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Ocean Creatures PowerPoint Presentation
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Ocean Creatures

Ocean Creatures

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Ocean Creatures

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  1. Ocean Creatures By: Hunter Blommer

  2. Leatherback Turtle • The leatherback turtle is the largest turtle on earth. It can grow up to seven feet long and exceed over 2,000 pounds. This turtle evolved almost 100 million years ago.

  3. Giant Eastern Murex • In my book Deigo has a Giant Eastern Murex it’s his most prized possession. This seashell can be found on the shores of Georgia all the way down around the Texas coast.

  4. Orca Whale • Killer Whales are one of the largest dolphins and one of the worlds most powerful predators. They hunt in packs called pods. Sometimes there is up to 40 Whales in a pod.

  5. Great White Shark • In my book Deigo has bad dreams and there's always a shark in them. The great white can grow up to fifteen feet long and weigh up to 5,000 pounds. These sharks are actually very elusive and rarely bite humans.

  6. Rip Tides • In my books the rip tide is significant because to face his fears Deigo swims out into the ocean and gets caught in one. He almost dies but he remembers his counselor told him never give up so eventually he made it back to shore. Rip tides are strong ocean currents that swirl around and they pull you out to sea but eventually come back around.

  7. Giant Manta Ray • The giant manta ray or devil ray, Are the largest species of ray and are closely related to sharks, but don’t worry they feed only on plankton. They can reach a width of 22 feet and weigh up to 3,000 pounds

  8. Dugong • The Dugong is an enormous sea mammal known as the sea cow. The Dugong can reach up to 10 feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds, that’s pretty big for a vegetarian.

  9. Bottlenose Dolphin • The bottlenose dolphin is known as one of the most intelligent sea mammals. These dolphins usually live in social groups and communicate through a series of squeaks and whistles.

  10. Moray Eel • The moray eel is known to be very aggressive, dangerous, and ugly. The moray eel’s bite is thought to be venomous but this is not true. If it bites a diver it will hurt quite a bit but your not going to die.