ___ oz of wine 56. What is the 3 second rule?

  12. Question 1 • page 63 • Reduce speed, be prepared to stop

  13. Question 2 • Fire hydrant 10 feet • Crosswalk 25 feet • Stop sign 50 feet • Corner 25 feet

  14. Question 3 • Page 75 • On open country roads, no other traffic

  15. Question 4 • Page 73 • Stop 25 feet away

  16. Question 5 • Limitations of these vehicles regarding visibility, stopping distances required and maneuverability Tips: Give more roadway to a truck making a wide turn, leave more space when stopping behind a truck or bus, maintain a consistent speed when passing.

  17. Question 6 • Be alert • Be prepared • Act in time

  18. Question 7 • Check mirrors • Blinker • Check blind spots • Pass while increasing speed • Blinker to return to lane • Check visibility • Return to lane

  19. Question 8 • Slow down, stay in proper lane • Once they passed return to normal speed

  20. Question 9 Stop Slow down, be ready to stop Go

  21. Question 10 • Page 72 • Stop 15 feet away

  22. Question 11 • Page 68 • Unless a No Turn On Red sign is posted

  23. Question 12 • Page 61 • Stay to the right expect when passing

  24. Question 13 • 100 feet

  25. Question 14 • Page 16 • Fine of $100

  26. Question 15 • Warning: yellow and diamond • Guidance: blue and information about motorist services • Regulatory: red, green rectangle

  27. Question 16 • Permit • Insurance card • Registration card • Supervising adult in front seat

  28. Question 17 • Yellow solid: two way traffic, can’t pass • Yellow dashed: two way traffic, pass when safe • White solid: same way traffic, edge of road • White dashed: same way traffic, multiple lanes, can pass

  29. Question 18-19 • Defensive driving course worth 2 points • Up to 3 points will be subtracted from a motorist’s point total for every year that the motorist goes without a violation. • Page 125

  30. Question 20 • Blind spots of a truck, avoid these areas

  31. Question 21 • Grip the wheel firmly • Gradually slow down (take foot off gas pedal but don’t use the brakes.) • Pull off to a safe area

  32. Question 22 • Highway hypnosis: zoning out while driving • Prevent: avoid by not looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds.

  33. Question 23 • Riding up on a film of water • Slow down when heavy rain, standing water or slush is present.

  34. Question 24 • Yield to emergency vehicles when they sound sirens and/or flashing red and or blue lights. • Steer to the extreme right of the roadway, stop and wait for the vehicle to pass. • Keep at least 300 feet behind a signaling emergency vehicle.

  35. Question 25 • One half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise and anytime in bad weather

  36. Question 26 • 14 days after registration

  37. 27 Take foot off gas pedal. Turn in the direction the rear of the vehicle is skidding.

  38. 28 • Liability

  39. 29 • On roads with more than one lane going in the same direction • If the vehicles on the road are moving in two or more substantially continuous lines • When the motorist ahead is making a left turn and there is room to pass

  40. 30 • Name change: 2 weeks • Address in state: 1 week after moving • Address from out of state to in state: 60 days

  41. 31 • After completing the requirements for their permit -be at least 17 years old -at least 6 months supervised driving -pass the road test

  42. 32 • Be at least 16 years old • Pass the written, vision, health test • Complete 6 hour behind the wheel driving

  43. 33 • As many members of the household as there are seatbelts and 1 additional person

  44. 34 • everyone

  45. 35 • Vehicle with valid inspection sticker • Registration, insurance, permit cards • Vehicle may not have any obstructions or consoles that prevent the examiner from reaching the foot or parking brake • Licensed driver • 6 points of ID

  46. 36 • Having one drink and driving afterwards

  47. 37 • Beer

  48. 38 • Loss of a motorist’s driving privilege, fine up to $1,000 and/or up to 6 months imprisonment

  49. 39 • Acceleration lane: extra lane on a highway to speed up to the flow of traffic when entering a highway • Deceleration: extra lane on the highway to slow down to exit

  50. 40 • Special Learners permit 11:01 pm-5:00am Examination permit 21 or older: no restrictions Probationary license 11:01 am-5:00am

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