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Overview of ADT Home Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of ADT Home Security

Overview of ADT Home Security

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Overview of ADT Home Security

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  1. Overview of ADT Home Security ADT provides a broad range of options and equipment for home security. In addition to sensors and detectors, smart home appliances are also compatible with their system. The ADT smartphone app lets the user perform all the functions that they can using the Internet portal or digital keypad. They use American-built equipment and aggressively market their system through exclusive arrangements with various partners. The company works through a network of regional and local dealers. All their equipment is wireless and the smart home appliances are Z-Wave compatible. ADT offers five monitoring packages with a three-year contact: Essentials, Essentials Plus, Total Protection, Total Protection Plus and ADT Pulse Select. The only package that allows smartphone access is the most expensive, the ADT Pulse Select, for $49.99. Each package gives you a progressively larger amount of equipment. Video does not come with any of the packages, and you must purchase them separately. ADT provides some different sensors, detectors and smart home appliances compatible with their system. They use GE and Honeywell sensors, detectors and controls. Any manufacturer of Z-Wave appliance equipment will work with the ADT system. Here is a list of their equipment: Sensors Door and Window Motion Temperature and Flood Glass Break Recessed Door Recessed Window Smart Home Z-Wave Appliances Thermostats Lighting Small Appliance Controls Electronic Door Locks Garage Door Openers

  2. Detectors Smoke and Fire Carbon Monoxide Miscellaneous Indoor and Outdoor Cameras Digital Touchscreen Keypad Keychain Remote Panic Alarms ADT does not provide any option for do-it-yourself (DIY). They require professional installation. The cost of the installation varies and is often provided free. There is, however, an activation fee. The cost of activation varies depending upon the local dealer and ADT sales or promotions at the time of purchase. Many potential buyers will almost certainly opt for the ADT Pulse package for the convenience of smartphone management. The smartphone app lets you perform a variety of management functions. You can arm or disarm the system, change access codes, control things such as a smart thermostat or lock, and view any cameras. You can also read and set alerts based on whatever parameters you want to input. ADT has an excellent reputation for service and quality. Their parts are all top-of-the- line components manufactured by the biggest names in the sensor and alarm business. Some other benefits: Wide Selection Professional Installation and Service All Wireless Touchscreen Consoles Free Smartphone Apps Most of the complaints concerning ADT focus on their contracts. The three-year contracts, which are about the industry-standard length, can cost the consumer a lot of money for early termination. ADT charges up to 80% of the monthly cost remaining on the contract. This can translate into over $1,000 depending upon how many months are left.

  3. Other consumer concerns include: High Installation and Activation Fees Limited Warranties and Company Liability Mobile App Only Available with ADT Pulse Select Must Buy Cameras Separately ADT provides a quality system but at a high price.