8 thoughts for 2008 n.
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8 Thoughts For 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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8 Thoughts For 2008

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8 Thoughts For 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A few things we ponder as the New Year commences (and you might want to give some thought as well).

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8 Thoughts For 2008

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    1. 8 thoughts for 2008 FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    2. « Push and shout » is unsustainable as a strategy. Will brands grow by delighting customers to the point of recommendation and attachment? Or will agency, media and marketing doctrine perpetuate mediocrity? FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    3. 96% of innovations fail to reach their ROI targets. Will companies continue to try and « process » their way out of this gap? Or will they embrace customer-centric and open forms of ideation, development and product/service introduction? FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    4. Will marketing departments regain a board seat through higher accountability and a broader perspective? Or will process automation and a tainted reputation relegate them to the fringe of business? FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    5. Home fabrication technology, mass-customisation and production runs of one are merging with 3D technology. This means the end of mass production is becoming conceivable. How will mass-manufacturers with 20+ years of factory amortisation make the transition without going too fast or too slow? FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    6. Photo via: Wonderwall.com Will -in spite of their impact- businesses continue to igrnore serious games and virtual worlds? Or will they be embraced to create better training, design and manufacturing solutions? FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    7. In the chase for volume, premium brands benefit from Asia’s seemingly endless appetite for luxury. When the China boom slows, will luxury brands « trade down » to push less sophisticated lifestyle players out of the market? Or will the cake continue to get bigger for all to share?. FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    8. As Asian technology becomes more sophisticated, will European firms overcome their cost disadvantage through better customer insights and innovation? Or will will they simply be bought up by Easterners flush with cash? FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    9. Al Gore has shown us the colour of money is « green ». Will poverty alleviation remain an optional and charitable endeavour? Or will we find a business model to make helping the poor as profitable as « saving the planet »? FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net

    10. Have a great 2008 Team Futurelab FUTURELAB http://blog.futurelab.net