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  1. !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  2. Liz Lindsay (Canada) May I add my birthday wishes to the list?  I know that Earl truly has a heart for the kids and I’m sure he wishes there was more he could do for them, but I do believe God has him in the place he needs to be (as with you as well!), and that in some form or another, his (and your) present and future service to the Lord will involve helping, mentoring, teaching, and maybe protecting, children – probably teenagers or young adults.  He shouldn’t get discouraged, but try and let God fight his battles with red tape and non-Christian authorities…although I know that’s not always easy. Patience and waiting on Him can be extremely difficult when we want to see results “now”.  God sees the future plans for Earl and is shaping and directing him hour by hour…in the end it will all be good! Happy Birthday Earl – may God Bless you in ways you can’t even predict, and fill your cup to overflowing!!! Liz Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  3. Quill and Teresa Carver (Florida) To My Father, God: Please take this time to bless my friend, Earl Anderson... Father, You know how he needs Your help. He is a great person, because of You! You have blessed him and he continues to bless others, so, for his time of birthday celebration, please reveal Yourself to him in all of Your glory, and allow him to feel Your presence in his life and know that You love him dearly and sincerely and that nothing is impossible with You...You are able to do exceedingly abundantly more that he or I can even think, so, My Father, I ask that You bless him immensely throughout the next few days, including his birthday, this Saturday, and that he will know that he knows that all is well and that nothing is put out of his reach that You have in store for him...Please bless him with wonderful news that could come from Only You, Father, and we will give You praise and glory for the wonderful name of Jesus, our Lord, AMEN. Blessings, Quill and Teresa Carver Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  4. Dan Langerock (Hemet, CA) Hi Earl. Happy Birthday and God bless you. Have a great day in the Lord. Danl Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  5. Judi Roberts (Indiana) Earl~ God knows you and He knows your heart desires to serve Him.  You are someone that He will use to make a difference, to share His love, and to touch the hearts of others.  What has qualified you for this high privilege of being used by Him?  Is it your talents, your personality, you education, your influence or your resume?  It is none of these; rather, it is the response of your heart toward Him. God is always searching for those whose hearts are yielded to Him so that he can work mightily through them.  God is not looking for those who are clever, but for those in whom he can be wise; He is not looking for those who are talented, but for those to whom he can be all sufficient, He is not looking for those who are powerful, but for those through whom he can be almighty.  He chose you.  He created you; the day you were born, He looked down and said, "It is good!" Happy Birthday, Earl.  May God continue using you (and Gayle) in HUGE ways where He has planted you.  I know at times thing can be very difficult, but our Savior has plans for you to prosper and not to perish. Blessings, Judi Roberts (email friend of Gayle's) Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  6. Phil Magnan (California) “But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God's OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;” 1 Peter 2:9 Happy Birthday Earl! Remember who you are in Christ and you will be blessing to the world around you. May God bless you and your family with all the riches of Christ, Phil Magnan Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  7. Karen & Grant Freeland Happy Birthday Earl! Just wanted you to know we're all in this together, you know, getting older...And it's a good thing! One of these days we'll get together. We're all rooting for you, you know. And whatever happens, we're behind you. Attached is a photo of how we look now. Things do change (ha). Karen & Grant Freeland Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  8. Bob, Barbara, Ed, Tom, & Family [Johnson’s] (1) (Diamond Bar, California) Dear friend, Earl Anderson; Bob and I wish you a very Happy Birthday and wish we could somehow be with you to celebrate, bless and thank you for your continual, sincere stand for upholding Christ’s reputation amongst our troubled world . For this, we have and will be eternally thankful., Earl for your living faithful example before us. Please know you and your family are often in our thoughts and prayers.. We have known you and Gayle for more than 20 years and have always been encouraged and challenged when we are together. Earl you live your life in Christ in a very open and loving way. True you tell it like it is but only because of your unselfish love and you cannot neglect your duty to encourage others to be more like Christ. You have had many desert experiences but as with David the Lord will never failed you, friend. On special occasions we have gone in the past to your Calif. home to encourage you and your family only to all be encouraged by your faithful witness. Earl, you have always looked at every thing as a God planned event. Even though you may not at the time understand why certain events may be happening. We have no doubt that You, Earl Anderson, will one day be flooded with throngs of saints who point to YOU as the earthly witness that brought them to Christ. We continue to cherish our relationship with you and Gayle and look forward to many future opportunities to get together with you both and your wonderful children and grandchildren. With much love and gratitude for you being in our lives, Earl. As you enjoy another trip around the sun, we hope our families will gather together to thank the LORD together for His faithfulness to us, His children. Gayle says you will be out our way the end of this year. PLEASE CONSIDER STAYING WITH US. We definitely have the room, and would be honored to have you stay with us....... With love and appreciation for you, Earl Bob and Barbara Johnson Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  9. Bob, Barbara, Ed, Tom, & Family [Johnson’s] (2) (Diamond Bar, CA) Isn't this an awesome picture of the most dedicated teacher I know!