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What’s New in IMS Connect PowerPoint Presentation
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What’s New in IMS Connect

What’s New in IMS Connect

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What’s New in IMS Connect

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  1. What’s New in IMS Connect Nick Griffin IMS Product Manager

  2. IMS Connectivity ©2006 BMC Software

  3. IMS Connect Enhancements • IMS Connect 1.1 • Out of service as of November 30, 2003 • IMS Connect 1.2 • Withdrawn from marketing as of September 3, 2003 • End of service was April 30, 2005 • IMS Connect 2.1 • Withdrawn from marketing as of June, 2004 • End of service was September 30, 2006 • IMS Connect 2.2 • Withdrawn from marketing as of September 5, 2007 • End of service will be November 5, 2008 • IMS 9.1 version • IMS 10.1 version ©2006 BMC Software

  4. IMS Connect 2.2 • Persistent socket support for commit mode 0 • Adds persistent socket support for commit mode commit_then_send (commit mode 0) • Supports the functions sendonly, resume_tpipe, and non-conversational transactions and a mix of sendonly, resume_tpipe, and non-conversational transactions within a single connection • Purge not deliverable support • Mechanism to remove an output message that cannot be delivered to the remote client from the IMS message queue. It adds new IRM_F3_PURGE(X'04') • Applies to IOPCB replies. Does not apply to commit mode 1, resume_tpipe, or sendonly requests. ©2006 BMC Software

  5. IMS Connect 2.2 • New resume_tpipe single with wait option • Resume_tpipe identifies a request for asynchronous output messages from IMS, the single type means receive one message and disconnect the socket. A new flag, IRM_F5_SWAIT, allows the wait for a single message if none are currently queued in IMS • Cancel timer support • Allows the same endpoint device or another endpoint device to cancel IRM_Timer or a HWSCFGxx timer value associated with a prior client application send request. A device that sends a cancel timer must connect and specify the same client name as the client name for which the cancel timer is being issued IRM_F4=‘C’. • Internal reroute of commit mode 0 (CM0) output • When a commit mode 1 (CM1) transaction does a program switch to a second transaction and both transactions issue an insert to the IOPCB, OTMA sends the output for the first transaction on the port Tpipe CM1 and the output for the second transaction on the port Tpipe CM0. IMS holds the second transaction output and IMS Connect cannot retrieve it, even using a resume_tpipe call. ©2006 BMC Software

  6. IMS Connect 2.2 • Support to allow up to 65,535 sockets • This enhancement extends the TCP/IP sockets from 2,000 to 65,535 per IMS Connect • You can allow up to 65,535 sockets to be connected to IMS Connect, specifying the value of the parameter maxsoc on the TCP/IP statement • IMS Connect z/OS commands • Support of modify command support: • F jobname,command • MFS MOD Name Return • Support to have the MFS Mod name returned from IMS ©2006 BMC Software

  7. IMS Connect Integrates into IMS V9 ©2006 BMC Software

  8. Integrated Connect in IMS V9 ©2006 BMC Software

  9. Super Member • OTMA member used by multiple IMS Connects • Solves problem of CM0 transaction asynchronous output retrieval when using a workload distributor • Output messages are queued in the super member instead of individual members • If multiple IMS systems are involved they MUST be running Shared Queues • Available with IMS Connect V2.2 ©2006 BMC Software

  10. SOAP SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol • SOAP is a simple XML based protocol to let applications exchange information over HTTP • Used by Microsoft .NET, SAP, Java, etc. ©2006 BMC Software

  11. IMS SOAP Implementation IMS Enablement of SOAP web applications • Components required utilizing the IMS Connect XML Adapter: • IMS SOAP Gateway V9.2 • IMS Connect XML Adapter SPE • WebSphere Developer for zSeries V6.0 (Optional) ©2006 BMC Software

  12. IMS SOAP Gateway IMS SOAP Gateway • IMS SOAP Gateway is an interface between SOAP XML clients and IMS Connect • Compliant with industry standards (e.g. SOAP/HTTP 1.1) • Converts SOAP message received from client to XML for IMS Connect XML Adapter • Gateway requires your IMS application WSDL file, a correlated properties file, and a connection bundle file ©2006 BMC Software

  13. IMS Connect Soap Gateway Adapter zLinux Windows AIX Soap Gateway Web Service ©2006 BMC Software

  14. XML Adapter • Introduced via SPE • APAR PK24912 • PTF UK17000 • Allows legacy Cobol applications to process SOAP XML messages • Translates XML to byte stream on inbound message • Translates byte stream to XML on outbound message • Requires: • IMS SOAP Gateway v9.2 • IMS Connect SPE • Adapter Task Manager • XML Adapter • WebSphere Developer for zSeries V6.0 (Optional) • z/OS Support for Unicode (EBCDIC conversion) • LE (COBOL) ©2006 BMC Software

