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Wiley-Blackwell Breadth, Depth and Quality Content 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wiley-Blackwell Breadth, Depth and Quality Content 2011

Wiley-Blackwell Breadth, Depth and Quality Content 2011

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Wiley-Blackwell Breadth, Depth and Quality Content 2011

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  1. Wiley-BlackwellBreadth, Depth and Quality Content2011

  2. Overview • Breadth, Depth and Quality Content • Partnering with the Scholarly Community • Products and Subject Highlights • Journals • Physical Sciences Portfolio • Health Sciences Portfolio • Life Sciences Portfolio • Social Sciences and Humanities Portfolio • Newly launched journals • WIREs • Online Books and Online Reference Works • Journal Back-files, Current Protocols, Databases

  3. Extensive multidisciplinary resources

  4. Breadth, Depth and Quality Content Publishing top quality content to meet all academic and research needs • Covering all subjects: Medicine and Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Social Science, Arts & Humanities • Publishing the works of more than 400 Nobel laureates in all categories: Literature, Economics, Physiology/Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, and Peace • Serving all levels: Primary peer-reviewed research, survey reviews, teaching resources, reference materials • Multiple formats: Print, online, and ‘born digital’ resources • Spanning time: Backfiles digitized to the 18th Century, 21st Century articles published online on acceptance

  5. Wiley’s Online Options for Today’s Users Research & Development Journals Online Books Current Protocols Reference Works Databases WIREs Post graduate Studies Journals Online Books Current Protocols Reference Works Databases WIREs Classroom Environment: Undergraduate/Post Graduate Journals Online Books Reference Works WileyPlus

  6. Scholarly Journals 1500+ • Back-Files 855 titles + • Online Books 9000+ • Reference Works 125+ • Current Protocols™ 16 Featuring over 12,500 protocols • Databases 14 Evidence Based Medicine , Chemistry and Polymer Science Databases • WIREs 6+ • WileyPlus 180+

  7. Partnering with the scholarly community

  8. Partnerships with the Scholarly Communications Community • Wiley colleagues hold 130 committee positions in Publishing, Library, and Information related groups, including: • Publishers Association • International Society of Managing and Technical Editors • JISC Publishers Action Group • CrossRef • COUNTER • TRANSFER • CLOCKSS • Portico • Patient Inform • Publishers Research Consortium • Research 4 Life (HINARI, AGORA, OARE) • INASP • United Kingdom Serials Group

  9. Long-term Preservation • All Wiley-Blackwell journals are included in the long-term preservation programs of CLOCKSS and Portico. • We hold committee positions on both initiatives.

  10. Closing the Digital Divide • Wiley-Blackwell participates in programs to provide free or low cost access in the world’s poorest countries, ie. GNI less than $3200. • We hold committee positions on Research4Live and INASP.

  11. – 3 programs HINARI: • 130 publishers: 5300 journals • 3300 institutions registered for access AGORA: • 40 publishers: 1275 core journals • 1600 institutions registered for access OARE: • 50 publishers: 2000 journals • 1100 institutions registered for access

  12. Publishing Initiatives Aimed at making life easier for libraries. Examples: • COUNTER • Providing COUNTER-compliant usage data for journals, books and reference works • TRANSFER • We endorse the Code of Practice so that journal content remains easily accessible by librarians and readers when there is a transfer between parties • CrossRef • connecting users to primary research content, by enabling publishers to work collectively

  13. Journals

  14. The Global Journals Marketplace • 2000 + publishers • 20-25,000 journals • 1.5 million papers/year • 1.2 million authors/year • >10m readers and 10,000+ institutions served • 1.5 billion downloads per annum • Mainly institutionally based

  15. Wiley-Blackwell publishes on behalf of more than 750 scholarly and professional societies

  16. 1,013Wiley-Blackwell journals are currently ranked in the JCR. • 332 Journals Top 10 Rankings by Impact Factor. • 51 Wiley-Blackwell journals added to JCR 2009 for the first time. • 36number 1 rankings within the 227 subject categories.  • MOST journals in 53 of the 227 subject categories. • MOSTarticles in 35 categories. • The HIGHESTtotal Impact Factors of any publisher in 39 subject categories.

