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Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety. Everyone can play a part. Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular. BMV statistics show that as of the end of March 2010, there are 337,103 motorcycles registered in the state of Ohio.

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Motorcycle Safety

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  1. Motorcycle Safety Everyone can play a part

  2. Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular. BMV statistics show that as of the end of March 2010, there are 337,103 motorcycles registered in the state of Ohio. At the end of 2008, 668,025 Ohioans had motorcycle endorsements. (2009 figures are not yet available.)

  3. Motorcycle Safety is a critical concern for Ohio. We have been closely monitoring motorcycle fatalities over the past few years. Prior to 2009, Motorcycle fatalities had increased by about 35 percent on Ohio’s roads. Because of this increase, we have been working to educate the public about motorcycle safety to reverse this trend. Critical Safety Concern

  4. 2005 – 177 fatalities 2006 – 157 fatalities 2007 – 190 fatalities 2008 – 213 fatalities Statistics

  5. 2009 was positive, so far 147 fatal crashes, resulting in 152 fatalities, have been reported for the year. This follows the trend nationally. A new report by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association revealed motorcycle fatalities declined by 10 percent nationally from 5,290 in 2008 to 4,762 in 2009. This comes on the heels of 11 straight years of dramatic increases in motorcycle deaths. Statistics

  6. Moving Forward • We must continue this downward trend. • But so far in Ohio in 2010, 15 motorcycle fatalities have been reported, which is four more than were reported at this time in 2009. • Nationally, our federal partners look for three to five straight years of declines in fatalities to consider it a positive trend. • They recommend that states continue to increase use of safety equipment, decrease impaired riding, reduce speeding, and provide training to all of those who need or want it.

  7. Now is the Time for Safety • It’s time for both motorcyclists and motor vehicle drivers to consider the unique traffic safety elements that go along with the increase of motorcycles we’ll start seeing in the coming days and weeks.

  8. The Patrol is once again proud to be partnering with the American Motorcyclist Association and other partners like the Ohio Traffic Safety Office and the Ohio Department of Transportation to provide avenues to promote awareness toward key safety messages. Patrol also aggressively enforces all traffic laws to reduce crashes, deaths and injuries on Ohio’s roads. These efforts will continue in the spring and summer months, with an emphasis on behaviors like speeding and impaired driving or riding. Partnerships are Key

  9. RideSMART. DriveSMART. We want all motorcyclists to Ride SMART and all motorists to Drive Smart. Riding SMART means riding Sober, Motorcycle Endorsed, Alert, with the Right Gear and Trained.

  10. Training and Licensing • Get the proper training and licensing before heading out on the road. • Simple things like ensuring you have a valid motorcycle endorsement, receiving quality motorcycle training, and wearing proper safety equipment can be key elements in staying safe. • Training opportunities through the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Motorcycle Ohio office can be found at http://www.motorcycle.ohio.gov/default.html

  11. Ride Sober • Learn more through AMA’s national Ride Straight program, www.ridestraight.com • In 2009, 56 of the fatal motorcycle crashes involved an impaired motorcyclist. • The Patrol aggressively seeks out all impaired drivers.

  12. Everyone Plays a Role In Safety • Of the 147 fatal motorcycle crashes, 96 involved motorcyclists in error and 41 involved motorists in error. • (Animals were in error in five crashes and in five crashes the error is unknown.)

  13. Motorists • We also work to encourage motorists to share the road – motor vehicle drivers can play a critical role in this effort by being aware of motorcyclists. • Give motorcycles a full lane of travel, do not follow them too closely. • Look for motorcycles on the highway, at intersections, when turning. • Be aware that potholes or other roadway debris require different maneuvering on a motorcycle.

  14. Other Safety Factors • Selection of “The Right Bike” • Intersection awareness • Mature Rider • Group Riding Dynamics • First Aid Training • Basic Maintenance Techniques • Inclement Weather Riding

  15. Driving responsibly is about being aware of whose lives you have in your hands — literally — when you are in control of a motorcycle or a car. • We look forward to working with all of you to have a safe riding season.

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