  15. IMS Connect XML Adapter XML Converter z/OS Dataset LLZZ TRAN DATA Soap Gateway Web Service IMS LLZZ DATA ©2006 BMC Software

  16. XML Adapter • The Adapter Task Manager allows the IMS SOAP Gateway to transmit and receive XML messages to and from IMS Connect • Within the IRM the SOAP Gateway specifies the Adapter that IMS Connect should call • The IRM also specifies the XML Converter the Adapter should use • Currently the only available Adapter is this one ©2006 BMC Software

  17. XML Adapter • Invoked by IMS Connect on inbound and outbound messages • Provides message conversion capabilities • from XML to application byte stream on inbound message • from application byte stream to XML on outbound message • XML Converters have to be compiled and linked to a dataset that is concatenated to the STEPLIB of the IMS Connect startup JCL ©2006 BMC Software

  18. IMS V10 Enhancements Highlights - IMS Connect enhancements include: • ACEE aging value support • Client password change request • RACF mixed case password • Datastore access control • Message flood control • CM1 ACK time-out support - ACKTO • Resume TPIPE Enhancements • Alternate clientid • PORTAFF • Clientid uniqueness • XML Adapter support • IMS SOA Composite Business Application Support ©2006 BMC Software

  19. ACEE Aging Value Support • Supports the OTMA capability • New OAAV parameter in the DATASTORE statement of the HWSCFGxx file • OTMA ACEE aging value in seconds Example: DATASTORE ID=…. OAAV=360 • OTMA aging value in effect can be displayed • VIEWHWS/VIEWDS command output • MVS Modify Command QUERY MEMBER and QUERY DATASTORE Example: RACF APPL NAME= OTMA ACEE AGING VALUE=360 RACF accessor environment element (ACEE) ©2006 BMC Software

  20. Client Password Change Request • New mechanism for a remote client to request that a SAF/RACF password be changed LLLL IRM LLzzHWSPWCH old-password / new-password-1 / new-password-2 EOM where new-password-1 and new-password-2 are the same value • HWSPWCH • Defined keyword supported by HWSSMPL0, HWSSMPL1, HWSJAVA0 • To enable the function • HWSPWCH0 address must be established in the exit routine • Include the HWSPWCH0 object code • Define ‘INCLUDE TEXT(HWSPWCH0)’ statement in the Binder JCL ©2006 BMC Software

  21. RACF Mixed Case Password Support • Enhancement to enable RACF mixed case passwords • PSWDMC parameter in HWS statement in IMS Connect HWSCFGxx HWS …PSWDMC = Y | N • New IMS Connect command SETPWMC¬¬¬¬¬ON¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ ¬OFF¬ • IMS Connect UPDATE command ¬F¬imsconnproc,¬UPDATE¬MEMBER¬TYPE(IMSCON)¬¬SET(PSWDMC(¬¬ON¬¬¬) ¬OFF¬ • Requires that RACF support is enabled ACF SETROPTS(MIXEDCASE) ©2006 BMC Software

  22. Datastore Access Control • Provides control for userid access to datastores • Takes advantage of RACF Passticket support • APPL parameter on the Datastore statement in HWSCFGxx • IMS Connect RACF=Y • During Password validation IMS Connect issues RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY, APPL=RACF_APPL, … • RACF also verifies user’s authority to access the application • Applicable even when not using passtickets • Note • IMS Connect clients can override the DATASTORE APPL by setting IRM_APPL_NM • If the datastore access control capability is needed, may need to comment out the override in the message exit MVC OMUSER_APPL_NM, IRM_APPL_NM ©2006 BMC Software

  23. Message Flood Control • Capability that monitors the growth of active input messages • Supports the associated function in the OTMA Enhancements section • Prevents flooding IMS with input messages that cannot be processed • New MAXI=parameter in the DATASTORE statement of HWSCFGxx DATASTORE ID=…., MAXI=5000 • 0 to 9999, default in OTMA is 5000 • Value of 0 is reset to 5000 or whatever is specified in OTMA • Values between 0 and 200 are reset to 200 • Values that exceed OTMA specification are adjusted to OTMA value • Command support • VIEWHWS, VIEWDS, QUERY MEMBER, QUERY DATASTORE • Display output … … OTMA ACEE AGING VALUE=value OTMA CM1 TIMEOUT VALUE=value OTMA MAX INPUT MESSAGE=value • If input messages are rejected due to message flood protection • Remote Client receives RSM status message ©2006 BMC Software

  24. CM1 (Send-then-Commit) ACK Time-out • Time-out Control capability for CM1 interactions • Supports the associated function in the OTMA Enhancements section • Resolves “Wait-Syncpoint” and “Wait-RRS” situations • New ACKTO=parameter in the DATASTORE statement of HWSCFGxx DATASTORE ID=….,ACKTO=120 • 0 to 255 seconds, default in OTMA is 120 seconds • Value of 0 is reset to 120 or whatever is specified in OTMA • Values that exceed OTMA specification are adjusted to OTMA value • Command support • VIEWHWS, VIEWDS, QUERY MEMBER, QUERY DATASTORE • Display output … OTMA ACEE AGING VALUE=value OTMA ACK TIMEOUT VALUE=value • If time-out occurs • Remote Client receives a deallocate of the connection and an RSM status message ©2006 BMC Software