  17. Physical Sciences & Engineering Portfolio

  18. Breadth and Depth for Physical Sciences • Broad spectrum of coverage matches the needs of chemists, materials scientists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians and statisticians • Must-have content in today’s critical fields of scientific and industrial research and development including sustainability; energy; pharmaceutical sciences; communications technology; data mining and information security; nanotechnology; and more. • +222 journal titles across Physical Sciences and Engineering Fields • 81% with Impact Factors • 40% are society-owned

  19. Top 20 Physical Sciences andEngineering Journals by Impact Factor

  20. Key Physical Sciences Journals

  21. Journals Ranked #1 in their Category Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis JCR Category : Chemistry, Applied ISI Impact Factor 5.187 For the 7th year in a row, this journal has ranked #1 in the category of Applied Chemistry. Computational Intelligence JCR Category : Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence ISI Impact Factor 5.378 This is the # 1 Journal in artificial intelligence Laser Physics Letters JCR Category : Instruments & Instrumentation ISI Impact Factor 5.502 A 45% increase in impact factor moves this journal to the #1 position Mass Spectrometry Reviews JCR Category: Spectrometry ISI Impact Factor 10.623 For the 11th year, retains its #1 position in spectroscopy

  22. Journals Ranked #2 in their Category Journal of the American Ceramic Society Rank #2 in Materials Science, Ceramics Biofuels Bioproducts & Biorefining JCR Category: Energy & Fuels Jumps to the #2 slot in just 2 years of publication Impact factor increase 68% to 4.885 Chemical Vapor Deposition JCR Category: Material Science, Coatings and Films Laser & Photonics Reviews JCR Category: Optics Impact Factor: 5.814 International Journal of Energy Research JCR Category: Nuclear Science & Technology Medicinal Research Reviews JCR Category: Chemistry, Medicinal Impact Factor: 8.656

  23. Health Sciences Portfolio

  24. Health Sciences Overview- Target Audience StudentsTextbooks & reference works CliniciansEBM databases, clinical journals, textbooks, reference works Researchers Journals & reference works

  25. Health Sciences OverviewSUBJECT CATEGORIES Learn More About Our Key Subjects Request a “USP Subject Summary Sheet” to learn more about the products we offer in select, high-profile disciplines.

  26. Journal Portfolio OverviewBIBLIOMETRICS Vast Selection373 journals in medical, dentistry, veterinary and health sciences 90% are indexed by ISI High Impact Health Science Journals 57 journals are in the Top 10 Ranking in Year 2009 11 titles rank Number 1 in their category 23 titles received their first Impact Factor in Year 2009 18 titles achieved an Impact Factor score of 5 or more Average impact factor of 2.60

  27. Journal Portfolio OverviewBIBLIOMETRICS Top Journals

  28. Journal Portfolio OverviewBIBLIOMETRICS Top Journals

  29. Published on behalf of 200++Society Partners

  30. Life Sciences Portfolio

  31. Life Sciences Subject Coverage 292 Journal Titles

  32. Anatomy & Physiology Key journals Journal of Bone and Mineral Research Published on behalf the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research Impact Factor 6.043 Anatomical Record Published on behalf of the American Association of Anatomists Impact Factor 1.49 Journal of Anatomy Published on behalf of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland Impact Factor 2.134 Ranked no.5 in Anatomy Journal of Physiology Published on behalf of the Physiological Society Impact Factor 4.764 Ranked no.6 in Physiology Journal of Orthopaedic Research Published on behalf of the Orthopaedic Research Society Experimental Physiology Published on behalf of the Physiological Society Impact Factor 3.168

  33. Biochemistry Key journals Protein Science Impact Factor 2.937 Published on behalf of the Protein Society Biopolymers Impact Factor 2.605 Peptide Science section is the official journal of the American Peptide Society Proteins: Structure, Functions & Bioinformatics Impact Factor 3.085 Proteomics An official journal of the Human Proteome Organisation Impact Factor 4.426 Proteomics: Clinical Applications An official journal of the Human Proteome Organisation

  34. Biotechnology Key journals Plant Biotechnology Impact Factor 4.732 Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining Impact Factor 4.885 Published in cooperation with The Society of Chemical Industry Biotechnology Journal Published in association With the European Section of Biochemical Engineering Science) Engineering in Life Sciences

  35. Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Key journals Traffic Impact Factor 6.255 Journal of Cellular Physiology Impact Factor 4.586 Ranked no.7 in Physiology STEM CELLS Impact Factor 7.747 Ranked no.2 in Cell & Tissue Engineering and no. 6 in Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology Aging Cell Published on behalf of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland Impact Factor 7.554 Ranked no.1 in Geriatrics & Gerontology

  36. Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology Key journals Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Impact Factor 2.935 Developmental Dynamics Published on behalf of the American Association of Anatomists Impact Factor 2.833 Ranked no.3 in Anatomy & Morphology And no.15 in Developmental Biology FEBS Journal Published on behalf of the Federation of the European Biochemical Societies Impact Factor 3.042 EMBO Molecular Medicine Published on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Organisation 2009 Prose Award Winner for Best Journal – Scientific, Technical & Medical

  37. Earth Science Water ResourcesKey journals Hydrological Processes Impact Factor 1.87 Journal of the American Water Resources Association Impact Factor 1.618 Ground Water Impact Factor 1.831 Published on behalf of the National Ground Water Association

