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Integrated Literacy Assignment

Integrated Literacy Assignment

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Integrated Literacy Assignment

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  1. Integrated Literacy Assignment Katie Lee

  2. GLCE • 3-H3.0.2 - Explainhow historians use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about the past • 3-H3.0.3 - Describe the causal relationships between these events in Michigan’s past: Erie Canal and Settlement

  3. Trade Books

  4. Songs Low Bridge, Everybody Down • Start at 20 seconds Native American Heritage - Michigan • Start at 25 seconds

  5. Primary Documents When Michigan became part of the Northwest Territory Treaty of Paris - 1783

  6. Secondary Documents New France was defeated & then the British were defeated in American Revolutionary War French & Indian War – 1763 "One Mile To Bushy Run Station" By Robert Griffing Gen. George Washington By Don Troiani

  7. Poetry The French and the British Had a Great Fight by Yaikwhed The French and the British had a great fightThe reason? The British tried to take a fort, they had no rightThe Indians were there tooHow to beat the French? The British knew Take a fort, cut off suppliesSo they took them by surpriseFound a cliff with little guardClimb and kill, it wasn't hard The French awoke surrounded thenFor standing there, a bunch of British menThey fought, they failed, oh what a shameTo far outnumbered, it was pretty lame With no supplies winning would be a giant leap And all because the French though a cliff was to steepThey knew they would lose, hope was goneA treaty they signed, peace was on British got much of the French landFrom most of their own settlements the French was bannedOnly a few islands could they keepIf i was French i'd surely weep The war was great and so was the impactThe French did lose and thats a factThis war created taxes stillThe colonists were forced to pay aginst their will Soon to come, the ConstitutionFor this war lead to the revolution

  8. Poetry By the Erie Canal by Michael Gallatin It's refractedand reflectedin every brilliant,vibrant hue.So everythingthat should be oldlooks alive andsparkling new.And as I lookinto your eyesI know our loveis like that too.Even though it'sbeen a while nowI still long tobe with you. Walking alongby the Erie Canalin the warmth ofthe afternoon Sun.So many years nowwe've done thatbut you knowthat it's still fun.Time after timewe've strolled hereand you'd think itwould grow stale.But with my ladynext to methe bright colorswill never pale.

  9. Videos The Love for Water by Albert E. Gayer - Man who grew up beside the Erie Canal - Short video that will be great for kids

  10. Maps & Images Etienne Brule (First white explorer in Michigan) Erie Canal from Lake Erie to Albany, New York Jacques Marquette (Led first settlement in Michigan) American Indians (First to Settle in Michigan)

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