  25. Resume TPIPE Enhancements - Alternate Clientid • Capability to request and retrieve asynchronous output messages that are queued to another client • Supports a server application that retrieves messages originally destined for another application (clientid) • Resume TPIPE request specifies an alternate clientid • OTMA delivers output messages queued to that alternate name • Supported by IMS Connect user message exits • HWSSMPL0, HWSSMPL1, HWSSOAP1, HWSJAVA0 • Note: this support differs from but leverages the existing Reroute capability which only addresses undeliverable and/or NAK’ed messages • IMS V9 support added with PK24907 ©2006 BMC Software

  26. Resume TPIPE Enhancements - Port Affinity • Enhancement to ensure proper delivery of CM0 (Commit-then-Send) messages to the correct Resume TPIPE clientid requestor • Supports environments that require concurrent requests using the same clientid across multiple ports • New PORTAFF= parameter in the TCPIP statement of the HWSCFGxx file TCPIP …MAXSOC=…,PORTAFF= Y | N, PORTID=… • Also delivered in previous releases • IMS Connect with IMS V9: PK23660 • IMS Connect V2.2: PK17072 ©2006 BMC Software

  27. Clientid Uniqueness • Clientids must be unique across all ports for an IMS Connect • Second attempt to used the same clientid will result in “duplicate client” error • On the same or different port • Previous releases allowed the same clientid to be used across different ports • Except when PORTAFF=Y • Allows same clientid to be used on different ports • Note: • Clientid cannot be changed during a persistent socket connection • Regardless of PORTAFF • Subsequent message that have a different clientid for the persistent socket are rejected • Persistent socket remains connected ©2006 BMC Software

  28. XML Adapter Support • Capability that supports translation between XML messages and IMS messages • IMS Connect client, e.g., IMS SOAP Gateway • Sends an XML message with a request for translation • IMS Connect • Inbound: invokes the XML Adapter to translate message for IMS • Removes XML tags • If necessary, convert from UNICODE to EBCDIC • Outbound: invokes the XML Adapter to prepare an XML message • If necessary, convert from EBCDIC to appropriate UNICODE encoding schema • Create XML tags • IMS V9 Support - PK24912, PK29938 ©2006 BMC Software

  29. XML Adapter Support • User Message Exit HWSSOAP1 • OCO – EXIT code is not supplied and can not be changed • IRM_ID *HWSOA1* for HWSSOAP1 • XML converter routines • Cobol source code • Provide the information needed to perform conversion from tagged data to a byte stream • Unique to each message definition • Can be generated by WDz toolkit • Compiled and bound into file that is concatenated into IMS Connect STEPLIB ©2006 BMC Software

  30. Application Support • New capability for IMS TM Resource Adapter clients that invoke IMS conversational transactions • Allows iterations of the conversation to span shareable persistent sockets • Application Server on which IMS TM Resource Adapter runs may use different sockets for each iteration • IMS TM Resource Adapter client does not have control of the socket that is used • Supports the WebSphere Process Server • Process Choreography function ©2006 BMC Software

  31. IMS Connect Considerations • No Dynamic Functionality • IMS Connect must be recycled for any change • User Exits • Exits must be coded and maintained • Enhanced functionality is the customer’s responsibility and must be coded in the user exits • Workload Balancing • Resource Availability Checking • Security • Minimal Information • Statistics are not available • Native Commands lacking in function and data • Diagnostics • Problem resolution can be difficult ©2006 BMC Software

  32. BMC Energizer for IMS ConnectIntelligent Management of IMS OTMA Transactions • DataStore Router • Dynamic workload balancing - WLM SYSPLEX Routing Services or Statistical model • Directed transaction routing – Affinities (Transaction code or Client id) • Workload Governor • User specified acceptable transaction rates - Warning level or Rejection level • Overall transaction rate coming into IMS Connect - Specified as # of transactions per second • Exit Services • Dynamic exit management - Reload user written exits or Add new exits dynamically • Security Services • USERID based validation • OTMA Security • Statistics & Diagnostics • Transaction throughput • Average and maximum message lengths • Trace information ©2006 BMC Software

  33. IMS Connect Energizer Architecture UIM Server eLink IMS Console = Product Code IMS ISPF IMS WebSphere ©2006 BMC Software

  34. GUI Interface ©2006 BMC Software

  35. GUI Interface ©2006 BMC Software

  36. Energizer Commands Quick Picks ©2006 BMC Software

  37. Transaction IVP ©2006 BMC Software

  38. IVP Results ©2006 BMC Software

  39. Questions? ©2006 BMC Software