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Motorcycle. Reporter : Chi-ping Lin Yu- cheng Qiu Advisor : Ru -Li Lin Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Directory. Motorcycle History Motorcycle classification Conclusion. Motorcycle History. German Daimler invented the motorcycle in 1885

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  1. Motorcycle Reporter : Chi-ping Lin Yu-chengQiu Advisor : Ru-Li Lin Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

  2. Directory • Motorcycle History • Motorcycle classification • Conclusion

  3. Motorcycle History • German Daimler invented the motorcycle in 1885 • Daimler a dedicated research and scientific research institutions, and finally in 1883 • Daimler German Empire No. 28022 patent on December 16. • Dai Mula improved gasoline engine mounted to wooden two-wheelers, made ​​the first motorcycle in the world, and obtained a patent in August 29, 1885 • Bauer Dai Mula driving the motorcycle speed of 12 kilometers per hour Test driving 3 km away. • The first motorcycle in the car world Now on display at the Munich Museum of Science and Technology.

  4. The basic structure of the Motorcycle • Power systems: engine, transmission, rims, tires, exhaust pipe, fuel tank (gasoline, motor oil, gear oil) carburetor, fuel injection device, throttle, start the motor, general force beads, Standard disk drive belt

  5. Brake systems: caliper disc brake hoses, hydraulic master cylinder, brake pads, brake drums, drum brake pads

  6. Cooling system water, oil, gas-cooled

  7. Steering system: handle, front fork, triangle

  8. Power system (including the ignition system): battery, power generation coils, CDI (capacitor discharge ignition system), high voltage coils, high voltage wires, spark plugs, lanterns

  9. Suspension: Front Suspension, rear suspension, engine hanger, rear swing arm

  10. Other systems: speedometer, fuel gauge, oil tank floats, catalytic converter, air filter, car shell, car sets, cushion, carriage, the rearview mirror, pedal, speakers, air filter, secondary cycle

  11. Motorcycle classification • Racing: Also known as the factory racing motorcycle produced specifically for the game and in particular, focus on performance rather than focus on the durability and environmental, not suitable for traveling on roads, most famous for the MOTO GP.

  12. Street car • The common Coupe large area of ​​the fairing, split seat • Street car for one seat, fairing quite rare, even without the front of the rectifier equipment • In Japan they call them Naked , or simply NK vehicles

  13. Due to the high mobility scooters and low cost, in Taiwan usually travel by vehicle • Scooters drawback is that new car after five years the internal machine kit it is easy to damage • File inside the car machine kit rigidity maintenance can ride or even 20 years! Sanyang Wolf 125. Clover love 150, and bell lion 125

  14. Light and heavy-duty motorcycle

  15. Conclusion • In the social environment, the locomotive is convenient, cost-effective and high mobility a means of transport, the number of motor vehicles in Taiwan has reached 20,307,197 units to 95 by the end of the locomotive a total of 13,557,028 units, a percentage of the total number of motor vehicles 66.75%, locomotive safety issues, is worth to care, attention and exploration. In 2006, for example, the annual traffic accident that killed or injured a total of 2,999 people, of riding motorcycles accident fatalities and injuries to 1,213 people, accounting for 40.45% of the total number of dead and wounded of the whole year accident.

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