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  1. Marketing What are doing today!

  2. • Rental Selector is a functioning blog. • What is a blog, a webpage you build and maintain • Why should you spend time blogging? • To share a message, that you control.

  3. Blog • contects • A. front page of Apartment Selector • B. to the city pages, called categories • C. facebook for your city • D. twitter for your city

  4. Facebook • Each city as an account • Example dallas living • Uses • Password same for blog, facebook, twitter • Exception atlanta and nashville, use gmail name

  5. Twitter • Same set up as facebook • People follow you

  6. Input to • 50% about your city • 50% about apartment selector and rentals • examples: make a craigslist posting, copy the information to rentalselector • Go to apartment selector and make a cragslist ad, copy to rentalselector • Go to or postlets and do the same

  7. Content • Content can be fun and wacky, • Content can be serious • Content can be useful • If you post directly to wall in facebook, • All of the users or friends see it

  8. How to build it up • On all pages we will add • Wp, Fb, Tw links telling renters about us • All signatures of all email accounts need to have the information and links • All apartment selector and related domains need to communicate • We can email request to follow and join

  9. City Dashboard • Enter your city dashboard, • Like 89 or 67 • Rightside Tools • Center section, you can access emails and copy and paste and send

  10. Emails • We take the emails and make a file, I will send this file to you • You open your email account and upload • You open twitter and facebook and do the same, • You are asking the email person to • See us on • Join us as a friend • Follow us on twitter

  11. Power in building relationships • Our history has been a process of helping people, and then looking for the next person • It has been expensive and difficult to build up on going communications with renters • mail- bulky, to expensive • Phone calling- never going to happen • Waiting on repeat,, small percentage

  12. Social media • Social media offer a way to build a membership of people interested in your content • Once they are interested you can offer them value about living in the city and living in apartments • Unlike webpages that they never go back and review • Blogs, facebook and twitter give them purpose

  13. They own you but you control them • Until you are removed • Sending messages is what they like, • Help them and they help you • If you keep them going, then they will share your facebook and twitter with others

  14. WHY • Back to my great lakes theory • The world has been subdivided • Google v. all other search engines • Now • Google • Craigslist • Twitter • Facebook • Sites that are found on the net

  15. Our value does not have to free • There are many people that will not return to google or even craigslist • They will look on facebook at ads and ask others for ideas, they will type key words in facebook • In twitter they will look for recommendation, mind awareness, who has been helping them the most

  16. We need to invest • Time • Money • Most importantly • Ourselves

  17. How can agents benefit • Let them post to the system • I can make exta user and password for cities • They post links, ads, ideas, fun stuff • They post there sng agent page and phone • Get agents sharing

  18. Agents can push to clients • We want agents telling their clients about the opportunity to learn about the city • And join in by giving them feedback as well • We do not let renters post, but agents need to buy in • A few agents have used the agent sng page

  19. Agent SNG • A. information about the agent • B. information about the city • C. information about the listings they want to push • D. links , postlett, facebook, etc. • E. direct way for renter to communicate with them

  20. Time to change • Seriously, we change all the time. • Well, we do not… look around, how long have you had those shoes, your car, your friends. Sorry, but it is time to focus on the picture we want painted, and to work with the artist to get it done.