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King Arthur

King Arthur

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King Arthur

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  1. Escola EB 2,3 Dr. Ruy d’Andrade Duarte Alves 9ºH Nº: 7 King Arthur Teacher: Maria José Machado

  2. Janet Hardy Gould is a writer. She was born in 1964 in Britain. She is a published author of children's books. Janet Hardy-Gould wrote King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table ,Henry VIII and His Six Wives. THE AUTHOR

  3. It is the year 650 in England. There is war everywhere because the old king is dead and he has no son. Only when the new king comes can the fighting stop and the strange, magical story of King Arthur begin. But first, Merlin the ancient magician has to find a way of finding the next king... King Arthur story

  4. OnenightMerlin, themagicianhas a dream. In themorningMerlinsees a wonderful king, named Arthur. In thatday, Merlinmakes a magicstone, heputs a sword in itandonlythetrue king can pull out thesword. After some tries, a boy suddenlyappears–he’s Arthur. He pulls the sword and takes itout of the magical stone. The BOOK

  5. Arthur discoversthatheis a true king ofEngland, buthedoesn’t knowhow to beone. Merlinsuddenlyappears, hetells Arthur thathewillteachhimhow to be a good king. Merlinteacheseveryday, andafterfouryears, heisstrongand a wonderful king. Oneday, a soldiervisits Arthur, hesaysthatthe lords oftheNorthweregoing to fighthim, sohedecided to goto battle. Thebook

  6. Arthur after some hourswinsthebattle. Some minutes later, a lord tellsArthur to go to hiscastle to celebratethevictorydrinkingandeatingallnight. The lord presentshisdaughterGuinevere to the king. Arthur andGuineveretalkallevening. When Arthur came back, hetoldMerlinthathewanted to marryGuinevere, butMerlinsaid no, becausehesaw a dark future. Thebook

  7. Arthur builds a castle for Guinevere, his future Queen. ItwaswhenMerlinstartedlosinghismagic, sohegives Arthur a magicalswordsohecouldprotecthimself, becauseMerlinhad to leave. Threeweeks later, the king marriesGuinevere. Thepeople are happy, butthere are othersthat are happierthanthem, Morgan andhersonMordred. Guineveregives Arthur a large round table, wherethestrongestknightsofEnglandwillsit. Thebook

  8. Thestrongestknight in EnglandwasLancelot, hewasthefirstmanofthe Round Table. Lancelotbecomes Arthur andGuinever’sbestfriend.Theknightstarts to lovetheQueen. Onenight Morgan andMordredarriveatCamelot. Theking tellsthem to stay. In themorning Arthur visits Morgan andhetellsherthatifhedied, Mordredcouldbe king. Arthur whensleepinghearsMerlinsaying: becareful! Thebook

  9. Morgan sees in the future, no king, no castleandMordredbecoming a king. Lancelot, afterthebattles, dancedwiththeQueeneveryevening, whiletheknightswereeatinganddrinking. Oneday, Mordred comes to Arthur, andsaysthatperhapsLancelotandGuinevere are in love. Still in theday, Arthur talkswithLancelotandtellshim to leave Camelot. WithoutLancelotthemagicofthe Round Tableisdead. Thebook

  10. In thetownsandvillageseveryonestarted to fightagain, becausetheywereafraid. OnedayMordredcomes to Arthur andtellshim to findLancelotandfighthim. In thefollowingday Arthur andhisknightsleave Camelot. Whentheywereready to fight, a soldierarrivedfrom Camelot sayingthatMordredwasthenew king. Lancelotand Arthur forgotthebattleandwent to fightagainstMordred. Afterthreehours, Arthur won thebattlebutlostmanyknightsandsoldiers. Thebook

  11. A coupleof minutes later, Lancelotandhissoldiersarrived, andfoundArthur layingdownontheground, hurtbyMordredthatendedupkilledbyLancelot some minutes later. Lancelot threw Arthur's sword into the water, butsuddenly a hand grabbed the sword. It was Merlin who grabbed the sword. Arthur went with Merlin to a far place, where he could sleep and rest. Thebook

  12. I enjoyedthisbookverymuchbecausethestoryisverygoodandfullofadventure, I likedthecharacterstoo, butwhat I likedmostweretheimages. WiththisbookI can nowunderstand more aboutthehistoryofEngland. Myopinion