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NEW! HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle

Solutions for Small Business Data Protection. NEW! HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle. Lost civilization ─ Angkor Wat. Don’t let your data become lost!.

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NEW! HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle

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  1. Solutions for Small Business Data Protection NEW! HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle Lost civilization─AngkorWat Don’t let your data become lost!

  2. Throughout time, major civilizations have become LOST. They have completely disappeared or disbanded and moved on—their past becoming a mystery. Don’t let this happen to you!

  3. Presentation Outline • Product Overview • Route To Market • Customer Needs & Segment • Competition & Unique HP Value • Product Positioning • Market Potential • Compatibility • Warranty • Additional Resources • Backup

  4. NEW!HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle • The easy way to protect business data • Low total cost for protecting business data • Simple and secure way to store backups off-site for complete data protection • Comes with 2 disk cartridges! Protect your small business No IT Wizardry Required! Complete file and operating system protection can be up and running in less than 5 minutes! RDX offers a more robust and ruggedized backup solution than a regular external hard drive.

  5. The HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle • The HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle includes: • HP RDX Disk Drive (External Version Only) • HP RDX Continuous Data Protection Software • HP Utility Software • Power Cord • Additional HP RDX Disk Cartridge Choose 500 GB, 320 GB or 160 GB

  6. The HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle RDX 2 CARTRIDGE BUNDLES New, two cartridge bundles available on May 1, 2009 500 GB, 320 GB and 160 GB • CARTRIDGE FEATURES • 160 GB, 320 GB & 500 GB ruggedized, removable disk cartridges • Up to 108 GB/hour transfer rate, random access file retrieval • Portable, durable and shockproof (to 1 meter drop) • Long usage life cartridges – 5,000 load/unload insertions (minimum) • Drag-and-drop backup capability • Hands-free HP RDX Continuous Data Protection Software included w/HP StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup Bundles • Compatible with other leading CDP/ISV software applications

  7. New 2 Cartridge Bundles MEDIA COMPATIBILITY All HP RDX Removable Disk Backup Systems are backwards and forward compatible with All currently available HP RDX removable disk cartridges.

  8. HP RDX Continuous Data Protection Software provides complete protection Simple, hands free and complete server or workstation backup protection for your small businesses • 2 disk cartridges– 1 for backup and 1 for off-site protection against a site disaster • Hands free backup – Manages the entire backup process so you don’t have to • Fully automated – No setup, no configurations, no scheduling, no buttons • Continuous data protection – When you change a file, it’s backed up automatically • File deduplication – Increases the storage capacity of your HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridges • Seamless cartridge rotation and archiving – As easy as swapping HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridges • Simple file recovery – Use Windows Explorer for drag-and-drop file/folder recovery • Complete backup – Protects all the data on your system, as well as the system itself • Bare metal recovery – Quickly recover your entire system in case of disaster • Deep Windows integration – Windows Explorer is the only user interface required

  9. Route To Market • RDX Bundles Fall Under HP’s 7A Storage Supplies Product Line • All associated sales will flow into existing Storage Supplies Programs • Ex: Storage Success, Storage Advantage, etc. • Product Is Open To All Storage Supplies Partners • All CSPs, Supplies Wholesalers and Resellers will have access • No contractual changes or addendums required • U.S. Only Product • These bundles are a U.S. product only at launch • Goal • The goal is to increase RDX penetration by opening the solution up to our supplies partners as well as to further penetrate the SMB market Lost civilization─Rome

  10. Small business data protection needs • A Simple, Easy Way To Implement Backup Solution • Limited time, knowledge, experience or desire to dedicate to backup • Fast Backup and Restore Process • Optimize application availability and staff productivity • Affordable Cost Of Ownership • Low acquisition costs and low ongoing media and upgrade costs • Removability and Portability • On-site backup data can be removed, stored and rotated off-site in an easy, safe and secure way • Reliability and Archivability • Reliable long term data retention to comply with internal or government regulations • Easy Scalability • Easy to expand as storage needs grow Lost civilization─Minoan

