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Security Council

Security Council

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Security Council

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  1. Security Council President: Mateo Cotrino

  2. Introduction: • The Security Council is an organ of the United Nations with one of the most important and relevant roles in in the world. “The Security Council has primary responsibility, under the Charter, for the maintenance of international peace and security.” This council had its first meeting on 31 January 1992 with the same purpose that it meets nowadays. When a threat to peace comes to a point it cannot be longer ignored the Security Council acts like a mediator so that the two parties in dispute can come to a peaceful agreement, if this is not possible “the Council may decide on enforcement measures, economic sanctions or collective military action.”

  3. members • The members of this council are five permanent • China • France • Russian Federation • The United Kingdom • The United States

  4. And ten non-permanentmembersthat in actuality are (whenperiodends): • India (2012) • South Africa (2012) • Togo (2013) • Guatemala (2013) • Colombia (2012) • Germany (2012) • Portugal (2012) • Pakistan (2013) • Morocco (2013) • Azerbaijan (2013)

  5. Topics Topic A: Use of oil as a political weapon. Topic B: Territorial dispute of Kashmir(Pakistan– China).

  6. Topic A: Use of oil as a political weapon. • In a world like ours that is moved by a principal energy resource, like oil, possession of this oil has a direct relationship with power. Since the start of the 20th century the oil has become a political influence and is now the reason for many disputes in political and economical matters. • The biggest part of this problem is that many countries that have don’t have many oil resources and they need oil so there’s a dispute for tis resources and this can lead to different scenarios

  7. Sub topics • Focus: • The way that advanced economies try to take advantage to less powerful countries in different ways and how this countries use different types of oil restriction all in order to have a bigger political influence ergo using oil as a political weapon. • oil based invasion (USA-Iraq) • oil restriction (Venezuela-USA) • economical influence for oil (USA, France, Russian Federation-middle east) • political influence for oil (USA, France, Russian Federation-middle east)

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  9. Topic B: Territorial dispute of Kashmir (Pakistan – China). • When a territory like in this case is in disputations by 3 countries (Pakistan-China-India) is because a tension between neighbors to claim what belongs to them. The original divisor of this territory was made by The United Kingdom but the culture of the people in the area says the division would be better otherwise and this also leads to countries trying to take advantage and gain extra territories that are not meant for them.

  10. Sub topics • Focus: • Solving the territorial dispute of Kashmir between Pakistan, China and India in pacific manners and fair distribution.

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