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Chadar Trek, Frozen River Zanskar Trek, Ladakh PowerPoint Presentation
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Chadar Trek, Frozen River Zanskar Trek, Ladakh

Chadar Trek, Frozen River Zanskar Trek, Ladakh

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Chadar Trek, Frozen River Zanskar Trek, Ladakh

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  1. Chadar Trek, Frozen River Zanskar Trek

  2. About the Trek Ladakhis nestled deep in the valleys of Himalayas and is one of the most diverse landscapes to adorn the northern frontiers of India. Bedecked in stunning seasonal beauties that adorn different colours with the passing seasons. Blanketed in the thick white tufts of snow in the winters, the same region comes alive in diverse colors and hues during the summers. Shedding its white garb, it puts on a vibrant cloth of colors, vibrancy and diversity of flora and fauna.

  3. About the Trek (cont) However, it is during these harsh winters that the Zanskar River that flows through the valley, fully freezes over and is the only gateway to the valley. Resembling a long white bedsheet, it is no surpise therefore that the trek is called Chadar Trek. This one of its kind trek in the Himalayas attracts many adventurists, to conquer its slopes and mountainous terrains. Contrary to popular perception, the trek to Chadar Lake is trickier than it is challenging.

  4. About the Trek (Cont) If you know where to grab your next foothold, then it is less dangerous that it is presumed to be. While at times, water gurgles away besides you at other times the thickets of snow drift away from under your feet, then your only companions are the snowy boulders and rocks that border the frozen river. For an experience slightly away from the ordinary, that opens you up to unexplored and virgin beauty of nature, embark on a trek to Chadar Lake!

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