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No.24 Prerawat Denvutivorkarn M.2/2 PowerPoint Presentation
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No.24 Prerawat Denvutivorkarn M.2/2

No.24 Prerawat Denvutivorkarn M.2/2

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No.24 Prerawat Denvutivorkarn M.2/2

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  1. Group Member No.24 PrerawatDenvutivorkarn M.2/2

  2. Meaning Definition: "antivirus" isprotectivesoftwaredesignedtodefendyourcomputeragainstmalicioussoftware.Malicioussoftware, or "malware" includes: viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, and other codethatvandalizesorstealsyourcomputercontents.Inorderto be anefectivedefense, yourantivirussoftwareneedstoruninthebackgroundatalltimes, andshould be keptupdatedsoitrecognizesnewversionsofmalicioussoftware. Prerawat

  3. How to install this program first uninstall any old antivirus program(s), including security "suites" before upgrading or replacing with a new one. Then Install your new anti-virus program. Follow the instructions carefully. If you become dazed and confused, stop the install, and get some help. Make sure that enable the option to update signatures (reference files) automatically. Then go online and either wait for them to update, or initiate a manual update. Test your virus protection online. If you find a problem, fix it or get some help. Finish by running a thorough scan of your system using your anti-virus program. 

  4. How to use this software • 1.DownloadtheAVGanti-virusprotectionprogram . Thissetsupaninternalvirusdatabaseonyourcomputer.Thefreeeditionisnotasextensiveasthepaidedition, whichoffersmorescanningoptions. 2.Settheprogramtoautomaticallyupdateeveryday.You can alsoupdatetheAVGanti-virusprotectionmanuallybyrightclickingtheAVGicononyourtaskbarandclickon "checkforupdates." 3.Add the email scanner to scan your email as it comes into your mail program. The AVG email scanner runs every time you receive an email, not just once a day.

  5. 4.Rightclickonanyprogramorfileonyourcomputertorun a specificanti-viruscheckonit. 5.FollowtherecommendedactionfromAVGif a virusisfound; thereareoptionstohealtheinfectedobject, deleteit, wipeitorstoreitinthevirusvault.Beforeyoudeletetheobject, makesureyoureadthehelpsectionorgototheonlinehelpcenter. 6.RuntheAVGanti-virusprotectiononanydownloadedprogrambeforeopeningitthefirsttimetohelpkeepyourcomputervirusfree. Prerawat

  6. Why we choose this software I choose Anti-virus because this program is easy to use and not have not much a trick.

  7. Advantage and Disadvantage of this program anti virus has no disadvantage other then occasionally wanting you to restart your computer for a update.advantages keeps you safe think of it like this your firewall is the condom.your anti virus is the pill.its good to have both.

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  9. Conclusion This program Antivirus