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  1. AMAN FOUNDATION Transforming Lives Championing dignity and choice for the underserved in Pakistan through Sustainable, Scalable, and Systemic development in the areas of health and education.


  3. Call to Action

  4. “Pakistan, at 133rdplace on Global Competitiveness Index, benefits from its large market size (ranked 30th overall). However, a number of competitive weaknesses are hindering its ability to fully benefit from the potential economies of scale, mainly related to the human resources base. Health& primary education (128th), higher education and training (129th), labor market efficiency (138th), and technological readiness (118th).” Global Competitiveness Index 2013-2014

  5. Pakistan: Scale of the social challenge Health • 40% of all deaths are preventable • Pakistan ranks 111th out of 169 countries on maternal and 184th out of 191 countries measures on perinatal mortality • 10% of the world’s child deaths under 5 years are in Pakistan Education • The economic impact of the education emergency: as expensive as a flood every year • Only 3 in 5 children go to primary school • 50% score below average on assessment tests Food security • Pakistan ranks 136 out of 183 countries on GDP per capita PPP adjusted, and 145 out of 183 countries on nominal GDP per capita* • The country ranks at 52 out of 84 of the countries listed on the 2010 Global Hunger Index • 50% of population lives below USD 2 a day *- Source: IMF 2010

  6. Our Evolution

  7. The Aman Trust The Aman Trust (AT) setup in 1999 in Guernsey aims to champion dignity and choice for the underserved throughout the MENASA* region, focusing on Health & Education. AT is funded by an initial endowment from Arif Naqvi (Founder & CEO of Abraaj Capital) andhis family. It has been involved in strategic philanthropy since its inception. • A strategic review by McKinsey and Company and the trustees lead making philanthropy both strategic and institutional, which has dictated that AT is now visible and leading the way for others to achieve similar objectives, beginning with Pakistan. * MENASA – Middle East, North Africa & South Asia

  8. The Aman Foundation, Pakistan Aman Trust has seeded the Aman Foundation with amounts in excess of USD 100 million, which is the largest single donation to social and sustainable causes in Pakistan. Aman operates to private sector principles to achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes. Aman’s initial focus is Karachi - 60 distinct ethnic groups comprising 20 million people, a microcosm of Pakistan. Aman mission will be continued by other donors in future when they come to recognize the Aman approach as being long term, sustainable, ethicaland transparent

  9. Creating a world class social sector foundation • Amanoperates with best talent and knowledgeand measures itself against the highest global standards - The only yardstick is impact. • We make the first investments where capital requirement constrains existing players. Capacity building in the social sector is one of our goals. • We leverage global success stories to implement sustainable and disproportionate solutions. • We seek to create a philanthropic platform that fosters synergy with other organizations to address Karachi’s needs.

  10. Aman Foundation – an entrepreneurial approach Return $ 100 b Social Entrepreneurs Scale of Challenge Health • 40% of all deaths are preventable $10b Government as a client I.P.O PKR 1b International Partners Joint Venture Education • The economic impact of the education emergency: as expensive as a flood every year Pvt. Sector Local co-investment Bank Credit Suppliers Credit $20b Seed Money Family & Friends PKR 1m Food Insecurity • 58% of households in Pakistan are food insecure $10b $ 100 m Investment

  11. Transforming Lives The Aman Foundation, Pakistan Established Board of Trustees Management Team • Ahsan Jamil – CEO • TahirSadiq – Group Finance Director • Dr.JunaidRazzak– CEO AMANHEALTH • Zaheer Hussain – CEO AMANTECH • Noorulain Masood– CEO Teach for Pakistan • KhowajaObaidIlyas– Senior Manager AMANSPORTS • Ahson Rabbani – ED Program Development & Communications • Mohammed Ali Saya – CEO KOEL • Dr. SaadiaQuraishy – CEO Mental Health Company • Arif Masood Naqvi - Chairman • Fayeeza Naqvi • Waqar Siddique • Ahsan Naqvi • Faaris Naqvi • September 2008

  12. Initial Stage Operator/Incubator Strategy Networker/ Leverage Grant maker End state -Attract fair share of international partnerships & funding -Develop extensive knowledge of Karachi needs and players -Establish a track record of impact, absorptive capacity & trust Objective -Leverage resource s for disproportionate impact & sustainability -Make government a client -Create a platform of Karachi social sector players -Prove systemic change can be achieved at scale Aspiration

