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Comparison between CodeIgniter and CakePHP PowerPoint Presentation
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Comparison between CodeIgniter and CakePHP

Comparison between CodeIgniter and CakePHP

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Comparison between CodeIgniter and CakePHP

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  1. Comparison between CodeIgniter and CakePHP CodeIgniter and CakePHP but have endured the passage of time and still are the major players in the field. This is because both came up with out of the box features and with constant updates have continued to thrive. One might, therefore, think that a CodeIgniter and CakePHP development company in India is one and the same thing. That is certainly far from the truth and so here we take a look at all the perks that both the frameworks provide, in their own unique way. #CodeIgniter and CakePHP:- CodeIgniter and CakePHP are both PHP based frameworks that employ MVC (Model View Controller) coding pattern. The frameworks are extremely useful for developers in creating all sorts of the web application while assisting them with the aspect of coding and designing. All the key areas of comparing the two are listed below- 1. Simplicity:CodeIgniter has one up over CakePHP in this regard as it sticks to the conventional approach of coding. With CodeIgniter, the code is easier to write and easy to understand which promotes flexibility. 2. Speed: CakePHP, when it arrived had the added feature of code automation known as “automatic”. This was a real game changer as now the developer had the luxury of leaving the

  2. huge chunks of coding to the framework itself. So CakePHP is faster in operation and lets you generate lengthy codes in a blink of an eye. 3. Plugins: Plugins in WordPress are the inbuilt tools that provide you with all the necessary means to generate a website that you want. They include multiple designing elements, templates and add ons. So naturally with a framework that has a larger number of plugins will be capable of creating more impressive websites. CakePHP is ahead in that regard for it has a larger number of plugins than CodeIgniter. 4. AJAX helpers: AJAX helpers contain a set of rules that implement how to use your web library. So they help in various tasks like updating your web pages. This keeps your website up to date. CakePHP comes with an in-built AJAX that as a result keeps your application efficient. 5. Auto-function Calling: It is a process that involves assigning a predefined value to a function by the developer. That way, when you execute the program then the function runs automatically as per their assigned values. CakePHP has this feature added and the functions execute on its own here. 6. Security: CodeIgniter has a number of in-built security tools and data backup schemes. The developer has the option to predefine all security standards and this makes CodeIgniter more of a secure option than other PHP frameworks. The online support community for CodeIgniter is also larger so query consultation is brisk here. 7. True to MVC pattern: As already mentioned, CodeIgniter follows a conventional MVC architecture. Numerous tasks like web application development, design customization, and code management are quite straightforward when employing CodeIgniter. 8. ORM: Object Relational Mapping, simply put is a technique that can relate objects of the program to each other via mapping so that the program is more synchronized. Obviously then ORM being there is a good thing. CakePHP has inbuilt ORM while CodeIgniter uses a third-party provider to acquire the feature. 9. Appeal: CodeIgniter simply has a wider appeal. It is highly feasible for small to mid-scale businesses (which easily outnumber multinational e-commerce businesses). It is lightweight in execution and quite SEO friendly without the unwanted complications. As a simple blogger or business that has a mid-range following, CodeIgniter is more than capable to answer your needs.

  3. Conclusion: The fair conclusion to declare after considering everything is that none is outright better than the other one. Based on the developer’s priority, both frameworks serve different purposes in their own ways and at the end of the day, they both are quite similar and useful (though again, not the same). FutureProfilez is an established organization that is prominent for offering complete services with respect to PHP development in India. Our highly trained staff group offers complete PHP based services for all frameworks. Read Also:- Why Choose CakePHP for Boosting Your Online