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Plate with Vehicle

Plate with Vehicle

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Plate with Vehicle

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  1. Plate with Vehicle Plate with OwnerJuly 2008

  2. Plate with Owner Applies to the Following Vehicles • Commercial Vehicles • Noncommercial Vehicles • Trailers and Motorcycles • Historical Plated Vehicles

  3. Plate with Owner Does Not Apply to the Following Vehicles • Boats and Snowmobiles • Trailer ID Plated Vehicles • Construction Plates • Apportioned/IRP Vehicles

  4. Plate Owner All owner’s named on the title own the plates and can take appropriate action affecting the plates.

  5. Exceptions Exceptions are special and distinctive plates that require qualification (firefighter, veteran, etc.). The person who qualifies for the plate is the plate owner and the only one that can take action affecting the plate.

  6. Special License Plates • All special plates (personalized, veteran or military, radio, firefighter, etc.) become primary plates (no longer secondary plates). • One set of license plates issued. • Permit used in interim of receiving special plates.

  7. Plates Not Removed Plates cannot be removed and are not eligible for reattachment unless: • Vehicle is sold or transferred and • Plates transferred to a newly acquired vehicle.

  8. Removal of Plates Plates removed when: • The plate owner no longer owns the vehicle that the plate was originally attached to. • The vehicle the plate was attached to is junked. • The vehicle the plate was attached to is titled out-of-state.

  9. Exceptions to Removing Plates • Plates can remain attached to the vehicle upon sale or transfer if the ownership is transferred under one of the following exemptions: • Inheritance • Transfer between immediate family members • Transfer of business ownership (exemptions 5-11) • Historical and personalized plates can stay attached if the former owner of both the vehicle and the plate authorizes the release and reassignment

  10. Unattached/Attached Plates • Unattached plates become invalid and should be destroyed if the plates expire before attachment to a newly acquired vehicle. • Plates that are expired and attached to a vehicle remain valid and can be renewed at any time within the plate series (5 years).

  11. Transfer of Plates • Plate transfers can only be made between like plated vehicles (motorcycle to motorcycle, trailer to trailer, etc.). • Plate transfers can be made between vehicles registered as noncommercial, noncommercial gross weight or a motor home.

  12. Plate Attachment • A plate cannot physically be attached to a vehicle until the owner goes to the county treasurer and completes the registration. • Applications billed back to date of sale. • Late title fee, penalty and interest assessed on late applications. • Credit is given for the remaining months left on the plate at time of registration of the vehicle. • Two or more plates cannot be credited toward one single plate.

  13. Report of Sale Requirements • A “Report of Sale” is mandatory. • Upon completion of a private sale, a Report of Sale must be submitted to the county treasurer's office within 15 days of the date of sale. • Failure of the seller to file a report a sale is a Class 2 misdemeanor. • (Future: Online reporting via Internet.)

  14. Purpose of Report of Sale The purpose of a report of sale is: • Notification that a sale has occurred • Makes a license plate eligible for attachment to a newly acquired vehicle • Does not cause any action to be taken against record other than provide notice of sale and make plate eligible for attachment to a different vehicle

  15. Types of Report of Sale • New Title, ROS (Report of Sale) Tear-off Section. • Creation of a dealer pending title record replaces the need for a ROS. • System captures trade-in information and creates ROS on the trade-in. • Dealer completes ROS if title not available at time of sale or within the required 15-day timeframe for entering sale on-line. • Dealer may create ROS for vehicles sold out-of-state (if system dealer sold permit desired). • System activates ROS screen if during the registration process the plate selected is attached to another vehicle. • Internet Notification (Future)

  16. ROS System Alert • Based on ROS, if pending title not created within 45 days of date of sale, system alerts. • Correspondence generated to purchaser explaining title and registration requirements, penalties and interest.

  17. Permits • Existing plates may not be attached prior to registration. • A permit must be obtained if a newly purchased and yet unregistered vehicle is to be driven.

  18. Seller’s Permit • A private seller must obtain a temporary permit for a purchaser to use during the interval between purchase and registration. • The permit is valid for 30 days from date of sale. • No fee is assessed, as the registration fees are assessed back to date of sale.

  19. Plate Ordered Permit • Issued by County Treasurer. • Used until distinctive or special plates received. • Valid for 30 days or until plates received, whichever occurs first.

  20. Temporary Registration Permit • Issued by County Treasurer. • Free temporary registration permits available for emergency situations when the computer system is not operational. • Under most circumstances, permit issued for 5 days.

  21. Licensed Dealer • Plates removed from all vehicles in dealer inventory, effective July 1, 2008. • Demonstration permits and sold permits utilized. • Exception: consigned vehicles. • Plates remain on vehicle until sold. • Seller provides purchaser with seller’s permit.

  22. Licensing Dealer Inventory Option to license inventory vehicle • Title vehicle • If new (MSO) vehicle, tax assessed on MSRP, next sale exempt • Upon sale, plates removed • Plates eligible for attachment to another vehicle upon titling • Credit received for remaining months on the plates.

  23. On-Line Dealer Access • All licensed dealers must use on-line system to complete title applications, creating a pending title record. • A motor vehicle record can be queried with a serial number or a title number. • Title number changes with each transaction. • Application must be entered within 15 days of the date of sale. • Title must be physically present at time of creating pending title record. • If title not available, dealer creates a report of sale record within 15 days of the date of sale. • Pending title created immediately upon receipt of title.

  24. Required Forms for On-Line Access • Service Agreement • Confidentiality and Use Agreement • Dealership Information Update

  25. Dealer 30-Day Sold Permit • Available for issuance off the system when creating a pending title. • Manual permits allowed.

  26. Forms • New Forms • Revised Dealer License Application and Renewal Application (adding FEIN, authorized signers’ ID numbers, hours of operation, existing dealer license numbers at same location, and updated license fees).

  27. Spreading the Word • Mailings -- • June Renewal Notices • Dealer Manuals, Legislative Update, Brochures/Posters/Business Cards • Internet – • Title and Registration Procedures Manual, Forms, Information • Media - Newspapers, Radio, Public TV • Training Classes - Counties, Dealers, Others