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WELLNESS -Body -Mind - H eart -Soul PowerPoint Presentation
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WELLNESS -Body -Mind - H eart -Soul

WELLNESS -Body -Mind - H eart -Soul

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WELLNESS -Body -Mind - H eart -Soul

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  1. WELLNESS-Body -Mind-Heart -Soul Mr. Fisher

  2. What is Health? • Health is . . . . • Health really is a total sense of Wellness, including Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

  3. B/M/H/S • Body= anything to change your appearance on the outside, nutrition included • Mind= anything mental or involving thinking • Heart= relationships with others • Soul= values, morals, & beliefs These are strongly influenced by: Heredity Environment Available Health Care

  4. Body Mind Heart Soul

  5. Body Everything you see on the outside, including nutrition.

  6. Teeth • The CROWN, NECK, & ROOT are all parts of the _____________. A healthy mouth contains ____ teeth. • ________________ is the hard material that covers the crown of the tooth. Air, food, and bacteria in your mouth form a sticky film called _____________ which, if not removed becomes ____________. tooth 32 Enamel plaque tartar Air, food, & bacteria plaque tartar

  7. Eyes Pupil Cornea - can see up close, but not far away. - can see far away, but not up close. - where eyesight is very blurry, gets worse with age. Sclera Nearsightedness Farsightedness Astigmatism

  8. Test your knowledge • Is it better to brush your teeth hard or lightly? • The hair on your head and finger/toe nails that you see are made up of ____________ cells. • Flossing should be done how often? • Balance is actually controlled through the? (hint- you have 2 of them) • What comes first tartar or plaque? Lightly dead Every 24 hours Ears Plaque

  9. Test your knowledge • __________________ is a common problem that leaves flakes for all to see. • Should you brush your tongue? • Keratin is what makes your . . . . ? • What is like the wax on a car? • What are ways to strengthen teeth or protect against plaque when you’re here at school & can’t brush? Dandruff Yes Nails hard Enamel

  10. Mind Anything involving the brain and thinking.

  11. 8 Steps to building positive self-esteem 1. Keep a positive attitude -wake up in the morning with a negative one and what happens? -wake up with a positive one, how does that change the scope of your day? -“Plusses into action”- you can help how you feel 2. Concentrate on your strengths -“Success timeline” -“My strengths and weaknesses” -“Coat of Arms”

  12. 8 Steps to building positive self-esteem 3. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect -define “perfectionist” -how may this NOT help self-esteem? 4. Stop negative mind feeding -what would constantly being negative do to self-esteem? -“My Self-Esteem House”

  13. 8 Steps to building positive self-esteem 5. Live by your positive values system -Activity: “Say it and do it” -“Positive values system worksheet” 6. Set goals -gives your life a purpose, keeps you from getting stagnant -we will do this later!

  14. 8 Steps to building positive self-esteem 7. Have a support system -Activity: “Lifeguard” -“Live by your positive support system” 8. Do something for someone else -gives you self-esteem knowing that you’re helping others

  15. Bipolar DisorderPhobia Schizophrenia Panic DisorderDepression General Anxiety Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) • A disorder that involves lots of disorganization (speech, behavior, thoughts, dress) & hallucinations. • Loss of interest in life. • Constant worries about everything. • The word itself means “fear of.” • A disorder where two or more personalities are present. • Tendency to panic often • An obsession with specific numbers, colors, routines, etc.

  16. Heart Relationships with others and how you treat/maintain them.

  17. Ways to Communicate

  18. Communication

  19. 5 poor listening styles • Spacing Out • Pretend Listening • Selective Listening • Word Listening • Self-Centered Listening

  20. To be EMPATHETIC is . . . . • Empathetic, empathize, empathy-

  21. Response Styles • Passive • Aggressive • Passive-Aggressive • Assertive

  22. Passive AggressivePassive-aggressive Assertive • Can you help me with my book report? I won’t get a chance to read the whole book? Why should I help you? You’re lazy! It’s not my problem! • Can I borrow your new outfit? I won’t ruin it! Well . . . . I didn’t get a chance to wear it yet, but . . . . well, okay! • Let’s go to the mall and hang out tonight, there isn’t anything better to do! I think I would prefer to go to the movies. I just went to the mall last night.

  23. Passive AggressivePassive-aggressive Assertive • A friend does not have lunch money repeatedly. They ask you every day for more money and never pay you back. Your response is you give them the money and then complain about them to all your friends. • Can I be on your team for basketball? No, I’m sorry, our team is already full. Would you like to play in the next game? • Let’s have a few beers, no one is home and they will never find out. I’m not sure that is a good idea . . . . but, okay I guess it would be all right.

  24. Passive AggressivePassive-aggressive Assertive • Can I stay at your house this weekend? I already promised a friend that I would stay at their house, but okay, I could probably tell them I can’t stay. • Let’s skip school today and go to the beach. I’m not taking a chance like that. I’m going to school. • I was on the phone all night and didn’t have time to do my homework. Can I copy yours? (you’re tired of this so you give them your work with the wrong answers on it).

  25. Being Assertive . . . . • Give me your Math homework to copy . . . . I didn’t understand how to do it last night. • Since you get to lunch early, can I cut in front of you? • Can I borrow your new bike for the weekend, I won’t ruin it? • I hate school, let’s skip today and go to the movies. • Can you dogsit for me this weekend? • Can you help me with my book report? I won’t get a chance to read the whole book. • I need to borrow $90 to pay for a traffic ticket.

  26. General Adaptation Syndrome (G.A.S.) • Stage 1- Alarm stage (fight or flight response) • Stage 2- Resistance stage • Stage 3- Exhaustion stage

  27. My 24-hour day7:00am-6:59am.

  28. Stress Management Skills 1. Discuss problems 2. Writing journals 3. Exercising 4. Healthful diet 5. Faith experiences/self-reflection  6. Relaxation exercises 7. Avoid overload 8. Be assertive 9. Make responsible choices

  29. Soul Values, morals, & beliefs.

  30. Decision Making Model • DESCRIBE the situation • LIST possible choices • SHARE choices with a trusted adult • EVALUATE the consequences of each choice • DECIDE which choice is best • ACT on your choice

  31. Factors that harm B/M/H/S

  32. Factors that harm B/M/H/S • Bullying=Fear Attention Things • Cliques= • Anorexia= • Bullimia= • Cutting= • Suicide= a fleeting thought vs. a plan