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  1. Churches

  2. The Church • To describe and explain the main features of a Christian place of worship • To begin to understand how these features might help a worshipper’s relationship with God

  3. TASK 1 – Review and recall • Watch the video clip and write down anything that you recognise from the lesson on the Church. • Read pages 8 and 9 and try task 1 and task 2. • If you finish try the items in a church task on page 9

  4. If Churches were to disappear tomorrow in Falkirk would anyone notice? Yes? No?

  5. Christ Church, Falkirk The Church has been at Kerse road since 1834. It can hold 120 people. It is a very traditional type of church. Rev Ruth Innes

  6. Rev Ruths blog • About Rev Ruth I love the colour purple I like the Harry Potter books I was a tomboy I don't like celery or olives I have two sons I never drink alone I have watched every Big Brother series Jesus is the man I love Sean Connery

  7. Things the Church has coming up.. • To think about.. Is there anything about Christ Church and Rev Ruth that has surprised you? Saturday 03 December 2011 ADVENT QUIET DAY - 10am to 3pm Sunday 04 December 2011 ALL AGE EUCHARIST - 10.30am Saturday 10 December 2011 GIFT WRAPPING AT CHRIST CHURCH - 12noon to 3pm Bring your Christmas gifts and have them beautifully wrapped by experts for reasonable amount. Enjoy refreshments and a blether while you wait. Monday 12 December 2011 BOOK GROUP - 2pm Reading The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas Thursday 15 December 2011 VESTRY MEETING - 7.30pm Monday 19 December 2011 BLUE CHRISTMAS SERVICE - 7.30pm For those who find Christmas an especially difficult time, there will be time to reflect and listen. Tuesday 20 December 2011 LESSONS AND CAROLS - 7.30pm Followed by mince pies and mulled wine. Saturday 24 December 2011 CHRISTINGLE SERVICE FOR CHILDREN - 3pm MIDNIGHT MASS - 11.30pm Sunday 25 December 2011 CHRISTMAS DAY EUCHARIST - 10.30am

  8. Polmont Old Parish Church • There has been a parish church in Polmont since 1731. The current church has been there since 1845 and can hold 1200 people. Rev Jerome O’Brian is the school Chaplain...He leads the school in religious services and supports staff and pupils anyway he can. If you see him about the school say hi. He also helps pupils to cope with exam pressures and he is very good at volleyball!

  9. Things the Church runs.. • Rev Jerome said that if the Church was to disappear from Falkirk then there would be a serious impact Sunday Worship Crèche Girls and Boys Brigade Baby Group Crafters Library Variety Concert History Group Lunch Bunch Mission Wednesday Club – Age Concern The church disappearing would amount to a great loss to the community of an asset that seeks to improve the quality of life of people

  10. Peoples Church, Falkirk Pastor George McKim grew up in Belfast and wanted to become a professional footballer until the troubles escalated in Northern Ireland. He became involved in loyalist paramilitaries and received a prison sentence for a political crime. During such times his parents had become Christians and began seriously praying for their son. He eventually became a Christian and then a minister. He and his wife Linda moved to Falkirk in 1986. Their first Church service only had 12 people. Now the People’s Church is one of the biggest Churches in Falkirk and does a lot of community based work.

  11. Things the Church runs.. Creche Rainbow Kidz Sunday School yPOD Worship Services Football Events Bookclub Seniors Group Missions

  12. Task 2 • In your groups you need to design a new Church for Falkirk. • You need Architects to design the building • You need Advertisers to design a leaflet about the new Church and the services it will provide for the local community. • You need an interior designer to plan the internal layout of your church. • You need a project manager to oversee the plans

  13. Architects Things to consider: Materials that the Church will be made from Size Layout Design. Traditional or more modern?

  14. Advertisers Things to consider Your leaflet should have info about the Church What will be on at the church How it helps the local community Colourful, clear Well presented and neat

  15. Interior designers Things to consider: Is your building modern or more traditional. Pulpit? Lectern? Communion Table / Altar? Chairs/ pews? Stain glass Colours