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  1. Jeopardy! Begin

  2. People Potpourri Terms Conflict French Work $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

  3. People- $100Puritan Theologian of the Great Awakening, who is considered to be the deepest theological thinker produced in America C1-$100 Jonathan Edwards

  4. People- $200The person most often called the “first civilized American” was ____ C1-$200 Benjamin Franklin

  5. People- $300When he became prime minister during the French and Indian War, he focused his military strategy on the capture of French Canada. C1-$300 William Pitt

  6. People- $400He was an electrifying preacher who embodied the spirit of the Great Awakening. C1-$400 George Whitefield

  7. People- $500Colonial newspaper printer who was accused of seditious libel, was found innocent of the charges brought against him and printed comments accusing the royal governor of corruption. C1-$500 Peter Zenger

  8. Potpourri- $100Name 3 African-American contributions to American culture C2-$100 the banjo, jazz music, bongo drums, the guitar

  9. Potpourri- $200This admitted to baptism but not full church membership the unconverted children of existing Puritan members C2-$200 The half way covenant

  10. Potpourri- $300This led to the founding of Princeton, Dartmouth, and Rutgers colleges, split colonial churches into several competing denominations, undermined the prestige of the learned clergy in the colonies and was the first spontaneous mass movement of the American people. C2-$300 The Great Awakening

  11. Potpourri- $400The immediate purpose of the this meeting in 1754 was to keep the Iroquois tribes loyal to the British. C2-$400 Albany Congress

  12. Potpourri- $500The most ethnically diverse region of colonial America was __________, whereas __________ was the least ethnically diverse. C2-$500 the middle colonies, New England

  13. Terms- $100These in colonial America; defined slavery as lifetime servitude, inheritable servitude and usually forbade whites from teaching slaves to read or write C3-$100 Slave codes

  14. Terms- $200Thomas Jefferson once observed that “the best school of political liberty the world ever saw” was the C3-$200 New England Town Meeting

  15. Terms- $300These were the result of unsettled social and religious conditions in rapidly evolving Massachusetts. C3-$300 Salem Witch Trials

  16. Terms- $400When the British Parliament passed this in 1733, it intended the act to inhibit colonial trade with the French West Indies. C3-$400 Molasses Act

  17. Terms- $500In the wake of the this, American colonists moved west, defying the Proclamation altogether. C3-$500 Proclamation of 1763

  18. Conflict- $100The animosity between lordly land holder’s and aspiring merchants fired this insurgency that rocked New York from 1689-91 C4-$100 Leisler’s Rebellion

  19. Conflict- $200The French and Indian War was also known in Europe asthis C3-200 the Seven Years’ War

  20. Conflict- $300This 1759 Battle ranks as one of the most significant victories in British and American history C3-$300 Battle of Quebec

  21. Conflict- $400During a generation of peace following the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, Britain provided its American colonies with ___ C3-$400 Salutary neglect

  22. Conflict- $500For the American colonies, this War ended the myth of British invincibility. C3-$500 French & Indian War

  23. French- $100Claimed the great interior basin of North America “Louisiana” for the French C4-$100 Robert de La Salle

  24. French- $200The coureurs de bois were C4-$200 French Fur trappers and explorers

  25. French- $300The soldier and explorer whose leadership earned him the title “Father of New France” was C4-$300 Samuel de Champlain

  26. French- $400When the Acadians left Canada, they went to Louisiana. There they were (are) called ___ C4-$400 Cajuns

  27. French- $500With the defeat of him, his alliance and the French, the British decided to stabilize Indian-white relations. C4-$500 Chief Pontiac

  28. Work - $100During the seventeenth century, ______ solved the labor problem in many English colonies C4-$100 Indentured servitude

  29. Work - $200This made some people very wealthy, entailed giving the right to acquire fifty acres of land to the person paying the passage of a laborer to America. C4-$200 Headright system

  30. Work - $300The major manufacturing enterprise in colonial America in the eighteenth century was C4-$300 lumbering

  31. Work - $400The most honored profession in early colonial society was C4-$400 ministry

  32. Work - $500One feature of the American economy that strained the relationship between the colonies and Britain was the C4-$500 desire of Americans to trade with other nations in addition to Britain.