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TPM Graduate School

TPM Graduate School

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TPM Graduate School

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  1. TPM Graduate School Update & what’s in it for you? Caspar Chorus, Michel van Eeten, Stephan Lukosch, Janine Drevijn, Kim Colman

  2. This presentation • TPM Graduate School – why? • TPM Graduate School – when? • TPM Graduate School – who? • TPM Graduate School – what? • TPM Graduate School – what’s in it for you? • Questions (but also along the way) Disclaimer: many decisions being taken these very weeks, so many questions cannot be answered completely yet. (So: a good moment to provide us with input!)

  3. TPM Graduate School – why? • PhD-students at TU Delft (TPM) take too long to graduate, too often ‘quit’ before they graduate • Registration of PhD-students leaves considerable room for improvement • Educational component of PhD-trajectory needs to be given more structure, weight • Need for becoming more in line with international situation (BSc / MSc / PhD) to be more attractive for foreign students Graduate School aims to address all these issues in a coherent way

  4. TPM Graduate School – when? • Official start: 1 January 2012 • Before that, from1 September, some faculties have started unofficially (Industrial Design, Architecture) • Every PhD-student entering TU Delft after 1 January 2012 automatically enrolls in Graduate School • All PhD-students having entered before 1 January 2012 may not enroll in Graduate School (but wait: there is something in it for you, too)

  5. TPM Graduate School – who? TPM Graduate School team (formal positions between brackets): • Paulien Herder (Director) • Caspar Chorus (Associate director) • Janine Drevijn (Secretary) • Kim Colman • Michel van Eeten • Stephan Lukosch

  6. TPM Graduate School – what? • One TU Delft Graduate School • One TU Delft Graduate Office (at O&S, Jaffalaan 9a) • One Graduate School per faculty • One Graduate Office per faculty (virtual ‘office’) • Graduate School = • set of procedures, facilities, commitments, people, courses • Next slides: • Doctoral Education, Mentoring system, Go/No-Go, Peer groups

  7. Doctoral Education • TUD-guidelines, TPM fills in the blanks (and there are many blanks) • Studyload: “one week per quarter for the first three years” • Spread across three categories: • Discipline-related skills (e.g., traffic flow modeling) • Research skills (e.g., writing a scientific paper) • Generic skills (e.g., PhD-Start Up) • No examination, except for MSc-courses with exams • 7500 euro earmarked for DE (of which 5000 euro to be freely allocated) • TPM-curriculum currently being designed – more to come! • ‘Castle-week’ will stay, and perhaps a ‘Castle-week II’ will be added

  8. Mentoring system • Each new PhD-student will be assigned to a mentor • Frequent meetings, scheduled and unscheduled • Aim: to have someone to discuss (confidentially) process-related issues, barriers, that you’d rather not (yet) discuss with your supervisor(s) • Mentors: assistant and associate professors with a PhD-degree, experience in supervising + good social skills • Mentoring system currently being designed – more to come!

  9. Go/No-Go decision • After 9 months, PhD-students will defend their proposal • In front of a multidisciplinary committee of TPM-professors • Promotor / supervisor not present • Aim: make sure that everyone starting their 2nd year stands a very good chance of delivering a high-quality dissertation in time • Focus: not on nitty-gritty details, but scientific principles (sound research questions, appropriate methods, sound reasoning, feasability) • Advice with much weight (although formally, supervisor may ignore)

  10. Peer groups • Groups of about five PhD-students & one staff member • Scheduled meetings • Focus is on commenting on each other’s written material • So: no chatter, but strong focus on writing scholarly output (proposal, papers, chapters) • Starting during the first months of a new PhD-student’s entrance • Mix of junior, medior and senior PhD-students • Peer group system currently being designed – more to come!

  11. TPM-GS: what’s in it for you? • As said, you cannot join formally • But: you are more than welcome to enjoy most of the things we have to offer, such as: • Courses; • Mentoring system; • Peer groups. • In fact: we kind of urge you to do so • For your own benefit • And that of new PhD-students

  12. Questions? Ask them now to Kim and/or me, or send me an email… THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!