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A Stripy Swimmer

Discover the intriguing characteristics of striped bass (stripers), from their stripy appearance to their diverse appetite and unique facts. Learn about their habitats, feeding habits, and reproductive cycle. If you're interested in learning more, visit a library or explore the Cobb Virtual Library online.

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A Stripy Swimmer

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  1. A Stripy Swimmer By: Caleb C.

  2. a stripy appearance • A striper is a fish with straight stripes on its body • They are long and skinny with lots of scales • An average striper is 5 to 45 in. and 2 to 60 pounds • A striped bass breathes through its gills and swims with its fins

  3. A stripy appetite • Stripers mostly eat fish • But they also eat shrimp, plankton, worms, crawfish, and amphipods • The fish they mostly eat are shad, perch, brim, trout, and herein

  4. R.a.l.p.s • Well first of all R.A.L.P.s stands for Rivers, Atlantic Ocean, Lakes, and Ponds; which is where stripers live • Stripers live in fresh and saltwater • A striped bass gets really Big in saltwater

  5. Stripy facts • Did you know stripers spawn in freshwater • A stripers first cousin is a hybrid, a mixture of a striper and a white bass • Stripers have eyes on the side of their head • It lays thousands of eggs and are fast swimmers

  6. Facts If you liked some of these facts then go to a library or go to Cobb Virtual Library online!!!

  7. Me!!!

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