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Integrated literacy assignment PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated literacy assignment

Integrated literacy assignment

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Integrated literacy assignment

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  1. Integrated literacy assignment By: Audrey Aebig

  2. G.L.C.E. • 2-H2.0.3 Use an example to describe the role of the individual in creating history.

  3. Books • Good Citizen Sarah By: Virginia Kroll ~A young girl helps an elderly neighbor during a snow storm. Shows how an individual can affect the community. • Rosa Parks: My Story By: Rosa Parks ~Rosa Parks is best known for refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus. In this book she talks openly about the civil rights movement and her involvement in it.

  4. Books • Keep the Lights Burning, AbbieBy: Peter and Connie Roop ~A young girl’s father leaves and she must keep the lamps in the lighthouse burning until her father can return. • The Children’s Book of Heroes By:William J. Bennett ~This book is a collaboration of stories about people who are considered heroes. (Examples: Mother Teresa, Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln)

  5. Videos • Lincoln’s Beard ~A young girl, Grace, wrote a letter to Lincoln advising him to grow a beard. • Martin Luther King Jr. ~Speech: I Have a Dream

  6. Songs • Christopher Columbus (Black and Yellow) Rap Http:// • George Washington • Barack Obama

  7. Poems • I Am Apart Of History I am apart of historyHistory lies deep down inside of meI am like Martin Luther KingJust like him I'm going to let freedom ringI am like Mary BethuneBecause like Maya Angelou I walk like I got oil wells pumping in my living roomI am apart of historyHistory is important to meI am like Charles DREWLike him I can be a scientist tooI am like Malcolm XCome on my sisters and brothers we have to stop thatI am like Chainey, Schwenger and MooreI will get people to vote I will go to every doorI am apart of historyI accept the rights my ancestors gave to meI am like Jackie RobinsonLokking in the sky at my home runsI am like Harriet TubmanTaking slaves to their freedom landI am like Medgar Evers Like him I too can be cleverI am like Barack ObamaRising above to greatness despite the dramaI am apart of historyHistory is deep down inside of me • Jeanette Matthews

  8. POEMS • We Affect Forever We are making history, through every day we spend. We are here, leaving our mark, a mark that will not end. Others before have left behind this world we now obtain. Though it’s changed since way back when, the old shall always remain. History is how we got here, history is who we are. History is what led to this, yes history is not far. It remains within our families, its tradition and unchanging ways. It’s Christmas day, Thanksgiving, its countless nights and days. History is what you’re becoming; it’s what you are soon to be. And history never dies; it’s a part of everybody. We fight to maintain who we are, to maintain who we’ve always been.And while we fight we know this fight is not easy to win. Many forget the past, and many never even know, Many people never hear of how times were long ago. Those thousands of years before us, are more than just time spent. They are filled with real people, real feelings, and real places that they went. The People had different life styles very different from our ways, But it is true that there is nothing knew under the sun’s golden rays. Stand proud to be alive, know you affect forever. Every act that we commit we all commit together. We are entrusted with this earth; we must love and cherish this life. We must remember to love our existence lest love becomes our strife. Yes we are becoming history, through every move we make. We are here, leaving our mark, a mark ……or perhaps a mistake. • Mary Murphy

  9. Web resources • Awesome Stories • Eye Witness to History • Biographies for Kids • Biographies for Children

  10. WORKS CITED • Good Citizen Sarah by:Virginia Kroll • Rosa Parks: My Story by: Rosa Parks • Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie by: Peter and Connie Roop • The Children’s Book of Heroes by: William J. Bennett • • I am Apart of History by: Jeanette Matthews • We Affect Forever by: Mary Murphy • • • •