5 ways to discipline your toddler n.
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5 Ways to Discipline your toddler PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Ways to Discipline your toddler

5 Ways to Discipline your toddler

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5 Ways to Discipline your toddler

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  1. 5 Ways to Discipline your toddler There are times when it gets difficult for parents to handle the kids because of their annoying behavior. There was once a kid who liked to play with Lightsabers with his sister. However, while playing with the same, he actually got a lot more serious and used to hit her with the sword. The baby girl used to cry hard because it used to hurt whereas; the boy looked contended that the enemy was put down. The parents were quite worried about his behavior because they knew that eventually this would worsen and the boy can adopt violent behavior. Hence, they took steps that would trim down this attitude. This was just an example of how kids can behave. This article talks about the discipline measures that you can adopt to get your child to be the strong, confident and obedient one that you want him/her to be. 1. Be Kind but Firm You know how kids are. They would do something terribly wrong and then they’d give weirdest of excuses for the same. For example, “I didn’t do it first, she did it and I had to teach her a lesson” or “I accidentally did it” and more. You CANNOT be harsh on them and raise your hand. In fact, you have to teach them that this is not the way he should be behaving by being kind yet very firm. You can tell them that you never raised your hand at your siblings or friends but when it happened unintentionally, you apologized and never repeated your mistake. Do not lose your calm and repeat the same thing so that they understand it knowing that you are not being angry but are serious about it. You have to show that you are the effective mother and have the control. 2. Give them options and further possibilities of punishments Your kid should know that you are the boss here and if he commits any kind of mistake, he’ll or she’ll have to pay its price. Without being the angry mom or dad, you have to sit down and tell them that if this happens the next time, there’ll be consequences. For example, if there’s any act which is not acceptable you can choose to say that he’ll be grounded from his playing time or there won’t be any tutu dress for girls shopping on her punishments, they would think about behaving badly twice before doing it. birthday. Both being ideal

  2. 3. Treat mistakes as opportunities to learn Sometimes kids do certain things to get your attention or also in times when they are depressed. You have to understand what’s the case is. Then, once you’ve understood that, you can always use the mistakes as an opportunity to teach them something. Nobody in today’s time is up for a lecture - not even your kid. In fact, you can tell them that “Remember the time when you fell from your bed and bumped your head on the chair? Do you remember how much did it hurt?” Things like these would make them empathize with what they’ve done to someone else. 4. Intervene before the damage is done You are already noticing that something is off and it would lead to something bad. Stop it right there by altering the situation or distracting them. If you know that there’ll be sibling fight, why don’t you give someone some work and send to the other room or somehow distract them? This would help. 5. Be gentle sometimes rather than using that harsh tone Rather than saying - “Shut the door”, you can always just say “The door please” and you’d see that your child responds to the latter in a better way than the former one. Sometimes this works and sometimes it won’t. You can always use the other way in extreme cases.