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ProjectHelp Customer Presentation

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Professional Services Automation. ProjectHelp Customer Presentation. This presentation. Company PSA Product Services Our work-methods ProjectHelp in your organisation. Business Idea. ProjectHelp shall develop and sell standard software for project-oriented businesses.

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ProjectHelp Customer Presentation

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    1. Professional Services Automation ProjectHelp Customer Presentation

    2. This presentation • Company • PSA • Product • Services • Our work-methods • ProjectHelp in your organisation

    3. Business Idea • ProjectHelp shall develop and sell standard software for project-oriented businesses. • Our staff and our products shall be market leaders in professional services automation - to optimise the value chain of consulting companies. • Our products and services shall be sold via partners who are connected to existing ISVs with their own partner networks. • We shall offer customers and partners a network of competent consultants.

    4. History • 1996 • IntraView AS • Developed TimeEase • 1999 • Visma bought 50% of IntraView AS • 2000 • Intraview merged with Exense, which is listed on the Oslo stock exchange • 2000 • Intraview founders buy rights to ProjectHelp and begin independent development. • 2001 • ProjectHelp established in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. • 2003 • Partners established across Scandinavia • 2004 • ProjectHelp Consulting Group • 2005 • Singapore • UK • China

    5. ProjectHelp organisation

    6. Customers • Engineering • Dr. Tech. Olav Olsen, Myklebust, Devotek, Fartygskontruktioner • Architects • LPO, Dyrvik, Origo • IT&Telecom • Ascom, Precio • R&D • Akvaplan Niva • Biotech • Novozymes, Clinical Data Care, Trial Form Support • Oil • British Petroleum • Cars • Volvo Cars • Banking • GE Money Bank

    7. PSA • Professional Services Automation • Business System for project oriented companies • Focus on delivering better projects to your clients • PSA from ProjectHelp: • Software • PSA minded consultants • Goal of PSA • Helping you to optimise the way you run your consulting company • Improving the internal work process • Increase project profitability • Become more competitive

    8. Automating the Value Chain The Professional Services value chain. • Core organisational activities, automated by ProjectHelp. • Different ProjectHelp modules automate each ‘link’ in this chain.

    9. PSA: Levels of automation Level One : User Input Employees fill in their timesheets and expenses electronically, which are in turn approved electronically, according to a defined process.

    10. PSA: Levels of automation Level Two : Financial Output Data from User Input is automatically processed, to produce invoices or be delivered to the accounts/payroll system

    11. PSA: Levels of automation Level Three: Project Management Projects are divided into separate activities, with specific budgets, with commencement and completion targets. Progress and financial data is tracked throughout by management.

    12. PSA: Levels of automation Level Four: Resource optimalization All company resources allocated to specific projects and mapped according to skills. Use the correct resources in your projects. Utilize the resources.

    13. PSA: Levels of automation Level Five: Customer satisfaction Customer able to follow entire process from quotation, through execution to invoice and review. Employees see the planned and actual communication (tasks, events, emails, documentation) with customer.

    14. Challenges • Access for everyone everywhere anytime • Quality of timesheet and travel expense information • Running several projects in parallel • Mix of fixed prices and time & material • Keeping track of all variation orders within each project • Making sure all resources are fully allocated • Producing correct invoices • Providing your customer with detailed documentation • Running according to defined project models • Standardised management reporting • Integrating all systems

    15. The view from the Professional Services company: The Senior manager: ”I need to improve the efficiency of my company and ensure that every project earns money” The Consultant: ”I need to see my planned tasks, and to quickly report my hours and expenses anytime, anywhere”   ?   ProjectHelp is the answer. An easy to use, web-based, front-end system, used by the whole organisation ProjectHelp automates the entire project lifecyle, providing the facts behind the business, to deliver improved operational effectiveness and optimised profitability. The Accountant: ”I need to be provided with accurate, quality data, that doesn’t need any reprocessing, so I can quickly create informative invoices and reports.” The Project manager: ”I need to plan and track my projects in detail, with financial information at my fingertips and powerful reporting tools”

    16. The ProjectHelp application contains many modules Packages Services Modules Integrations • Clock In/Out • Timesheets • Travel Expenses • Collaboration Tools • Invoicing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Human Resource Management (HRM) Document Management Resource Allocation Project Planning ... and many more

