adventure trips with ultimate frontier outlands ufo n.
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Chadar Trek Ladakh PowerPoint Presentation
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Chadar Trek Ladakh

Chadar Trek Ladakh

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Chadar Trek Ladakh

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  1. Adventure Trips with Ultimate Frontier Outlands (UFO)

  2. For those travel lovers, UFO provides excellent travel for the past centuries that goes across various cultures and regions. UFO provides people chanvetofulfil their dream of travel by taking people to the most unfamiliar and remote territories in the world and those places that have adventures and mysteries. UFO provides customized itineraries, a group of compatible travellers and pays great attention to every detail that the travellers have. It provides a memorable experience to find out a region all by yourself. UFO has an expert team to introduce to new cultures that you will experience while maintaining local traditions. UFO goes with the mantra, ‘Adventure by day, Luxury by night’ and this distinguishes from the rest. One such popular adventure trek that UFO provides is the Nag Tibba Trek and Chadar Trek Ladhak.

  3. Making a Nag Tibba Trek is one best that you can think of during the weekend in the country. Watching beautiful meadows and jungles along the trail, provides many beautiful scenic camping locations and the camp can be tailored to fit into the fitness level as well. This trek is ideal for people of all age groups who maintain reasonable fitness. This is a moderate trek while you look at the climbing gradient. It has few steep patches in the middle to make this trek to ideal for adventurous people. During this trek, while you reach the Nag Tibba top you will have to see the wonderful view. You can see the view of the Garhwal’s Himalayan snow peaks and the Himachal region. 

  4. TheChadar Trek Ladakh is also a beautiful one that provides you with the thrills of great adventures. Temperatures go down to as low as -30 degree and you would find great challenges in this trek. You will get a chance to walk through the beautiful landscape and face a cold experience. UFO provides you with glowing fires every evening to keep you warm.  So, you can enjoy the trek options offered by the UFO adventure travel and make it a memorable one for your life.