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Finalists from the 2008 CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest

Finalists from the 2008 CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest. World Bank Group.

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Finalists from the 2008 CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest

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  1. Finalists from the 2008 CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest World Bank Group

  2. WINNERSomenath Mukhopadyay - Vegetable GirlPhotographed in Birbhum, West Bengal, India. This girl prepares radishes to take to market. She lost her father and now helps her mother till a tiny piece of land. They produce vegetables and a small amount of rice during the monsoon season

  3. 2nd PRIZEKushal Gangopadhyay - SpinningA woman in Khuri village in Rajasthan, India, spins yarn in the traditional way

  4. 3rd PRIZEEllen de Leon - Corn DryingA Muslim woman prepares newly harvested corn grain to sell at market in the Philippines

  5. SPECIAL AWARDSandipan Majumdar - Tradition Meets TechnologyEvery winter people from all over Rajasthan travel to the Great Pushkar Fair, known as the Cattle Fair, to buy and sell camels, horses, and bulls

  6. SPECIAL AWARDSaikat Mukherjee - Sea Fishing Men at work - early monsoon season, Digha Beach, Bay of Bengal

  7. Joydeep Mukherjee - To MarketFisherwomen head to market, Bedberiya village in Bengal, India

  8. Srinivasa Rao Allamsetty - SolidarityTaken in the early morning light during a group meeting in Orissa, India, this photograph is about women’s empowerment

  9. Subhrajit Basu - Dairy BusinessA woman herds her cows in the village of Gourdaha, in West Bengal, India. She sells milk in the market in Calcutta every day to support her family. She relies on microfinance services to help manage the small dairy business she has created

  10. Supriyo Biswas - BowlsA microentrepreneur makes his mark as he hand paints bowls to sell, Kolkata, India

  11. Mohammed Kamrul Hasan - Wheel of ChangeAmena Begum once struggled to support herself and her family. Now with the help of a microcredit loan, she has created a livelihood for herself. She colors threads and sells them to the local taant sari industry. This image was taken in Tangail, Bangladesh, famous for its hand-loomed taant saris

  12. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan - The FishermenIn villages across Bangladesh poor kids fish to feed their families. Longorpara, Sherpur District, Bangladesh

  13. Samuel de Leon - Golden GrainsMicrofinance is a quiet force behind many microenterprises, like this grain business in the Philippines

  14. Samuel de Leon - Strawberry Farm of La TrinidadCarefully nurtured strawberry plants thrive on this farm near Baguio, the summer capital of the nation, north of Manila. Microfinance helps support time-intensive highland farming in the Philippines

  15. Ellen de Leon - Textile WeaverWith skill and the art of the ages, this woman applies intricate embroidery to a barong she is sewing. Her work supports her family and keeps a tradition alive

  16. Bobby Eleazar - Night Fish VendorWith the help of microfinance, this man in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, the Philippines supports his family through hard times by buying and selling fish

  17. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan – ProductivityProcessing rice is the main employment for women in Bangladesh. Akhawra, Bhrahmin Baria District, Bangladesh

  18. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan - Rhythm of Stone TransportationThese men prepare to transport stones gathered by locals. Bholagonj, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

  19. Anindya Majumdar - Together we catchThese fishermen split in two groups along both sides of the River Shilabati in West Bengal, India. They start running toward the middle, forcing the frightened fish to dart into the center. As they throw their nets together, the fish are trapped. Microfinance makes it possible for this group of fishermen to buy their nets

  20. Malik Asim Mansur - HandicraftmanshipThe earthquake of 8 October 2007 engulfed the entire area of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan, forcing entrepreneurs like Masoom Ali to quickly find creative ways to support their families. Masoom carves wood to sell at market

  21. Partha Pal - After FishingFishermen repair the nets at noon in Talsari, Orissa, India. Their average income is less than $100 a month

  22. Sudip Roychoudhury - Flower MarketFlower vendors at this market in Kolkata, India, come from distant rural areas to sell their flowers

  23. Bobby Eleazar - Sampaguita Flower PickersOld women are already bustling before dawn, getting ready to go out to harvest the tiny, sweet-smelling, white flowers that only bloom at 2 a.m. Tiaong, Quezon, the Philippines

  24. Sandipan Majumdar - Self HelpPhotographed in Rajasthan, India, this potter tends to his craft. He was able to start his business after getting a loan from Grameen Bank

  25. Partha Pal - Young ArtistA young artist in Raghuraipur, India, creates a pattachitra – a form of traditional artwork that is centuries old. Raghurajpur is world famous for its handicrafts and artwork

  26. Saikat Mukherjee - Basket WeavingBasket making is one of the small industries financed by local microfinance banks in India

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