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Age 4 ( right side).

Age 4 ( right side). Age 14. Age 18. . Age 23 with 3 year old daughter. Age 24. Age 25 with six year old daughter. 1945 with first husband and daughter. Age 33. Fall of 1954 in front of her sisters house in Okla. City. About a month after she was married to John.

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Age 4 ( right side).

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  1. Age 4 ( right side).

  2. Age 14.

  3. Age 18. .

  4. Age 23 with 3 year old daughter.

  5. Age 24.

  6. Age 25 with six year old daughter.

  7. 1945 with first husband and daughter.

  8. Age 33.

  9. Fall of 1954 in front of her sisters house in Okla. City. About a month after she was married to John.

  10. Age 35 with daughter and granddaughter Teresa in Enid OK.

  11. Age 36 with one year old granddaughter Teresa.

  12. Age 36.

  13. 1958 with mother Mary Ann,her sister Edith Taylor and her husband Fred Taylor, husband John Cobb & granddaughters Teresa & Tina.

  14. 1959 in Roswell, NM with husband and two granddaughters.

  15. 1960 with two granddaughters & husband in Amarillo, TX.

  16. 1962 with all three grandchildren,Teresa, Tina and (the one hanging in the air) Robbie.

  17. Age 45.

  18. 1965 in mountains near Lawton, OK. With daughter and three grandchildren.

  19. Age 46 with three grandchildren in Lawton OK in front of new house.

  20. 1964 in the kitchen of the new house.

  21. 1966 in front of the first Montgomery Ward store in Purcell, OK. They were the first managers of the store.

  22. 1967 in T.V. shop In Lexington, OK. The dog is Boots.

  23. Late 1960’s with husband John Cobb. They are at her brothers house.

  24. Late 1960’s with husband and three grandchildren at the house at 528 South third street in Purcell, OK.

  25. 1971 with Mother Mary Ann.

  26. January 1971 the night before going to Thailand.

  27. August 1971 Teresa, Tina, and Robert Whitmire. Just after we got back from Bangkok.

  28. Age 53 with mother Mary Ann and sisters Ethel and Edith.

  29. Early 1970’s.She is with her daughter. It is just after she moved to the farm east of Lexington, OK. And a lot of yard work was going on.

  30. Sometime in the 1970’s. Husband John & granddaughter Teresa going fishing. John should have been an actor. This is his Gabby Hays look.

  31. Early 1970’s in front of the house at the farm. She is with her two granddaughters.

  32. 1969 at the farm. The horse is Tony and dog is Boots.

  33. 1969 on the farm with the horses.

  34. 1969 on the farm.

  35. Early 1970’s working in the garden.

  36. Age 54, someone told her to smile for the camera.

  37. 1970’s she did a lot of work in the garden and would always can enough to last all winter.

  38. Early 1970’s with mother Mary Ann, sisters Edith & Ethel and brothers Floyd & N.L.

  39. 1975 when we lived in Norman, OK.

  40. 1975 she was 55 & her daughter was 36.

  41. Birthday 1976 She was 56 & her daughter was 37.

  42. January 11, 1977 Her 57th birthday.

  43. Mothers Day 1976 she is with her daughter.

  44. 1977 in the clubroom at Park Village in Norman, OK.

  45. Playing games with great grandson. She would always make time to do that.

  46. Late 1983. Four generations, Velma, Dolores, Teresa, & Jennifer.

  47. 1985 she is playing with youngest great grandson, Jonathan.

  48. 1988 she is with her great grandson, Jonathan.

  49. 1991 we were at the court house in Purcell, OK waiting for her youngest granddaughter to get married.

  50. 1992 she is holding youngest great granddaughter, Haley.

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