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  2. LARRY BURROWS 29 May 1926 in London – 10 February 1971 in Laos Hedied, Burrows joined the Daily Express as a messenger boy, moved to the Keystone Agency as a darkroom assistant, then to Life magazine as a printer. His earliest published images were from art galleries and museums around the world. Larry Burrows was one of the most versatile press photographers, and he approached each of his subjects and stories with the same curiosity and intensity, eager to learn and understand all about what he tried to express and show this in his images. camera in hand, when his helicopter was shot down at Langvie, South Vietnam. BAN ALANG, Laos (AP) - A team of nine Americans and some 80 Laotian workers dug deep into a steep mountainside Saturday where a helicopter was shot down 28 years ago, killing four news photographers covering the Vietnam War... One on these photographers were LARRY BURROWS. The man devoted his life, to do something he always wanted to do. Larry Burrows dedicated his life to photography to open peoples eyes about the Vietnam war , his photos were the first photos to show the real impact of the Vietnam war in which stared 1 November 1955, Larry photos inspired people, and showed the real effect of war. Larry didn’t hold back on his photography as you can see by his photograph's.

  3. Vietnam War Larry Burrows arrived in Vietnam in 1962 at the age of thirty-six. He’d been a professional photographer for Life magazine for almost a decade. That experience instilled in him a desire to cover combat. When the conflict in Vietnam began to percolate, Burrows was eager to go. In 1963 his first major photo essay on the war in Vietnam was published to the world. It is he most extensive photographic coverage of the war to date. During the Vietnam War 71 journalists and photographers were killed as a direct result of combat. Larry Burrows was one of the lucky ones who survived. he worked out of Hong Kong for Life magazine, a handy placement when the Vietnam War erupted. He accompanied the US forces, showing the whole exhibition of combat from helicopter flights to parachute drops, the gore of battle and the evacuation of the wounded. U.S. 58,000 troops were killed in the Vietnam war, the North Vietnamese army 1.1 million deaths 1,170,000 people were injured, including innocent civilians caught in crossfire.