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CMC Brazil Churches Multiplying Churches PowerPoint Presentation
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CMC Brazil Churches Multiplying Churches

CMC Brazil Churches Multiplying Churches

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CMC Brazil Churches Multiplying Churches

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  1. CMC BrazilChurches Multiplying Churches Strategies To Guide Your Church To Be On Mission in Brazil

  2. The Problem • The world population continues to grow • The missionary task continues but….. • There are still vast areas of the planet that are unreached with the Gospel • There are pockets of lostness in Brazil – where nobody has heard of Jesus or embraced His invitation of salvation

  3. Missions Past • Missionaries identified the tasks and started works • Volunteers do some evangelism and construction of buildings • Missionaries develop strategic plans • Missionaries train locals in the task • Missionary along with local peoples are responsible for church planting • = Many peoples and neighborhoods reached, but many still not reached!

  4. Missions Future • Missionaries identify the peoples to be engaged and start works • Volunteers and churches are trained in strategic coordination (SC) and church planting • SC churches adopt and become fully responsible for planting churches that multiply so that whole people groups orpopulation segments can be reached • Missionaries and SC churches develop strategic plans and reach their people groups through multiple volunteer teams resulting in church plants • Missionaries and SC churches train locals in the task – all are involved! • = All people groups and neighborhoods engaged with the Gospel advance!

  5. CMC • Churches Multiplying Churches • Currently underway in other South American countries • Numerous churches have been planted and people groups engaged that would not have been reached if not through the involvement of US and national churches using this strategy!

  6. CMC Outline of Plan • List of unengaged people groups and population segments prayerfully reviewed by US church • Vision Trip – accompanied by missionary • Commitment of the church to adopt a people group, population segment, or neighborhood. • Prayer and Research Trip – can be accompanied by the missionary • Training and Strategic Development – done in the US by missionary trainers • Evangelism, church planting, and social ministry trips planned and coordinated by the sending church or association

  7. CMC Training • Temporarily to be done in conjunction with the REAP team in Atlanta Georgia • Training under development and soon to be announced for Brazil specific SC churches • Training will be done with US and Brazilian based churches • Training is based on Acts 29 (Bruce Carlton) – strategic coordination training designed to stimulate the growth of rapidly multiplying churches

  8. What is needed? • There are approximately 2.5 million people that are less than 2% evangelized, both indigenous (originally from Brazil) and non-indigenous (they came from somewhere else such as Arabs), and over 161 million unevangelized Brazilians of varied cultural characteristics. • US SBC and Brazilian churches willing to become SC churches and support the overall CMC effort • Churches and associations willing to go with God in a new and different way • Leaders willing to become a point person and help lead the strategy development and implementation • Volunteers who will be willing to commit to multiple visits in their target country

  9. The big question is… Will you come?

  10. For more information Contact Phil Kesler 011-55-45-3523-5302 Skype: pkesler