    17. ProjectHelp is sold in carefully defined packages: Packages Packages Modules Integrations PSA Level Includes: Basic One HRM, CRM & Timesheet Professional Two Calendar, Travel Expenses, Invoicing & Reports Enterprise Four Resource Allocation, Skills Management

    18. ProjectHelp is integrated with many leading systems: Packages Packages Modules Integrations Like... ERP systems from Visma, Hogia, Microsoft, SAP & Quickbooks... CRM systems from SuperOffice, Siebel & Pivotal... Payroll systems from Hult&Lillevik, Carat & Hogia... ...running on the ProjectHelp ILink platform, built on XML technology

    19. ProjectHelp offer expert complimentary services Services Packages Modules Integrations • Hosting & Backup • Development Services • Implementation & Business Consulting • Training Courses • Technical Support

    20. ProjectHelp Partners Services Packages Modules ProjectHelp Consulting Group Integrations The complete ProjectHelp solution is delivered to customers by our network of certified and authorised partners. Partners and customers are also supported by the ProjectHelp Consulting Group who deliver implementation, training, support and business consulting services.

    21. ProjectHelp Consulting Group • Certified consultants • External system Channel Manager • Local Partner Contact • Key Account Manager • Sales • Project Manager • Technical & Support • Business & PSA Consulting • Training • “Sitting next to you” • Working remotely via ”gotoassist” tool which ”take over” your desktop

    22. Partners • Technology • Microsoft • ERP integration • Vitari (Visma), Hogia • Implementation • Accenture • Value Addes Resellers • Maybe your local partner?

    23. ProjectHelp Implementation process • Proven process for quick and qualitative implementations • Built on Best-practises from many years of implementing ProjectHelp for new customers • Involving your own employees • Partners and Projecthelp Consulting Group are certified on the implementation process • Consulting packages • Fixed price consulting packages • You define your own involvement and our engagement

    24. ProjectHelp release 6 ProjectHelp is a standard software with two main releases every year • ProjectHelp release 6, released in June 2005 • 10 years application and knowledge • Always using latest technology • New user interface • Contains all of the main requirements coming from customers within our core market

    25. ProjectHelp product platform • MS SQL Server • 100% web based – all you need is a browser • Configurable user interface • Process oriented • Easy to use • Easy to learn • Complete Business system for professional services

    26. Work processes • PSA work processes • Internal work processes defined in the user interface • You can define your own processes • Several levels of sub-processes • Controlled by access right system • Easy for the user to navigate and use • Securing high quality in your daily work

    27. Warnings • Built-in warning system for the complete system • Warnings on all business and logical objects • Displayed in user interface and/or sent by email • Configure your own trigger level for each warning • Build your own warnings

    28. Planning • Supports several project models • Templates • Java-gantt (MS Project compatible) • Calendar • Resource allocation

    29. Execute • Easiest and most powerful timesheet in the market • Project time and wage time (overtime, illness, vacation etc) • Daily comments • Import from calendars (ProjectHelp calendar or Outlook) • Easy travel expenses • Rates are in the database, user can not do wrong according to rules • Easy for user to fill in

    30. Finance • Produce your invoices in ProjectHelp! • ProjectHelp is developed to produce excellent project-oriented invoices • All project information can be placed on your invoices and on the invoice-attachments • Provides your project managers with a powerful tool to manage all aspects of their projects including invoicing • Easy transfer of your invoice information to your accounting ledger

    31. Project Models • Defining the right project model is the biggest challenge! • Understanding of how you want to run your business • Industry standard knowledge • Factors to think of: • Quoting/contracting • Planning • Timesheet • Invoicing • Reporting

    32. How are we working? • Sales process • 1 – teaser • 2 – evaluation • 3 – analysis • 4 – customizations • 5 – integrations • 6 – consulting • 7 – solution • 8 – offer • 9 - order • Product demos for all involved resources in your organisation • Detailed requirements specification • Workshop • Solution document

    33. ProjectHelp in your organisation • Easy to use timesheets and travel expenses • Well-known project structure • Project managers with well-defined responsibility • Consistency between offer, plan, timesheet, invoice and reporting • Improved, more efficient and respected daily work processes • Invoices sent early to your customer • Complete management overview • Project portfolio • Resource allocation • Project finances

    34. Next step • Detailed requirement specification • Work processes to be improved • Priorities • Budget • Workshop

    35. Professional Services Automation