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District and State Test Coordinator Training PowerPoint Presentation
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District and State Test Coordinator Training

District and State Test Coordinator Training

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District and State Test Coordinator Training

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  1. District and State • Test Coordinator • Training Spring 2014 Introduction

  2. Joslyn Overby Education Administrator Assessment and Evaluation 505-827-6570 Assessment Policies Testing Irregularities Graduation Requirements End-of-Course Exams Interim Assessments

  3. Gabe Martinez Assessment Coordinator Assessment and Evaluation 505-827-6509 Assessment Policies SBA/HSGA Questions

  4. Michelle Osowski Assessment Coordinator Assessment and Evaluation 505-827-6524 Assessment Reviews Statistical Analyses

  5. Lynn Vasquez PARCC Manager 505-827-6702 PARCC Transition to CBT

  6. Stephanie Gardner NM State Coordinator NAEP 505-827-3982 NAEP Instructional Materials

  7. Measured Progress (MP) Diana Ward Liz Garcia Program Managers Mara and Samantha - Helpdesk 877-676-6722 SBA Ordering Returning Reports

  8. Fran Lucero Staff Manager Assessment and Accountability 505-827-5861 General Information Appointments

  9. Dr. Pete Goldschmidt Assistant Secretary Assessment and Accountability

  10. Dr. Cindy Gregory Chief Statistician 505-827-6508 School Grading Accountability

  11. Matt Montaño Director Educator Quality 505-827-5821 Educator Effectiveness System

  12. Information Technology IT Staff STARS Help Desk 505-827-7935

  13. Data Analysts Data Analysts SOAP Help Desk 505-827-6720

  14. Lisa Salazar NM State Manager GED Testing Program 505-827-6507 GED

  15. New Mexico Legislature • • Read state statute • Find legislators • Follow bill and votes

  16. NMSAP Components • SBA/HSGA: Standards Based Assessment/High School • Graduation Assessment • NMHSCE: New Mexico High School Competency Exam • NMAPA: New Mexico Alternate Performance Assessment • AAHSG: Alternate Assessment for High School Graduation • ACCESS for ELLs: ELL language proficiency assessment • W-APT: ELL placement test • Alt ACCESS for ELLs: Alternate ELL language proficiency • assessment • Interim Assessments: Four PED-Funded Programs • EoCs: End-of-Course Assessments

  17. NMSAP Vendors

  18. Approved Interim Assessments

  19. NMSAP Manuals and Rules • Procedures Manual: Outlines all procedures, regulations, and special circumstances with regard to all statewide assessments • Accommodations Manual: Provides details about allowable accommodations and coding for tests • ADC Manual: Gives options for students to meet graduation requirements through Alternative Demonstrations of Competency • EoC DFA: Provides information about End-of-Course Exams (including background and administration information) • 6.10.7 NMAC: State rules for Test Security & Administration

  20. Assessment-Specific Manuals • SBA/HSGA and NMHSCE • TCM: Test Coordinator’s Manual • DFA: Directions for Administering • NMAPA/AAHSG • DTC: District Test Coordinator Manual • TAM: Test Administrator’s Manual • ACCESS and W-APT Manuals at

  21. Training Requirements • SBA/HSGA • DTC/STC attends PED trainings 2x annually. • TAs must be trained by DTC/STC 2x annually. • NMAPA/AAHSG • TAs must attend training once every 3 years. • ACCESS and W-APT • Training modules online at DTCs can track TA progress in online training and quizzes.

  22. SBA Test Window • Districts and charters may create their own schedule within allowed testing window, 3/10-4/4. • Extended 2014 for CBT only (3/3 – 4/4) with waiver. • Schedule must follow 11 requirements outlined in Secretary Skandera’s memo dated May 2012.

  23. About SBA Testing Schedules • Test within PED-designated window. • No testing on materials-packaging day. • All materials must be returned on designated shipping day. (Call MP for exceptions.)

  24. About SBA Testing Schedules • Make-up testing must occur during testing window. • Test sessions must follow order in test booklet. (Make-ups may have exceptions.) • All schools in district must follow same schedule. *Exception for CBT*

  25. About SBA Testing Schedules • No breaks during a session. • Grades 5-8 writing sessions must be administered consecutively—only a short stretch/bathroom break in between.

  26. About SBA Testing Schedules • Test on any school day, Monday to Friday. • Test in mornings, afternoons, or both. • Schedule up to three (3) sessions per day.

  27. WITHIN A SCHOOL • All students in a grade level must test either PBT or CBT. You may not split PBT/CBT within a grade level (exception: students with accommodations). • CBT testers may use the week of 3/3 to test. PBT testers may only start testing 3/10 (see H2/H3 exception below). • H2 and H3 must test simultaneously. If one is CBT, the other grade may test PBT during the 3/3 week. • CBT testers must complete a particular session during 1 day. Student groups must not interact until all students have tested.

  28. WITHIN A DISTRICT • All PBT students within a grade must test simultaneously (ex: All PBT 4th graders must complete Reading Session 1 at the same time on the same day). • CBT students may have different schedules across the district (ex: CBT 4th graders at School A may do Reading Session 1 on 3/3 and CBT 4th graders at School B may do Reading Session 1 on 3/6).

  29. SBA Participation • All public school students must participate in an assessment: Grades 3−8, H2, and H3 (H4 optional). • Students on the ability pathway (with severe cognitive disabilities) take the NMAPA. • Students on the career and standard pathways take the SBA. Accommodations are allowed for students with IEPs. • BIE schools may use SBA for federal accountability.

  30. SBA Participation: H4+ • High school students have a maximum number of attempts to pass the HSGA to meet graduation requirements: • READING: 3 administrations • MATH: 3 administrations • SCIENCE: 2 administrations

  31. SBA Participation: H4/H4+ H4 and H4+ students must meet ALL four of the following criteria to test on the spring HSGA: 1. They will not meet graduation requirements by May, 2014. 2.  They plan to graduate before August 1, 2014.  3.  They have NOT completed all allowable administrations. 4.  They need to pass one or more of the required subjects (Reading, Math, and Science) to meet graduation requirements.

  32. Questions?