  13. Collaborating for high impact and leverage HMRI -Fundacion Real Madrid -TCF -British Asian Trust -BasicNeeds UK -AKUH -City & Guilds UK -GIZ - Top Corporates HANDS • . • . AMANSPORTS TELE-HEALTH AMANTECH HEALTH HOSPITALS SCHOOLS EDUCATION CHW MENTAL HEALTH Hub School -Edhi -AKUH -Acumen KOEL (Biogas Plant) AMBULANCE Teach For Pakistan The Ahmed E.H. Jaffer Foundation Injaz Pakistan -IFC -K Electric FAMILY HEALTH Harvard-SAI Aman CED AMANGHAR -Teach For All -Top Corporates -Injaz Al Arab -Top Corporates Food Corporates -Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -Packard Foundation IBA Harvard University

  14. First joint project – family planning/health • $5 Million committed by both the Foundations for next 5 years Family Planning Roundtable held at Aman with all national players McKinsey engaged for situation analysis for Karachi Packard Foundation expected to invest in initiative – $5 million by mid year BMGF – Aman Framework Agreement – Health & Development

  15. Partnering with the German Government • Partnering to create Employment Opportunities • Implementation of German Dual model of training; bringing the best in class training system to Pakistan • German multinationals – Siemens, BASF, Linde, Mercedez-Benz, Lufthanza, DHL

  16. Our Impact Already

  17. Our impact • Aman Ambulance - 500,000+ Interventions to date (including Floods) • 100 fully equipped ambulances • 100% coverage for city of Karachi (3,600 sq. Km) • Average response time of 8 minutes. • 700 + trained personnel including Doctors • AmanTelehealth launched in May 2011 to triangulate and triage health disorders. • Aman Community Health Worker program pilot launched • AMANGHAR – 3.0+ Million nutritionally balanced mid-day meals delivered across low income community schoolstill date Healthcare

  18. Our Impact • AMANTECH Launched in March 2012. • Amodern facility that comprises 6 fully equipped computer labs, a library, 15 workshops equipped for hands-on practical training • 3,500students are enrolled in 11 Trades (87% of clear City & Guilds examinations) • 85% placed in jobs, 1/3 internationally & 2/3 locally • Teach For Pakistan – 60 fellows teaching across 29 low income schools in Karachi & Lahore. 2/3 of fellows from LUMS, IBA and foreign universities • AMANSPORTS– 410,200children engaged in sports in over 300 BOP schools Education

  19. Non-Direct: Aman Strategic Grants to Date For details: Please visit our website

  20. Our Future Aspirations

  21. Healthcare Our Future Plans • Increase emergency and life threatening interventions to 150,000+ per year. • Community Health Workers serving 60% of Karachi’s population living in low income areas. • Establish a chain of primary care clinics. • Provide a Mental Health strategy for Karachi based on comprehensive research of mega city’s mental health needs. • Lay foundations for the establishment of Institute of Urban Health.

  22. Our Future Plans Teach For Pakistan to expand its Fellows’ program to impact 240 schools across a wider geographic footprint. Grow AMANTECH to successfully place its graduates in lucrative regional jobs while growing training program from 1,000 to 5,000 students a year. Also expand the number of trades to 24. Establish a School of Sports with facilities for the under resourced schooling system of Karachi. Establish initiative promoting performing arts and cultural education. Education

  23. Aman - an implementation partner for Govt. Vocational Training School Sports System Teach For Pakistan Tele-health Ambulance Service • Replicating AMANTECH across Pakistan; • Internationally accredited degrees; Providing employable skills; • Transformative soft skills and life skills. • Embed sports into the DNA of schooling systems; • Provision of basic sporting facilities, curricula and organized sport; • Creating a domestic structure for sports and reviving sports economy • Creating leadership in education; • Addressing educational inequity; • Engendering systemic change. • 24/7 basic medical diagnosis and health information over the phone • Operating a tiered Emergency Medical System (EMS) • Transforming pre hospital care - • Average Response time 8 mins; • Centralized C&C as per London/Aman Ambulance; • Advanced paramedics and life saving equipment.

  24. Transforming Lives …together we can transformmillions more CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Any use of this material without specific permission of Aman Foundation is strictly prohibited