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High Power Laser System for Advanced Virgo

High Power Laser System for Advanced Virgo. C.N.Man. Design goals Present technology Other activities in the world Virgo+ and Laser System - possible planning Advanced Virgo HP laser HP related photonics (fibers as MC, modulators,…) All-fibered laser system Conclusion. Design goals.

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High Power Laser System for Advanced Virgo

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  1. High Power Laser System for Advanced Virgo C.N.Man • Design goals • Present technology • Other activities in the world • Virgo+ and Laser System - possible planning • Advanced Virgo HP laser • HP related photonics (fibers as MC, modulators,…) • All-fibered laser system • Conclusion Frascati 12/01/06

  2. Design goals • Laser power: 200W • Wavelength : 1 mm to 1.6 mm, linked to SiO2 or Si, laser material, optical technology,… • Input Beam propagation: free space, fibre ? • Beam cleaning: resonant MC or fibre MC? • Modulation: • Bulk, or fibre components ? Which frequency(ies) ? Frascati 12/01/06

  3. Present technology : laser designs High power  cooling problem (birefringence induced by thermal loading, …)  large surface/volume ratio and material conductivity  high efficiency Solutions : new crystals, or ceramics disk amplifiers or fibres Today, kW single mode lasers are available with both disks and fibre amplifiers Frascati 12/01/06

  4. Other activites in the world • Laser systems (< kW) • GW groups activities: mainly Germany and Australia • Very high power lasers ( up to MW CW) • Disk lasers for military and industry : Boeing, … • Fibre lasers for welding, cutting (kW`s) • Scientific and telecom lasers (> 100 W) • Disks and fibre lasers, many European small companies • Yb and Er doped Fiber lasers: 1,06 and 1,3 m • Nb: telecom lasers  MTBF > 100 000 h •  Fibre integrated isolators, modulators, etc •  1.3- 1.5 mm wavelength Frascati 12/01/06

  5. Virgo + : First Step in the Studies Virgo+: as master laser, Fiber laser or SSL HP Solid State laser/amplifier (LZH) To start : 1 - investigations on the FL as a potential new Master laser 2 - development of a 50 W laser/amplifier in SS technology Deliverables in 07-08: A Single-Frequency Fiber laser of 2W A laser amplifier to scale up the 20W to 50W Frascati 12/01/06

  6. 20W laser injection locking Fiber laser Master Laser 50W Amplifier PMC Laser System for Virgo + Frascati 12/01/06

  7. Fiber Master Laser for Virgo + 100 mW Oscillator amplified to 2 W at 1.06 m Frascati 12/01/06

  8. Four-stage end-pumped Nd:YVO4 Each stage pumped by 45 W laser diode Each diode indiv temp controlled Each 2diodes connected in series to 1 current driver Diodes current controlled Virgo + : Nd:YVO4 50WAmplifier (LZH) Frascati 12/01/06

  9. Possible Planning for Virgo + Laser System Frascati 12/01/06

  10. Adv. Virgo: HP single-mode fiber lasers Frascati 12/01/06

  11. HP related photonics Beam propagation: free space or through fibre ? Fiber laser : no MC needed SSL: resonant cavity MC or fibre MC? • Modulation: • Bulk, or fibre modulators ? (Which frequency(ies) ?) Frascati 12/01/06

  12. Requirements for mode cleaning • Spatial filtering of modes • Resonant mode close to a gaussian beam • Output beam independent of input beam or ouput phase noise independent of input beam jitter • No addition of any extra noise • Power standing required Why using a fiber: simplicity of the system, its control and its maintenance Frascati 12/01/06

  13. PCF as Input Mode Cleaner Use of monomode fibers not realistic up to now, due to power handling capabilities Photonic Crystal Fiber offers this possibility of power handling What is a PCF ? Frascati 12/01/06

  14. High Index Guiding Fiber Light is guided in the core by total internal reflection: the airholes in the cladding make its effective index lower than that of the core NA = 0.8 Frascati 12/01/06

  15. B Low Index Guiding Fiber: Photonic bandgap fiber Light is guided in the core by Bragg reflection caused by the spatial periodicity of the holes in the cladding Frascati 12/01/06

  16. Fabrication of PCF Frascati 12/01/06

  17. PCF R&D financed by EGO Started in 11/04 - Goals: test of a commercial PCF hollow-core fiber in terms of : ** Handling, Coupling efficiency, loss measurements * Output Beam analysis, comparison with numerical modeling (coll with IRCOM-Limoges, Blaze Photonics) ** Measurement of phase noise introduced by the fiber in a normal environment *** Power standing of 20W, Induced amplitude noise, Polarisation noise (this fiber is not polar.maintaining fiber now), dependency of input/output noise Frascati 12/01/06

  18. HC-1060-02 Blaze Photonics Results on hollow-core HC-1060-02 Quasi-gaussian monomode >90% Attenuation < 0.1 dB/m Mode field diameter 6.5 mm Fresnel reflection at end faces <10-4 Core 10 mm, pitch 2.75 mm, holey region diam 50 mm No bend loss at 3 mm radius Frascati 12/01/06

  19. Measured near-field intensity Input face of the PCF Experimental results(2005) Coupling and handling like standard fibers; Attenuation loss measured 0.05 dB/m coupling of 90% obtained: further improvements with a phase plate or an adaptive mirror Transmission : output/input of 45% loss of 4.5% with a bending of 0.8 cm Residual coupling between core and cladding modes due to imperfections Frascati 12/01/06

  20. Extra Noise measurement The ouput of the PCF is sent into a high finesse Fabry-Perot as discriminant => no evidence of extra frequency noise No fast polarization & amplitude noises Power handling of 20W To be done: Choice between hollow core PCF and large silica core PCF (30 µm) Frascati 12/01/06

  21. Faraday isolators (> 55 dB isolation) 35 mm 55 mm Phase and amplitude modulators (GHz bandwidth, low voltage drive) Polarization controllers (20 kHz bandwidth) Available fiber components (for power <1W) Frascati 12/01/06

  22. Amplifier Oscillator (Nd-YAG or fibre 100 mW Faraday isolator Monomode fibre (PM?) Frequency control Amplitude control Polarization control Vacuum Beam monitoring Vacuum (optional) 100W to interferometer All-fibered Laser System Frascati 12/01/06

  23. Conclusion: Proposed main steps • 2006 Acquisition and test 1-2 W fibre laser (Yb @ 1064 nm) • Evaluation and control in Nice • 2007 Test as a master laser in Cascina Acquisition of a high power Yb-doped fiber amplifier • 2009 ? Test of a HP Yb-doped fiber amplifier • 2006-2008 Development and tests of a fibre mode-cleaner • After the choice of advanced mirrors material: • Definition and acquisition of the advanced laser system prototype ( 3 years ahead of installation) Frascati 12/01/06

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