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Town Hall

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Town Hall

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  1. Town Hall June 10, 2013 1- 2pm John Ellis, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Controller Anja Paardekooper, Assistant Dean, School of Medicine Financial Affairs Teresa Costantinidis, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Budget & Resource Management Mounira Kenaani, Associate Director/CFO , Diabetes Center & Dept. of Dermatology

  2. Finance3 Town Hall Goals Finance3countdown to Go-Live in January 2014!... 7 months • Update you on the overall progress since the Feb. 2013 Town Hall • Communicate the change management plan related tools • Set Expectations on project timelines up to and through Go-Live • Inform you of upcoming changes that may affect you

  3. Q&A for this Town Hall • There will be a Q&A period at the end • If you are viewing remotely, you can send your questions in at any time to • Questions will be collected and answered during the Q&A period at the end • If you are viewing from Byers Auditorium, you may also direct your questions to Cristina Morrison who will collect them to submit to the presenters

  4. is critical to UCSF Chancellor’s Strategic Plan Chancellor’s Strategic Plan more info:

  5. Vision The implementation of the Operational Excellence (OE) Finance strategy includes three priority projects: • The new Chart of Accounts (COA) structure… • Provides a solid structural framework for managing costs and maximizing revenues, enabling: • Improved financial and operational reporting realized through a robust campus-wide reporting solution, MyReports • Effective resource budgeting and planning realized throughHyperion Planning Project (HPP)

  6. has Broad Impact at UCSF Many areas affected, including:

  7. Change ManagementA structured approach to facilitate UCSF’stransition to the new world

  8. The Change Plan Four-point change management strategy includes: • Department readiness • Training • All-campus communications • Post-implementation support

  9. Change Management Timeline

  10. F3 Department Readiness Tool Features: • Global view of remaining F3 initiative timeline • Drill down to items • Month icons • Arrow icons • Links to related content to facilitate understanding

  11. F3 Department Readiness Tool Features: • Filter by item type: • Communications • Meetings • Milestones • Notifications • To Do’s • Trainings • Export and Print Content • Notification for content added, and due, within 7 days

  12. F3 Department Readiness Tool Features: • Table view allows sorting and export of all content • Copy/paste • CSV • Excel • Search

  13. F3 Department Readiness Tool Features: Finance3 tab provides quick links to site content Alert bar highlights high priority items

  14. Change Management Timeline

  15. Training in Fall 2013 • Chart of Accounts – beginning in September/October • Training will take into account various audiences across campus including: • Those who require only a high level concept understanding of the new COA • Those who require a deeper knowledge of how to use the new COA in daily tasks, e.g., Financial Analyst • MyReports – beginning in October/November • Hyperion – beginning in December/January

  16. Change Management Timeline

  17. Chart of Accounts (COA)Building blocks used to structure and classify financial information

  18. Chart of Accounts Progress • Thank you to the Champions and everyone else involved in mapping, reviewing, and validating data to ensure it makes sense for their department • Round 1 Mapping and Data Conversion #1 – COMPLETE! • 290 mapping templates from departments submitted • Round 2 Mapping and Data Conversion #2 – In Progress • Two more mock conversions in the Fall • Continued progress with IT partners in preparing central and departmental systems for conversion

  19. Campus-Wide Systems Affected • BearBuy • CampusLocatorSystem • Connexxus • Effort Reporting System • PeopleSoftFinancials • PPS • Magical PAF Machine • PI Portfolio • HBS • HRServiceRequest • MyExpense • RAS • Working closely with IT to understand the impact on the end user • More information available on the Resources tab of the Finance3 website: • Tools under development to aid transition • Conversion tool between “Fund/DPA” and new Chartstring • New Speedtype functionality to enable entering of new chartfieldsquickly in some systems Many campus-wide systems will be converted to the new Chart of Accounts including the following:

  20. MyReportsInfrastructure and data to make informed financial decisions

  21. MyReports – Progress • Reporting Solution now called MyReports • MyReports provides a new way to look at your business • Roll-up and drill-through capabilities • Profit & Loss focus for Managerial and Operational reports • Transaction reports expanded to include additional information • Updating PI Portfolio to reflect the changes in the new chart of accounts • Thank you to all the Subject Matter Expert groups who have contributed to the design