  38. Earth Science Geosciences Key journals Boreas Impact Factor 2.813 Ranked No. 6 in Geography, Physical Earth Surface Process and Landforms Impact Factor 2.055 Published for the British Society for Geomorphology Geobiology Impact Factor 2.603 Online only in 2011 Journal of Quaternary Science Published on behalf of the Quaternary Research Association Impact Factor 3.11

  39. Ecology Key journals Ecology Letters Impact Factor 10.318 Ranked no.2 in Ecology Global Change Biology Impact Factor 5.561 Ranked no.1 in Biodiversity Conservation Evolution Published on behalf of the Society for the Study of Evolution Impact Factor 5.429 Molecular Ecology Impact Factor 5.96 Ranked no.6 in Ecology Global Ecology and Biogeography Impact Factor 5.913 Ranked no.7 in Ecology and No.1 in Geography (Physical) Conservation Biology Published on behalf of the Society for Conservation Biology Impact Factor 4.666

  40. Environmental ScienceKey journals Published on behalf of the International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm Tellus A Impact Factor 2.214 Tellus B Impact Factor 4.278 Ranked no.4 in Meteorology& Atmospheric Sciences Published on behalf of The Royal Meteorological Society International Journal of Climatology Impact Factor 2.347 Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society Impact Factor 2.522

  41. Fisheries and Aquaculture • We are the number one publisher in fisheries and aquaculture, publishing more books and journals than any other publisher. • We publish 6 of the top 20 journals in the ISI fisheries category, including the number 1 journal in this category – Fish and Fisheries • Key journals include: New launch for 2009 now open for subscription for 2011

  42. Food Science Key journals Wiley-Blackwell publishes the highest number of food/nutrition journals in the ISI Food Science and Technology category International Journal of Food Science & Technology Published on behalf of Institute of Food Science & Technology Journal of Food Science Published on behalf of the Institute of Food Technologists Molecular Nutrition and Food Research Impact Factor 4.356 No.1 in Food Science and Technology Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety Published on behalf of the Institute of Food Technologists

  43. Genetics Key journals American Journal of Medical Genetics Parts A, B & C Part A Impact Factor 2.404 Part B Impact Factor 3.481 Part C Impact Factor 4.562 Human Mutation Impact Factor 6.887 Annals of Human Genetics Impact Factor 2.145 Birth Defects Research Parts A, B & C Part A Impact Factor 2.266 Part B Impact Factor 2.279 Animal Genetics Published on behalf of the International Society for Animal Genetic Impact Factor 2.92 Genes to Cells Impact Factor 2.52

  44. Plant Science Key journals Journal of Phycology Published on behalf of the Phycological Society Impact Factor 2.27 Plant Cell and Environment Impact Factor 5.081 Ranked no.9 in Plant Science Plant Biology Impact Factor 2.223 Published on behalf of German Botanical Society and Royal Botanical Society of the Netherlands New Phytologist Impact Factor 6.033 Ranked no. 8 in Plant Science Plant Journal Published in association with the Society for Experimental Biology Impact Factor 6.946 Ranked no.6 in Plant Science

  45. Microbiology Key journals FEMS Microbiology Reviews Published on behalf of the Federation of European Microbiology Societies Impact Factor 9.783 Ranked no.6 in Microbiology Cellular Microbiology Impact Factor 5.725 Molecular Microbiology Impact Factor 5.361 Named one of the ‘hottest journals of the millennium’, Science Watch Report Environmental Microbiology Published on behalf of the Society for Applied Microbiology Impact Factor 4.909

  46. Neuroscience Key journals The Journal of Comparative Neurology Impact Factor 3.718 Ranked no.1 in Zoology Journal of Neurochemistry Published for the International Society for Neurochemistry Impact Factor 3.999 Glia Impact Factor 4.932 Ranked in top 20% of neuroscience journals Human Brain Mapping Impact Factor 6.256 Ranked no.1 in Neuroimaging, no.3 in Radiology Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging & no. 21 in Neurosciences Journal of Pineal Research Impact Factor 5.209 European Journal of Neuroscience Impact Factor 2.51 Journal of Neuroscience Research Published for the International Society for Neurochemistry Impact Factor 3.999

  47. Zoology key journals Journal of Animal Ecology An official journal of the British Ecological Society Impact Factor 3.714 Ranked no. 2 in Zoology Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society Impact Factor 2.031 Zoologica Scripta Impact Factor 2.605 Ranked no.10 in Zoology Journal of Experimental Zoology, Part B Impact Factor 2.938 Ranked no.6 in Zoology

  48. Top 20 Life Science Journals by Impact Factor

  49. Social Sciencesand Humanities Portfolio

  50. Social Sciences & Humanities 494 journals, 200+ societies, 20 core subjects