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Meeting overview

Meeting overview

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Meeting overview

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  1. Meeting overview INTERNAL ONLY • Meeting: Neiman Marcus – Personalized Discovery Session • Date/ Time: Wed March 5, 10a – 12p • Attendees: • Neiman: John Koryl (President, NM Direct), George Maas (VP Controller), John Napieralski (VP Site Optimization and Web Analytics), Leticia Gantt (Creative Director), Mary Wenner (VP Planning), Peggy Trowbridge (VP Web Stores), Rajeev Rai (VP, Customer Facing Technologies) • BloomReach: Raj, Christy, Rahul, Skip • Agenda • BloomReachRoadmap & Platform (Raj) • Neiman Marcus Site – Powered by BloomReach(Christy/ Rahul) • User: how can BR go from MyNM to Search/Nav/Type Ahead, etc., and then ultimately to defining page layout - obvious impacts to the caching and responsive design • Merchant: Content Insights (under exposed but highly effective products – based on customer segment and inventory/margin), Pages, SNAP 3. Pending Markdowns versus Juicing Marketing (Discussion)

  2. Key Objectives INTERNAL ONLY Objectives: • Get Neiman to commit to - myNM, SNAP, LPM, Content Insights • Continue to build a relationship with key senior executives • Establish BloomReach as a critical partner going forward Questions we need to get answered as part of this meeting: • What’s the plan for the mobile site? • What’s the plan for SNAP on the responsive design site? • How do we get a beta running for Content Insights? • What are the next steps on myNM? BloomReach Pages Status • What are the next steps to get Neiman on Pages? • Team is working on that now but there are some complications as we consider moving them from Akamai to CloudFront. They are working with the IT team at Neiman to resolve the timeout issues and were hoping to do that before putting Neiman on the v2 pipeline.

  3. Personalized discovery sessionNeiman Marcus March 5, 2014

  4. Agenda Presenter: Raj Materials: Marketing’s materials on the BloomReach platform TOPIC TIME

  5. “Personalization” is strategic

  6. Discovery is personal. Discovery drives commerce. Discovery crosses channels & devices. Discovery is extremely disjointed.

  7. Personalizing Discovery is A data problem hover queries social browsing landing page clicks purchases history frequency device you have thousands of products millions of potential consumers all expressing intent in billions of ways

  8. Today’s reality Disjointed technologies = disconnected experience How does cross-system data drive real-time decisions and experiences?

  9. Core Requirements of Personalized Discovery #1 Fluently understand content #2 Intuitively recognize visitor intent #3 Leverage the web’s data to continuously learn and adapt This is big data marketing business.

  10. Connect the discovery experience Whole site data drives real-time decisions and experiences

  11. How do you compete with companies investing millions in data-driven discovery? content awareness (a smart personalized search engine) learn from each user, every time (machine learning) data when it matters (tools and controls) ability to act on your data (personalization)

  12. The Personalized Discovery Platform campaign management platforms BloomReach applications create and manage landing pages across all channels tools and controls (pages) acquisition applications experience applications organic search new category pages related content dynamic linking paid search product re-ranking landing page routing & creation negative keyword ID Search, Navigation and Personalization (SNAP) auto suggest and predictive search visual browsing & social trending products cross-device personalization BloomReach Platform analytics deep understanding of your content & consumer demand algorithmically interprets content and leverages big data with machine learning to predict demand and personalize discovery technology (web relevance engine) user behavior intent entity proprietary data ecommerce platforms

  13. Bloomreach’s Big data Acquisition and Experience applications mobile drive increased mobileconversions and mobile-assist revenue with personalized data-driven experiences for mobile SNAP Drive revenue andconsumer delight with integrated Search, Navigate and Personalize for desktopsand apps experience organic search drive more organic search traffic by matching your products with consumer demand paid search [beta] drive more return on paid search by showing consumers the right products every time acquisition founded in 2009 by Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook engineers, backed by Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Ventures, and NEA pages Instantly execute on merchandising and marketing priorities by creating self-maintaining pages without IT content analytics [Q2] Derive insight from product, category and brand-aware analytics to determine what to promote, to whom, and on what channel tools

  14. Agenda Presenter: Christy/ Rahul Materials: Neiman specific - User experience storyline and mocks // Demo for merchant controls experience TOPIC TIME

  15. User Experience

  16. User experience: Personalized the entire funnel for the loyal customer To Do: Christy I’m going to iterate on this slide a little more; I pulled this one together quickly to tee up the story Situation • Your “loyal customer” accounts for a large percentage of your revenue, visits often, and expects to be treated accordingly. • When she visits, she is not always looking for the same types of products or making the same type of purchase but she does have affinity for brands, prices, product types. • Visits occur across multiple devices – so the experience can be disjointed • Personalization based on historic behavior alone does not make for a good experience – context matters Complication

