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“Piece of the Puzzle” College Style By: Micaela Weber PowerPoint Presentation
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“Piece of the Puzzle” College Style By: Micaela Weber

“Piece of the Puzzle” College Style By: Micaela Weber

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“Piece of the Puzzle” College Style By: Micaela Weber

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  1. “Piece of the Puzzle” College StyleBy: Micaela Weber Click here to begin

  2. Click on the pictures or textboxes to learn more! Student Activities Leadership/ Work Study Sports Find your “Piece of the Puzzle” at your university! When finished, click to advance to Review Question Academic Clubs Spiritual Life Intramurals Arts and Culture Community Service Greek Life

  3. Sports • There are many different sports on campus! • You can keep up with your fitness and even make new friends. • You can try out for them or maybe even walk on. • Football • Dance Team • Cheerleading • Soccer • Tennis • Swimming • Lacrosse • Baseball/Softball • Basketball Click here to go back to categories

  4. Leadership/Work Study • There are many ways to get involved with leadership positions! • Become a Resident Assistant with Residence Life • Oversee your fellow students to make sure they are safe and happy! • There is always room for advancement in clubs you join! • Become a secretary, historian, or even the president! • Want a job on campus? • Look around and see if you can do a work studyin your major or something else that interests you! Click here to go back to categories

  5. Spiritual Life • There are many ways to keep in touch with your spiritual life! • There are many diverse groups to be a part of. • Some groups are also off campus! • Christian • Roman Catholic • Jewish/Hillel • Muslim • Protestant • Asian Baptist • Orthodox • CRU • Hindu Society Click here to go back to categories

  6. Intramurals • There is a large number of intramurals available to you. • You do not have to be an all star athlete to participate! • These are designed for you to go and have fun! • Ultimate Frisbee • Lacrosse • Rugby • Tennis • Soccer • Volleyball • Extreme Dodgeball • Flag Football Click here to go back to categories

  7. Community Service • This is a great way to give back to your community! • It’s never hard to find something to do to help out. • The possibilities are endless to what you can find to do! • Rake the leaves in someone’s yard • Donate blood • Help at a local animal shelter • Adopt a Grandparent • AGAPE • Be a mentor at local school • Help clean up a local park • Volunteer at the fire department • Help out at a food shelter Click here to go back to categories

  8. Greek Life • Greek life is a great way to make new friends for a lifetime! • You can also get involved in community service this way. • Here are a few fraternities and sororities you could choose from…Sororities: Fraternities: • Alpha Sigma Alpha (AΣA) • Alpha Sigma Tau (AΣT) • Chi Sigma Rho (XΣP) • Delta Epsilon Beta (ΔΕΒ) • Delta Phi Epsilon (ΔΦΕ) • Delta Sigma Theta ΔΣΘ) • Phi Iota Chi (ΦΙΧ) • Phi Sigma Sigma (ΦΣΣ) • Theta Tau Omega (ΘΤΩ) Alpha Tau Omega (ATΩ) Alpha Chi Rho (AXP) Delta Kappa Epsilon (ΔΚΕ) Delta Pi (ΔΠ) Kappa Alpha Psi (KΑΨ) Kappa Delta Rho (KΔP) Pi Lambda Phi (ΠΛΦ) Kappa Sigma (KΣ) Tau Kappa Epsilon (ΤKΕ) Click here to go back to categories

  9. Academic Clubs • Academic Clubs accentuate your major, letting your passion show through. • These are also good to put on a résumé for a job in the field. • You can also meet people in your major and hear what kind of plans they have in the future. • Chemistry Club • Psychology Association • Math Club • Art Association • Astronomy Club • Criminal Justice Society • ASL Interpreter Club Click here to go back to categories

  10. Arts and Culture • This is a good way to test your creativity and skills. • You can also get accustomed to the different cultures and ethnicities at your university! • You can get involved with this by finding classes or joining clubs that offer these things such as… • Photography • Language clubs/classes • Painting • Multicultural Affairs • LGBTQA • Model United Nations • Women’s Resource Center Click here to go back to categories

  11. Review Question What way can you get involved on your campus to build your own “Piece of the Puzzle”? A.) Sports B.) Academic Clubs C.) Arts and Culture D.) The possibilities are endless!

  12. Good guess, but try again! Sports are definitely a good way to stay in shape and make new friends while doing so! Click here to go back to Review Question

  13. Good guess, but try again! Academic clubs let your passion for your major shine through and even look good on a résumé! Click here to go back to Review Question

  14. Good guess, but try again! Arts and Culture are a fun way to express yourself and test your creativity! Click here to go back to Review Question

  15. Correct! The possibilities to get involved are endless! You should never get “bored” because something is always happening on campus or off! You’re almost done! Click here!

  16. Congratulations! You have completed the “Piece of the Puzzle” tutorial! Have fun and enjoy your time in college! These are some of the best years of your life, so GET INVOLVED! Click on the image below for the next person!