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Body Image

Body Image. “I am me and that is beautiful!”. As young girls we were taught…. …and that we’re all wonderful!. What happened to the young girl who saw beauty in everyone (including herself) ?. Some Facts. “40% of 9 year old girls have already dieted.”

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Body Image

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  1. Body Image “I am me and that is beautiful!”

  2. As young girls we were taught… …and that we’re all wonderful!

  3. What happened to the young girl who saw beauty in everyone (including herself)?

  4. Some Facts • “40% of 9 year old girls have already dieted.” • “Little girls as young as 3, 4 and 5 are expressing a wish to diet.” • “Only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful.” • One of the most common phrases shared between women is “I feel fat.” • 92% of girls aged 15-17 say they want to change some aspect of their physical appearance.

  5. Some Facts about the Media & How it Influences our Body Image • “Looking at fashion magazines for just three minutes lowers the self-esteem of over 80% of women.” • “The body fat of models and actresses portrayed in the media is at least 10% less than that of healthy women.” • “The perfect North American fashion model is 5’8” and weights 115lbs, whereas the average North American woman is 5’3” and weighs 144lbs.”

  6. What we see in ads, magazines, on TV, in the movies is not real. Did you know???

  7. Do you follow “THE RULES”? As women we’re trained and taught from childhood to follow society’s “rules” about beauty even if it makes ourselves and others feel badly

  8. Do you follow “THE RULES”? • Everyone close their eyes. • I will ask you a series of questions – if you can answer the question affirmatively based off of your own experiences, raise your hand. • I am the only one who will see whether or not you raised your hand. • You will not be judged for your answers, so be honest.

  9. Have you ever said to a friend that you don’t look good even though you do actually think that you do? • Have you ever said “I hate my body”? How about “I feel fat”? • Have you ever made fun of someone’s physical appearance in order to make yourself feel better about yourself? • Have you ever shrugged off or turned away a compliment? • Have you ever felt the need to wear revealing clothing in order to get a guy to notice you? Do you follow “THE RULES”?

  10. Have you ever said the phrase “I wish I had her…thighs/boobs/butt/stomach /hair/etc.”? • Have you ever looked in a mirror and focused on something you like? • Have you ever given yourself a compliment? • Have you ever walked into a room and felt that everyone is looking at what’s wrong with your appearance? • Have you ever felt that if you could just change that part of your body you’re most unhappy with that you’d be happier? Do you follow “THE RULES”?

  11. A Mind Game • As women, we are so critical of our bodies • The media & society told us we have to be…and we listened. • We feel like everyone else sees what we see when we look in the mirror. • But do they? …or is it only in our heads?

  12. Building a Better Body Image Understanding our own potential

  13. “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” • Read the article “mirror, mirror on the wall” by Bettie Bradley from Parents Canada. • Use the article to complete the table on myths vs. truths.

  14. Guidelines for Building a Better Body Image • Now that we’ve looked at some of the myths and truths about our bodies – let’s try and brainstorm ways to improve our body image. INSTRUCTIONS: • On your own read the article “Working Toward a More Positive Body Image” by Merryl Bear from the Dove self-esteem campaign. • In groups of 3 or 4 try and brainstorm ideas about how we as females can build a better body image for ourselves. • Jot down your ideas and be prepared to shareonce everyone is done.

  15. Guidelines for Building a Better Body Image 1. Accept that healthy people come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bodies and weights are not right or wrong, they just are. 2. Do not compare yourself to others. You are a unique person who has inherited a body that is suited to you. 3. Define beauty for yourself. Do not let media or others tell you what to think about your body’s beauty. 4. What media portrays is not reflecting reality; there is no such thing as the “perfect body.” 5. Look in the mirror and notice what you like about your body. 6. Begin to appreciate your body and what it can do by engaging it in such activities as stretching, dancing, meditating, or other sports/exercise.

  16. Guidelines for Building a Better Body Image 7. Be aware of the messages your body gives to you and respond to them appropriately. 8. Remember that there is more to you than just your weight or your body size and shape. 9. Live in the present. If you are always waiting to get thin or to develop a larger muscular physique before you do something, then you will spendmost of your life waiting and not doing or being. 10. Learn to nurture yourself with things other than food. 11. Leave the scales to the fish. Do not allow numbers to determine how you feel about yourself or how your day goes. 12. Wear clothes that you find attractive and comfortable. Wearing uncomfortable clothes may cause you to be dissatisfied with your body.

  17. We are allbeautiful just the way we are!

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