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Activator Week 9 Day 1

Activator Week 9 Day 1

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Activator Week 9 Day 1

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  1. Activator Week 9 Day 1 Define these terms on your paper: • Intifada • Oslo Accords • Jerusalem

  2. A Palestinian Teenager, An Israeli Teenager— An Unlikely Friendship We Just Want to Live here

  3. Meet Amal Rifa’i • 18-year-old Palestinian girl • Born in Jerusalem • Lives in a rural part of the city; old traditions are kept there • Is engaged to be married • Plans to become a teacher

  4. Meet Odelia Ainbinder • 18-year-old Israeli girl • Born in Jerusalem • Just moved out of her parents’ home • Is doing a year of “community service” • Will follow that with two-year mandatory term in the army

  5. “Normal” life for them… Six Jewish teens arrested in attack on Jerusalem Arab September 9, 2012 JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Six Jewish teens have been arrested in connection with an attack on an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem that left the victim with a broken leg. Jerusalem police arrested five of the teens on Saturday night, two days after Ibrahim Abu Taha, 28, was attacked in downtown Jerusalem. A sixth teen was arrested Sunday. Taha allegedly was attacked outside the apartment of a Jewish female co-worker from a Jerusalem hotel. He and a Jewish male co-worker had walked the female home after work.

  6. Story continued… The arrested teens, three of whom are 16 years old, said they attacked Taha because they thought he was "taking advantage" of a Jewish woman, Ynet reported. The Jewish co-worker was not attacked.  The incident comes less than a month after a group of Jewish teens allegedly beat a 17-year-old Israeli Arab in Jerusalem and left him in critical condition. Israeli police described the assault as a lynching. Police arrested five in the attack, including a 13-year-old. Earlier in August, Jewish teens were indicted for allegedly firebombing a Palestinian taxi near Gush Etzion, wounding six people, including two children. Meanwhile, an Arab gas station attendant from eastern Jerusalem said he was the victim of an anti-Arab attack at work early Friday morning.

  7. Peace Child Israel’s Under “normal” circumstances, these two young people would never meet; however, some organizations have been trying for decades to establish contact between young Israelis and Palestinians. Why? What do you think is the motive of these organizations?

  8. Not the beginning of a beautiful friendship… What difficulties might students or teens in these groups face when they get together for the first time?

  9. We Just Want to Live Here Letters between Amal and Odelia -compiled by Sylke Tempel

  10. Activator Day 2 Based on the letter you read last night, answer the following • Why does Odelia feel it’s “the beginning of my new life?” • What does she hope to accomplish with the young students in her group?

  11. Opening • Use the index cards I give you to create flash cards for the words you missed on the test. • You may put either a definition or a picture to help you remember the term. • You will have ten minutes to work on this in class. The rest should be done at home. • The post test is Thursday.

  12. Work Session Read the “Decades of Distrust” article. • Create a time line of events that reflect the years of conflict between Palestinians and Jews. • Fold a piece of paper in half and label one side “Dates” and the other side “Event” • You should have at least one event in each decade starting with the 1940s.

  13. Closing Write a simile to complete this comparison: Israel’s relationship with the Middle East is like ________________________ because __________________________.

  14. Activator Day 3 Israel’s relationship with the Middle East is like _____________________because __________________________.

  15. Activator Day 4 Write one question you still have about the how European partitioning of the collapsed Ottoman Empire OR the creation of the state of Israel.

  16. Activator Day 5 1. Tell me what you know about Rachel Levy. 2. Tell me what you know about Ayat al-Akhras.