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DW Student Data User Group Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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DW Student Data User Group Meeting

DW Student Data User Group Meeting

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DW Student Data User Group Meeting

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  1. DW Student Data User Group Meeting Class of ‘55 Room, Van Pelt Library – December 8, 2011

  2. Student Data User Group 12/8/2011 - Agenda • SRFS: New Financial Aid universe • Presented by Barbara Tierney / Peter Eschenbrenner • Leave of Absence vs. Leave Flag – 2 ways of reporting • Non-resident alien – Change to calculation coming soon • NGSS: Project Update • Presented by Michael Kearney/ Bill Branan • DW website – changes coming soon • Wrap-up / Question & Answer

  3. Financial Aid data collection – Access Request Form For access to the Financial Aid (SAM) data, go to the Data Warehouse website and find ‘Access Forms’ in the left side bar menu, the URL is: Scroll down to the STUDENT data category and click on ‘Student Financial Aid’ which brings you to a logon screen. After login, you will see the form. *If you need the confidential income information you must state the reason and have approval from a Supervisor.

  4. Financial Aid data collection – DW Website

  5. Financial Aid collection – InfoView Public Documents Public Folder for Financial Aid appears under Student Listing of the Canned queries

  6. Financial Aid – Bus Objects Universe • Award Data • Top-level folders Data Source: SAM screens PU1, PU2

  7. Financial Aid – Bus Objects Universe • Application Data • Measures • Needs Analysis Fields Calculated Fields Data Source: SAM screens TU, SU, LU, CU Screens SU1, SU2

  8. Financial Aid collection – Application & Award Report • Add screen shot

  9. Leave of Absence • An exit action takes effect as of the endof the exit term.In this example, the student is not onleave in Fall 2011. • The Leave Flagis set to ‘Y’ for thenext term.In this example, the leave flag will be set starting in Spring 2012. • Leave types: • AL – Administrative Leave • FL – Leave with Library privileges • LV – Leave of Absence (“regular” leave)

  10. Leaves in the Data Warehouse In all of the tables where you find Leave Flag(Degree Term, Major Minor Term, Degree Pursual) the flag gets set to ‘Y’ in the term following the exit. The Leave tablestores the actual dates of the leave, as well as other information. The leave report in the public Student folder -- “Currently on Leave” -- uses the Leave table rather than the Leave Flag. For discussion: should other reports – e.g., the “Count Students as of Today” report – look at the Leave tableinstead of the Leave Flag?

  11. Non Resident Alien– now using the “sponsored” visa definition used by OIP previously new logic IF Visa in the Person table is NOT EQUAL TO ‘PR’ AND IF Country_of_Citizenship is NOT EQUAL TO blank OR ‘US’ Then we set Non_Resident_Alien in the Person table to ‘Y’ IF Visa in the Person table is EQUAL TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:  F1, J1, F2, J2 AND IF Country_of_Citizenship is NOT EQUAL TO blank OR ‘US’ Then we set Non_Resident_Alien in the Person table to ‘Y’

  12. NGSS Project (Michael Kearney and Bill Branan) • The NGSS project is currently evaluating the access strategy for student data • We’d be interested in setting up time to discuss with you: • What student data you are accessing from the warehouse • How you’re accessing student data in the warehouse • Any additional processing you do after you retrieve your data • Is your data access scheduled or ad-hoc, or both? Automated or manual? • Do you use student data from the warehouse to support any operational systems in your area? • Would more frequent data updates be beneficial to you? If yes, why? • Is this the right agenda for these meetings?

  13. DW website – Changes Coming Soon New horizontal toolbar Navigation to subpages here -> Collection-specific search capability

  14. Questions & Wrap-up • Any questions? • Next Meeting - Feb/March • Topics you would like to see covered? • Contact me if you would like to volunteer to present • Thank you for coming!