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What to Expect From a Landscape Design Course PowerPoint Presentation
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What to Expect From a Landscape Design Course

What to Expect From a Landscape Design Course

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What to Expect From a Landscape Design Course

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  1. What to Expect From a Landscape Design Course

  2. If you are considering studying landscape design you might have some valid questions to ask before you make a decision on whether to take that course or not. This ppt provides some useful pointers. • There are many different ways landscape design skills can be put to good use. It all depends on the client and on the plot you have to work with. • One key area is the distinction between soft and hard landscaping. While the design element obviously comes into play as well, these two areas are very important to remember. They provide a whole host of information you can use to help you learn how to make the most of any plot.

  3. Hard landscaping Hard landscaping gives the structure and form to the garden • Hard landscaping focuses on the site itself and on the various ways it can be designed and arranged to look good. • This includes using materials such as wood, concrete and brick to create walls, paths and other features that cannot be changed.

  4. Soft Landscaping Soft landscaping will focus on planting and how (not to mention when) it should be done. This includes planting tress, shrubs, hedging, ground works, turfing, designing etc.

  5. Landscape designing as a career A landscape design one year course can be expected to cover all the relevant areas you will need to learn about. Since a good course will teach you how to become a freelancer in this area too, you will understand just how powerful it can be to take a good year-long course. You will be surprised at the level of detail that goes into these courses.