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  1. Lauren Steele & Emily Champ We DIDN’T START THE FIRE!

  2. Josef Stalin • Stalin led the USSR during the period of post-war reconstruction, marked by the dominance of Stalinist Architecture (most famously represented by the Stalin Skyscrapers). The successful development of the Soviet Nuclear Program enabled the country to become the world's second leading nuclear power; the Soviet Space Program was started as spin-off of the nuclear project.

  3. Malenkov • Briefly in 1953 Malenkov was the first secretary of the communist party, Malenkov was Josef Stalin’s aid. Soon forced to resign for blame of the failing the Agricultural policy.

  4. Nasser • Egypt’s second president, viewed as a hero. Nasser is seen as one of the most important political figures in both modern Arab history and politics in the 20th century. Under his leadership, Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal and came to play a central role in anti-imperialist efforts in the Arab World and Africa. The hopeful ending to the Suez Crisis made him a hero throughout the Arab world. He was seen as Arabs symbol of dignity and freedom.

  5. Prokofiev • Considered one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. His music was multi genre and displayed the time. Prokofiev died on the same day as Stalin March 5, 953. In fact, his death went unpublished and unknown to anyone but close friends for days. He had died of a massive brain hemorrhage about an hour before Stalin. Music was considered widely

  6. Rockefeller; Nelson Aldrich • Chairmen of the presidents advisory committee on government organization. As governor he expanded state services in such areas as education, transportation, housing, welfare, and environmental control. He unsuccessfully campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination in 1960.

  7. Roy Campanella • A baseball pioneer that broke the color barrier in the MLB, known for the greatest catcher and nicknamed campy. Later he was paralyzed in a car accident ending his astonishing career.

  8. Communist bloc • USSR and its satellite nation formed the communist bloc in order to come together to fight for communism. Like living on a bloc all in favor for communism.

  9. Roy Marcus Cohn • A famous American attorney that focused on the second red scare of threats of communism in the U.S. Also was a lead prosecution member in the trial of the Rosenberg's.

  10. “rock around the clock” • A song influenced by teenagers, became an anthem for the 1950’s rebellious youth. Brought rock into the mainstream culture of the world, directed towards the youth.

  11. Roy Cohn He was an American Attorney. He became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy’s investigation . He was the advisor of McCarthy for the McCarthy hearings. He was also an important member of the U.S. Department of Justice’s prosecution team for the espionage trials of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (Soviet spies).

  12. Juan Peron He was an Argentine general and diplomat who served as president of Argentina for three terms. He had million of supporters and was a very skilled politician. He mostly favored the working class and his policies were mainly populist. He was the most influential politician of Argentina of the 20th century. His problems began in his second term as president. His wife passes away in 1952, the economy was failing, and the working class was beginning to lose faith in him. He tried to legalize prostitution and divorce, they cut him from contact. He held a rally to protest this and his opponents in the military launched an Air Force bombing on the Plaza de Mayo during the protest. This killed almost 400 people. He was driven out by military leaders when they seized control in Cordoba on September 16, 1955.

  13. Toscanini He was an Italian conductor. He was a music instructor of the NBC Symphony Orchestra. He is said to be one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century. His final broadcast performance was on April 4, 1954.

  14. Dacron It is the first super polymer. It led to the invention of nylon. It was invented by Dr Wallace Hume Carothers. It can be used for: • Aquarium nets • Clothing • Climbing ropes for mountaineers

  15. Dien Bien Phu This city fell because the French lost control of Indochina which is now known as Vietnam.