holidays in the usa n.
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Holidays in the USA PowerPoint Presentation
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Holidays in the USA

Holidays in the USA

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Holidays in the USA

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  1. Holidays in the USA by Miss Culture

  2. National Festivals in the USA National festivals in the United States include • Thanksgiving Day (in November), which commemorates colonial celebrations following successful harvests; • Independence Day (July 4), which commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the American colonies from the British crown; • St. Patrick's Day (March 17), celebrated mainly in Chicago and New York City as a secular–religious feast; • Mother's Day (in May); • Memorial Day (in May), commemorating those who have died, especially in war; • Flag Day (June 14)

  3. Thanksgiving Day ThanksgivingDay - annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. The American holiday is rich in legend and symbolism.

  4. Independence Day IndependenceDayalso called  Fourth of Julyin the USA, the annual celebration of nationhood. It commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

  5. St.Patrick’s Day • Cities with large numbers of Irish immigrants, who often wielded political power, staged the most extensive celebrations, which included elaborate parades. • Boston held its first St. Patrick's Day parade in 1737, followed by New York City in 1762. • Since 1962 Chicago has coloured its river green on March 17th. • Irish and non-Irish alike commonly participate in the “wearing of the green”—sporting an item of green clothing or a shamrock, the Irish national plant, in the lapel. • Corned beef and cabbage are associated with the holiday, and even beer is sometimes dyed green to celebrate the day

  6. Mother’s Day Mother's Dayholiday in honour of mothers that is celebrated in countries throughout the world. In its modern form the day originated in the United States, where it is observed on the second Sunday in May.

  7. MemorialDay • formerly  Decoration Dayin the USA, holiday ( celebrated on last Monday in May) honouring those who have died in the nation's wars. It originated during the American Civil War (1861–64) • citizens placed flowers on the graves of those who had been killed in battle.