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Agile Infrastructure built on OpenStack PowerPoint Presentation
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Agile Infrastructure built on OpenStack

Agile Infrastructure built on OpenStack

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Agile Infrastructure built on OpenStack

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  1. Agile Infrastructure built on OpenStack Building The Next Generation Data Center with OpenStack John Griffith, Senior Software Engineer, SolidFire, @jdg_8

  2. Public Cloud Has Raised the Bar …driving the transformation of enterprise IT globally

  3. The Silo’ed Infrastructure Model Is Unsustainable Purchasing Sales Development Marketing Source:

  4. Entering a whole new world… Legacy Data Center Single Tenant Isolated work loads Dedicated Infrastructure Scale-up Pre-provisioned capacity Hardware defined Project Based Manual Administration Next Generation Data Center Multi-tenant Mixed workloads Shared infrastructure Scale-out Capacity on demand Software defined Self service Automation

  5. Regardless of the name, desired outcomes are the same Software Defined Data Center Infrastructure 2.0 Cloud Computing Private Cloud IT-as-a-Service Next Generation Data Center Predictable Agile Scalable Automated

  6. A Fundamental Shift In App Design & Delivery Legacy Data Center Next Generation Data Center • Apps run on a computer • Data stored in files • Interaction via UI Apps span VMs Data stored in scalable DBs, cached in memory tiers Interaction via API, web or mobile

  7. The entire datacenter has become one big computer …is the operating system

  8. The “Community” is what makes it work • Users • Service Providers • Vendors • Distributions

  9. Expanding the Reach of The Next Generation Data Center Agile Scalable Automated Predictable

  10. There are costs however • Shift in how we think about resource availability • Best practice requires change in how we design and write our apps • Dizzying number of options and choices, need to invest time and effort to sort it all out

  11. It’s up to you!

  12. Block Storage in OpenStack / Cinder • Architected to provide traditional block-level storage resources to other OpenStack services • Presents persistent block-level storage volumes for use with OpenStack Nova compute instances • Manages the creation, attaching and detaching of these volumes between a storage system and different host servers

  13. Ability to choose • Plugin architecture, multiple choices for backend storage • Don’t have to choose just one • Use the storage that fits your needs • Mix of proprietary and open-source choices

  14. Multiple Back ends together

  15. What you build on matters

  16. Considerations for what to build with • High-level of integration and support with OpenStack • Flexible scalability for ever-changing environments • Automation integration via APIs • Resiliency for increased reliability and uptime • Predictable performance (not just fast) • What will I be using it for • What *might* I be using it for

  17. SolidFireStorage and SolidFire AI • A different kind of Reference Architecture • Flexibility • Options • On ramp to OpenStack

  18. SolidFire AI for OpenStackPre-validated converged infrastructure design • Commodity hardware • Horizontal scale-out design • Optimized for mixed workloads • Software Dev. Lifecycle • Web-scale apps • Persistent block storage • Database consolidation #SolidFireAI

  19. #SolidFireAI Operational Benefits of AI Agile Software Defined pools of compute, networking & storage <30 minutes to provision from bare metal to OS <30 minutes to install and configure OpenStack Automated Scalable Linear Scalability of compute &storage nodes Predictable Maintain consistent performance via Guaranteed QoS Integrated Effiencywithcluster wide dedupe & compression 27U rack footprint - 360 cores, ~1000 vCPUs, 250k IOPS, 60TBs Efficient

  20. Leading Converged Performance and Economics • 2.5x IOPS per GB • 80% less footprint • 50% lower cost #SolidFireAI

  21. …but best of all • Completely open architecture • No lock-in on compute, storage, networking or software • Fully leverage the OpenStack ecosystem over time #SolidFireAI

  22. #SolidFireAI Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You OpenStack & Enterprise Roadshow Accelerating The Journey To The Next Generation Data Center

  23. The Block Storage Choice for OpenStack