  11. Why an HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System and cartridge? Complete data protection for a small business wherever you start from • Currently using CDs or DVDs when… • Optical storage capacity not keeping pace with storage growth and shortening backup and restore windows • More robust removable media is needed • Currently using external USB drives when… • Lack of removability is providing insufficient protection versus on-site disasters • Lack of robustness is providing insufficient protection for backup data taken off-site • For organizations just starting operations, when… • A cost-effective removable data protection solution for a workstation(s) or a single server is needed • Backup must be simple, affordable and removable Lost City of Atlantis

  12. Who needs the HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System?

  13. RDX Competition • Dell • - Not a channel friendly solution as Dell’s offering is sold direct • - Software offering is not as robust as HP’s • Tandberg • - HP has a much stronger channel presence: • - more robust channel programs & sales support • - HP has more channel resources • Imation • - Imation has very limited market share in this space • - HP has a much stronger software offering • - HP has a larger channel breadth: • - Apollo and Odyssey products have seen very weak sales • IBM • - Recently entered the RDX market

  14. HP RDX Continuous Data Protection Software Competitive Comparison

  15. Key Benefits of HP RDX • The HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge & Backup System provide the following benefits over other RHDD solutions: • HP RDX Continuous Data Protection Software offered free with Backup System • continuous hands-free data and system protection • LED Cartridge Status Indicator • Higher disk cartridge capacities than most competitors • Higher mean time between failures (MTBF) than most competitors • Better drop and thermal resistance protection than other EHD solutions • More rugged than other external disk solutions • Better total customer experience • ease of doing business, support, total portfolio • HP Brand: • recognition & quality

  16. HP StorageWorks Removable Media Backup Product Portfolio Positioning New!

  17. HP StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup System portfolio – 640 GB end of 2009 900GB RDX 500 USB 400GB RDX 320 USB 200GB PERFORMANCE Capacity (compressed) RDX 160 USB 100GB 50GB 25GB 6 12 25 50 100 200 400 + Speed GB/hour (compressed)

  18. Market Trends Demand for Removable Hard Disk Drives (RHDD) forecasted to grow at 76% CAGR from 2007-2012 Lost civilization─Mayan Source: IDC Worldwide Removable Hard Disk Drive 2008-2012 Forecast and Analysis – January 2008

  19. Market Trends (continued)Demand for Removable Hard Disk Drives (RHDD) forecasted to grow at 76% CAGR from 2007-2012 Key Growth Drivers Key Growth Drivers • Micro/small business customer demand for simple, affordable, robust removable disk backup • Widespread OEM server adoption of RHDD solutions • RDX becomes RHDD standard • Continuing declines in mobile 2.5 inch HDD ASPs • Steady 2.5 inch HDD capacity increases Lost civilization─Rome Source: IDC Worldwide Removable Hard Disk Drive 2008-2012 Forecast and Analysis – January 2008

  20. Hardware Compatibility and Support HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle • The HP RDX System with 2 Cartridge Bundle is backwards and forward compatible with all current HP RDX Disk cartridges • HP Proliant Servers: DL100, DL300, DL500, ML100, ML300 & ML500 Series • HP Workstations: xw4000, xw6000, xw8000, xw9000 Series • Open Connect Systems Using: External USB adapters

  21. Operating system support • Windows Vista (x86,x64) • Windows XP (x86) • Windows Server 2003 (x86,x64) • Windows Server 2008 (x86,x64) • RedHat 4 (x86,x64)* • SUSE 9/10 (x86,x64)* • Novell 1/2 Lost civilization─The Megalith Builders *Support for RDX Firmware Upgrade Utility not included for Linux

  22. ISV Support • Backup applications supportedat launch: * • HP RDX Continuous Data Protection Software • HP Data Protector Express Software • HP Data Protector Software • Symantec Backup Exec • CA ARCServe • Yosemite Backup • Native NT/Windows Server Backup • Native TAR, CPIO Lost civilization─Rome Visit the HP compatibility website for future updates at www.hp.com/go/connect * Support dependent on operating system

  23. Warranty and services included with the product • Hewlett-Packard provides a 1 year, next-day, parts exchange, limited warranty for the HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge, plus 9x5 phone support for the duration of the warranty. • For more information about the HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge limited warranty, visit:http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/techsupport/document.jsp?objectid=c01423593 • For more information about HP’s Global Limited Warranty and Technical Support, visit: ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/products/storageworks/warranty/EN_321708-008.pdf Lost civilization─Minoan

