librarian black belt required n.
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LIBRARIAN: Black Belt required? PowerPoint Presentation
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LIBRARIAN: Black Belt required?

LIBRARIAN: Black Belt required?

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LIBRARIAN: Black Belt required?

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  1. LIBRARIAN:Black Belt required?

  2. Misawa Air Base Japan, 1984

  3. Wado-ryu Shotokan • Shorinji • kempo South Carolina, 2010 Shorin-ryu

  4. What we wish • security was in small • and rural libraries…

  5. Reality…

  6. Ki-yaaah!!!

  7. What do we do in libraries?We simply assist patronsin their search for information.However…

  8. some just don’t get the picture Face of a man that looks like Vladimir Lenin? Woman walking past a tree toward bridge?

  9. some aren’t playing with a full deck

  10. other’s lights are on but nobody’s home

  11. a few don’t have both oars in the water

  12. or have splinters in the windmill of the mind

  13. some are shy a couple of bricks

  14. or perhaps they have light showers versus brain storms

  15. maybe their brain jellohasn’t set

  16. Whatever their • personal situation, • there’s a reason • to be ready…

  17. If a large male roaming around the library began screaming profanity at his step-daughter who was quietly doing homework at a computer?

  18. If two teenage males began a verbal altercation at a study table and then one stood up appearing ready to strike the other?

  19. If a teenage female informed you that she was approached by an older patron who asked her for personal information and then he suggested that they take a ride in his car?

  20. If a middle-aged couple, both using computers, loudly and profanely, refused to relinquish the computers when their time had expired?

  21. What‘chagonna do? Not gonna call g-busters, so…

  22. Instead of brawn, Use brain. Instead of emotion, Use logic.

  23. Library Safety & Security WHAT? WHO?WHEN? WHERE?WHY? HOW?

  24. WHAT is Library Safety & Security? Is it knowing karate techniques for: • Non-shushing patrons • Patrons with more than $5.00 in fines • Renegade kids in the children’s area Some directors think so!

  25. Perhaps there’s more to safety and security than karate training…

  26. Safety Safety Personnel Environment Behaviors Policies Procedures

  27. Being free from dangeror risk within a facility. Safety Security Being free from danger or risk from outsidea facility.

  28. WHO? • YOU. • I can’t find any of the books I want! Now! Let’s look, together…

  29. WHEN?

  30. Libraries - quiet places where thoughtful, intelligent people relax, read, research, and generally find pleasure in the calm atmosphere where there’s nothing to worry about.Thoughtful & intelligent?

  31. “If it’s a cloudy day will they postpone the eclipse of the sun?

  32. “Do your elevators go upstairs?”

  33. “Who was that Wells guy and how did he build that time machine?”

  34. “Who didn’t sign the Declaration ofIndependence?”

  35. “Can I flex something here?”

  36. “Where are they holding Elvis and where can I write to him?”

  37. “Do you have an Orlando newspaper? There’s a bunch of felony warrants out for me there and I want to see if I’m in the paper.”

  38. “How late can I use the computer after you close?” Zzz…zzz…zzz

  39. "There's a sign out there that says ‘no parking’ in big letters. Can I park there?"

  40. “Just where the hell is uptown Charlotte and where is the damn library?” Public Library of Charlotte

  41. Not only do they ask interesting questions but they do interesting things as well…

  42. FIRE!

  43. STOLEN