  17. Loyal customer: optimize and personalize the entire experience Banners selected based on her preference and merchant inputs Personalized Home Page Personalized Search & Navigation Product recommendations based on all device shopping behavior Suggestions based on relevance and shopping preferences Content selected based on her preferences and merchant inputs Category themes based on her shopping preferences

  18. User experience: be context aware for the new customer you hope to acquire To Do: Christy I’m going to iterate on this slide a little more; I pulled this one together quickly to tee up the story Situation • New customer acquisition is critical to any business – and these are the customers you know nothing about • When she visits, she often is not aware of your product catalog or the site structure and coming in from a marketing channel does not guarantee she lands in the right place or can easily find what she is looking for • Marketing is often disjointed from the rest of the site experience – so the experience can be disjointed as well • Context does not carry over into your landing page or further through the site – search and navigation Complication

  19. NEW customer: Optimize the entire purchase funnel to match user intent Dynamic Landing Page Google search for “Color Sunglasses” Autosuggest More Like This Dynamic Navigation

  20. User experience: tie all experiences together to show a “one” site approach To Do: Christy I’m going to iterate on this slide a little more; I pulled this one together quickly to tee up the story Situation • Your customers visit you from all types of devices – desktop, mobile phone, in the store • When she visits, she would like to pick up where she left off regardless of whether she signed in or not • She also is likely to do research and then visit your store based on that research • Visits occurring across multiple devices can be disjointed • Make sure the research gets to the customer and experience is optimized for that research – regardless of the device it was completed in Complication

  21. Store customer: Optimize the omnichannel experience To Do: Anthony – can I get a “More Like This” mock like the one here but for scarves which match what is in the Just for You page? “Gift for Mom” Trending “More Like This” Just for You

  22. Merchant Experience

  23. Merchant tools: Data and tools combined to empower the merchant quickly Situation • A merchant wants to promote women’s jeans for an upcoming campaign but is not sure what to promote. She will want to dig into the data to make a data-driven decision for the campaign landing page. • Since the campaign is going to point to a search page, she will also want to put in a search redirect to her curated page and then drive the campaign to that page. • Key Questions • How I can maximize the revenue and impact of this Women’s Denim campaign? • What products do I show on this page for it to be effective? Key Questions

  24. Data and tools combined to empower the merchant quickly Demo

  25. Merchant tools: Drawing insights from your data 1 BloomReach Content Insights Question: Merchant wants to promote Women’s Denim and wants to learn what is working and not working 2 3 Data: Or the merchant can see details on how every brand is performing across a range of metrics Insight: Tory Burch is in the upper left quadrant – low page views but converts well 2 Data: Products by page views and revenue (graphically) Note: BloomReach Content Insights Tool (March 2014)

  26. Merchant tools: drawing insights from your data 1 BloomReach Content Insights Question: Merchant wants to see how all of the Tory Burch products are performing so performs a new search 2 Data: Merchant can see all of the Tory Burch products with performance displayed graphically 2 Data: Merchant can see all of the Tory Burch products with detailed performance metrics by product 3 Insight: Focus on this Tory Burch product (upper left) and find items similar to it to create a compelling Women’s Denim page Note: BloomReach Content Insights Tool (March 2014)

  27. Merchant tools: drawing insights from your data 1 BloomReach Content Insights Question: Merchant wants to see all similar products so she knows what to create a page with 2 Data/Insight: Similar items are mostly Tory Burch brand items – so people are brand loyal here. Merchant will create a page with Tory Burch products and might put some floral tops in as recs. Note: BloomReach Content Insights Tool (March 2014)

  28. Merchant tools: taking action on the insights 1 BloomReach SNAP Action: Merchant wants to create a page and redirect to this page for search and an upcoming campaign. Will use the Insights from Content Insights to make data-driven decisions 2 Action: Merchant clicks “Add New” to create the redirect and page 3 Action: Merchant puts in query from Content Insights and either enters an existing site page or creates a new page with the data from Content Insights Note: BloomReach SNAP Tool (March 2014)

  29. Merchant tools: taking action on the insights 1 BloomReach Pages Data: Merchant has a list of pages suggested based on the query or previously launched/created 2 Action: Merchant can curate the page – add products, remove products, re-order/lock, change title… Note: BloomReach Pages Tool (March 2014)

  30. Merchant tools: publish To Do: (Optional) Get Anthony to create a tory burch jeans page which has more than these 2 products. 1 BloomReach SNAP Action: Merchant finishes the redirect 2 Result: New page is launched! Note: BloomReach SNAP Tool (March 2014)

  31. Agenda Presenter: NM Discussion Materials: No materials – discussion on how markdowns fit with marketing efforts TOPIC TIME