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Earl, for lovingly teaching our children in the ways of the Lord...... May He bless you richly for your investment in them......... gratefully, Barbara for Bob too Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  10. !!! May you keep on enjoying !!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  11. Clay (California) Happy Birthday to Earl! Earl, you are a truly devoted man of God; I love you greatly, and I am proud to call you my brother-in-law. May your birthday be exceedingly blessed. May it be as special as you are, a day from beginning to end that overflows with God's goodness and grace. My prayers are that your next year will be the best ever. Love and blessings in Christ, Clay  Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  12. Cheri (California)  Hi Earl, HAPPY AND BLESSED 57th BIRTHDAY TO YOU!  OOPS, I MEAN 39thAND HOLDING ... Thanks for taking care of my sister so wonderfully all these years. You have been an inspiration to me in many ways. You have stood strong for your principles, and to the best of your ability, sought to honor Christ. Of course, we haven't always agreed, but God really does like variety. You remind me of Job in one important way. No, not because of all your tribulations, but for something else. The greatest witnesses in life are provided when we think no one is looking and we do the right thing anyway. I'll never forget that night at Tillie's for my dad's retirement dinner, a pretty young woman come dancing by. You immediately looked down. I caught that, and never forgot that. Job, too, made a covenant with his eyes. I think of all the multitudes of students who have watched you live out your Christian life a thousand times. They said nothing; they acted like brainless kids. But they observed; they were impressed; they won't forget. I'm sure thousands of students along the way remember a good teacher and coach, a fair one, a genuinely concerned and dedicated one. Who can measure the worth of such a life? God, and that's enough. Well, again, Happy and Blessed birthday. I pray this year will be your best. I can't imagine living out there on that land. You are an amazing person, and my sister is amazing, too. May the Lord fulfill all your dreams and more. Love, Cheri Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  13. Billy & Family (California) When I was growing up Earl Anderson was more than an uncle to me. Sure, he was great at playing with me and the cousins. I fondly remember many a day full of exciting games of Capture the Flag before coming inside for competitive Risk marathons (I really, really miss those days!). He was a whole lot of fun, but he was much more than that. I looked up to him with great admiration. In my 10th grade English class I had to give a speech about a hero of mine and I chose Earl as the subject. I described to my public high school peers a man who had a brilliant mind, loved science, and was a strong Christian. I, too, had a keen interest in science and went on to major in it in college. I know that Earl’s combined love of science and strong Christian faith had a great influence on me. From a young age I knew that a man could be a smart scientist and a biblical Christian at the same time. I was the nephew of such a man and I was proud of it. I have always admired godly people who seem immune to apathy, who are diligent and passionate about each area of their life. The best term I can think of to describe this kind of person is “all-out.” I see Earl as this type of person, someone who is “all-out” in body, mind, and spirit. He is all-out in body. Whether bicycling or running marathons he has always been in great physical shape. I remember him hitting in-the-park homeruns at church softball games. He didn’t hit the ball real far, but he sure could run! Heis all-out in mind. He cares about truth. He has always been well-read and a wealth of information on many topics. He cultivated this in me as well, challenging me with logic and science questions and also using science to explain to me the holes in a merely naturalistic worldview. He is all-out in spirit. Earl has always sought to live a life glorifying to God based on biblical principles. He serves the Lord with his gifts and abilities. He seeks to impact young lives for the Lord (as he did mine) through his teaching and coaching. He unflinchingly challenges injustice in this world. He has faithfully served in whatever church he has been part of. Much of all of this has been done despite seasons of difficult and painful trial. The greatest command is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30). As far as men go, I believe that Earl Anderson has lived out that command very well. He is all-out for the Lord. Today I pastor a church and desire to be all-out that same way. I am grateful for the time Earl gave me when I was young and for the example he provided. It is an honor to now honor him. Earl, thank you. You have had a great influence on my life and I will never forget it. “Do not grow weary of doing good” (2 Thes. 3:13). Your life has made a difference and will continue to do so. Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  14. !!! May you keep on Running !!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  15. !!! May you keep on exploring !!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  16. Dave, Debbie, & Tyreek Anderson (Springfield, Missouri) Happy Birthday Earl, We hope that you have  a wonderful and blessed day.  Keep up the faith and we shall talk with you later. Dave, Debbie, Tyreek Anderson Earl happy birthday and many more so i can remind you every year about my marriage last more than 5 years <LOL> just joking but really we want you around for a long time so you can suffer like the rest of us. LOL Dave Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  17. !!! Enjoy your Children !!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  18. !!! Enjoy your Grandchildren !!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  19. Kristi & Gary Hodges (California) Happy Birthday Earl, I was just a kid when I first met you. I guess I was 14 years old. I don't recall a single cross word between us in all those 30-something years. If there was, it sure wasn't serious. I probably figured I'd lose any battle with you anyway :) Seriously, though, you are a good man and probably the best brother-in-law a gal could have. With all your intelligence and talents, you never became a multi-millionaire--not yet anyway--, but you sure made a contribution to this troubled society. I'm certain that your students will never forget you (even those that gave you heck). Anyway, you're still fairly young (just like me) :) and there are lots of challenges ahead. My birthday wish for you is that you will be renewed and revitalized for the mission that lies ahead. I'm even beginning to think that you were really on to something when you decided that living in the middle of nowhere might be better than being in the wrong somewhere. Again, have a happy birthday and enjoy each day of the rest of your life. I'm sure that it will be quite an adventure. Kristi    Happy Birthday Earl!! And, hey, don't forget my birthday, either, it's coming in a few days! :) Have a good one. Gary Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  20. Torey (Nevada) “No Wise Man ever wished to be younger.” - Jonathan Swift I love you, Uncle Earl! You’re one of the wisest men I know ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! – from Torey & DeSoto Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  21. Leah, Robert, & Family (Nevada) Happy Birthday, Uncle Earl :) Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  22. Kara and Family (Nevada) Happy Birthday, Uncle Earl!!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  23. !!! Enjoy Adullam !!! Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  24. Gayle (With You) Hello, sweetheart. As good as I might be with words sometimes, they fail me now as I try to express what you mean to me. You have been well beyond wonderful to me as a friend, spiritual guide, leader of the Anderson clan, lover, counselor and provider. I cannot imagine a world without Earl Anderson. So, take care of yourself, and if you feel that this job or anything else we're doing is hurting your health or dragging you down spiritually, let's change it. You matter. I want this next year to be our best ever even if the rest of the world is falling apart. God's richest blessing upon you, precious guy. I am so glad the Lord brought you into this world and drew us together and kept us together. Love you. - - Gayle Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  25. Charity (Podunk, AZ) Hi, Dad. Happy Birthday, and I pray that you have many, many, many, more. You have been my hero, and I thank God every day that He gave me to you and Mom. You have defined Godliness, honor, integrity, hard work, and strength to me. You have stood against so much, had a strength that I wish I had. When I see so many of the fathers around me, it shows me just how precious and special you really are. I know I don’t always tell you, or maybe show it, but I am greatly grateful for everything you have done for me, been to me, given to me. I am also very proud to call you ‘father’. You have given me the foundation to stand in Christ, to have courage, and follow my dreams. Only downside, you’re a hard act to follow—they rarely make men like you anymore. Bless you, and I hope God gives you (and Mom) the desires of your heart. -- Your loving daughter, Charity I LOVE YOU / Happy Birthday Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  26. Nathan & Camie (Duncan, OK) Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for being there all the times we have needed you. Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  27. Abraham, Elijah, Dora, Fenton, CJ, and Harrison (Duncan, OK) Abe - I love you Grandpa, I love you. Eli - Happy Birthday Grandpa, I love you and I hope you have a good time at school. Dora - Happy Birthday Grandpa. CJ - Happy Birthday Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  28. “We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Thes. 1:3 Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes

  29. Happy Birthday Dad – From Family & Friends 2008 Music By: Maranatha! Singers Song: The Servant King (Instrumental)

  30. Puppy Love (Sanders, AZ) And from your final and most devoted friend… Oct. 4, 2008 / Birthday Wishes