  22. Categories of Reports to be Delivered: MyReports PI Portfolio Reports (6 reports) HR Data Reports (5-10 reports) Inquiries (~20 look-ups/lists) Management Reports (11 reports) Operational Reports (5-10 reports) Transaction Detail Reports (8 reports) • Examples: • Portfolio by PI • Summary by Award ID • Detail Payroll Transactions • Examples: • HR Monthly Review Report • Employee Appointment Report • Employee Lookup • Examples: • Chartfield Look-ups • Chartfield Attribute Look-ups • Chartfield Conversion Tool • Examples: • Current Yr vs. Prior Yr Quarterly Variance Report • YTD Summary Report • Rolling Eight Qtrs Report • Examples: • Actual vs. Plan Comparison • Monthly Report • Net Position Report • Examples: • Transaction Detail Report • AP/PO Inquiry Report • Distribution of Payroll Expense Report (DPE) • Common data repository • Financial information updated nightly • Trees used for roll-up and grouping • Ability to filter by all chartfields and select chartfield attributes • Sort options tailored by report • Drill-through and expand/collapse functionality in select reports • Hyperion planning information in select reports • Ad hoc tool for power users

  23. MyReports - Impact Beginning January ’14: Current WebLinks users will transition to MyReports WebLinks will be used only for historical reporting PI Portfolio will reflect the new Chart of Accounts

  24. Hyperion PlanningWeb-based budgeting and planning tool with Excel-style interface

  25. Hyperion Planning – Progress • Phase 1 Scope confirmed • Revenue and Expense planning • Commitment tracking • Employee planning • Design Phase completed and Build Phase underway • Hyperion reports designed in coordination with MyReports functionality

  26. Hyperion Planning – Impact The Hyperion implementation affects Campus and Department leadership, planners and those involved with the consolidated budget process • Many functions provided by department supplemental systems will be replaced with Hyperion functionality • Commitment tracking • Employee planning • Consolidated budget process changes

  27. Summary: What Changes in January 2014? • New chart of accounts which means new chartstrings for financial transactions • “Fund/DPA” becomes a different chartstring • Many central systems will be converted • MyReports will be the campus wide reporting tool • WebLinks will only be used for historical information • Hyperion Planning will be used to develop plans

  28. July 1, 2013 changes and impacts Change Temporary Budget is going away* New NCAs being added and changes in the way equity NCAs are used Impacts Units will manage balances in the financial ledger Begin to use new NCAs and reference field in equity journals Many WebLinks reports will appear different Fund balances will become Fund/DPA balances Allocations for non-sponsored funds will be recorded differently Temporary budget journal use will be limited Most July 1 changes will affect only those in finance and managerial roles. Ad hoc tool reports and other departmental systems that point to the ledger may look different PI Portfolio reports that display non-sponsored funds will look different *except for sponsored projects and plant

  29. Resources for the July 1 changes • Details provided to DeptChampions on May 29th – • Reach out to them • Champions presentation available on Finance3 website • Training: • SOM Finance Managers Meeting June 12 • SON, SOP, SOD Finance Managers invited • Online training – available soon on the Finance3 website • Webinar Q & A sessions • #1 week of June 24 • #2 week of August 8

  30. Your Next Steps: Action items • Think about your job and whether you are in one of the areas impacted by upcoming changes • Get your questions answered: • Talk with your Champion, Dept Manager or Control Point • Go to the F3website to find out who your Champion is, training resources, events announcements, and other details • Subscribe to the Controllers Office Newsletter for updates • Share what you learned today with your colleagues • Town hall recorded and available online at the F3 website

  31. Resources • Finance3 Website: • Controller’s Office newsletter (sign up): • • Tammy Wallace, Functional Leader • Tony Prevedello, Senior Analyst • Fred Selk, Project Manager •; • Lori Cripps, Functional Leader • Nora Watanabe, Project Manager • Hyperion Planning • Mike Clune, Functional Leader • Linda Kittle, Project Manager • Change • Jill Goldsmith, Project Manager

  32. Finance3 Website