  24. Additional Information • WORLDWIDE: • www.hp.com/go/rdx • For HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System information • www.hp.com/go/storagemedia • For HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge information • www.hp.com/go/connect • For hardware and software compatibility • AMERICAS REGION: • www.suppliesinfo.com • Don’t let your data become lost! To learn more, visit: • www.lostwithouthpstoragemedia.com Lost civilization─Angkor Wat

  25. Product support & compatibility

  26. The HP StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup System USB Rack-Mount Kit New • Provides a space-efficient way to rack-mount the HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System • Provides high capacity of storage in 1U of rack space • Up to 2 TB of compressed capacity using two HP RDX Removable Disk Backup Systems • Fit up to 2 half-height RDX Removable Disk Backup Systems in a single 1U enclosure • Ideal for high-density servers with limited bays • Installs quickly and easily • No tools required for installation • Uses sliding universal rails that fit all current HP racks • Provides a top access door and removable slide-out drive trays for easier access to removable hard disk drives while the enclosure remains in the rack • Delivers a flexible, scalable rack-mount solution • Allows for drive upgrades when you need additional capacity or want to migrate to new generations of RDX removable hard disk drive technology

  27. Recommended services • To increase ROI and product uptime and reduce the cost of ownership, Hewlett Packard recommends: • 3 years Next Business Day hardware support • Guards against downtime, which reduces productivity and profitability • Eases budget planning with fixed-cost support that includes parts and labor • Direct access to proven technical and problem-solving expertise • Improve the productivity of system managers and operators • Enjoy consistent service coverage across geographically dispersed sites

  28. HP Care Pack Services HP CARE PACK SERVICES ARE SOLD BY HP AND HP AUTHORIZED ENTERPRISE AND COMMERCIAL RESELLERS. SERVICES FOR CUSTOMERS PURCHASING VIA DIRECT AND ENTERPRISE RESELLERS ARE QUOTED USING HP ORDER CONFIGURATION TOOLS. Key for HP Care Pack Service availability: E = Service available for customers purchasing direct and via enterprise resellers C = Service available for customers purchasing via commercial resellers N/A = Service not applicable

  29. HP Care Pack Services Availability services Enterprise & Commercial Purchased Care Packs

  30. Stockholm Stockholm Winnersh Winnersh Bristol Bristol Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Moscow Moscow Warsaw Warsaw Montreal Montreal Prague Prague Vienna Vienna . . Mt Mt View View Budapest Budapest Tokyo Tokyo Seoul Seoul Milan Milan Istanbul Istanbul Dallas Dallas Madrid Madrid Atlanta Atlanta Athens Athens Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Hong Hong Kong Kong Dubai Dubai Mexico Mexico City City Caracas Caracas Singapore Singapore Sao Sao Paulo Paulo Melbourne Melbourne Buenos Buenos Aires Aires Johannesburg Johannesburg HP Services Global Footprint • 65,000 professionals • 5,000 storage professionals • 160 countries • 105 response and operations centers for 24x7 support • Largest team of Brocade-certified engineers • 80 customer education centers • 15 SAP/HP competency centers • Global knowledge management system • Worldwide network of services partners

  31. What customers tell us they value most about our services Maximum uptime with minimal risk • Knowledge of environment • Experienced professionals • Fast response time • Sensitivity to business needs and pressures • Problem avoidance • Single point of contact • Integrated support for storage, servers and networks Lost civilization─Angkor Wat

  32. For more information about HP Care Pack Services • For more information about global limited warranty and technical support, visit: ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/products/storageworks/warranty/EN_321708-008.pdf • Additional information about HP Care Pack Service features and benefits is available at: http://www.hp.com/hps/carepack/services/ • For more information about Deployment and Per Event Services for HP Storage, visit:http://www.hp.com/hps/storage/ • To find HP Care Pack Services available via HP authorized commercial resellers, visit: http://h30125.www3.hp.com/csn/salesmktg/elfpack/elf_nonlkup_ctrylang.asp?code=ELNL

  33. HP StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup System models 33

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